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At the heart of every braking system are the brake cylinders. They have simple device. But in order to perform the repair, you must know their design, as well as symptoms of failure. The repair involves installing a new sealing elements, which made kit brake cylinder. This is what we will discuss in our today's article.

Features of the braking system in the vehicle

The working fluid due to its composition has a low compression ratio. To its boiling point requires a very high temperature. Therefore, its use. Modern brakes is usually a two-circuit type. The contours of the liquid moves and acts on the actuators, which occurs due to the compression pads.

kit cylinder

In cars with front-wheel drive brakes for the front right and rear left wheel are serviced by the first circuit. The second is responsible for front left and right rear. The design of the system in RWD cars is a little different. Here, the first circuit provides the braking of the front wheels, and the second – rear.

Each of the two circuits in the brake system is separated by individual chambers located in the master cylinder or vacuum booster. This allows to provide the possibility of partial braking in case of failure of one of them. The design is quite reliable, but sometimes it can give failures. Therefore, to eliminate breakdowns use the kit working cylinder or main (GTZ). It allows you to restore the health of important technical elements.


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Device brake cylinder

The Function of GTZ – transmission of force from the pedal, and converting it to a pressure on the liquid, which then will put pressure on the brakes. The master cylinder is distribution. It is a body, inside of which are the tappets and pistons.

Outside the tank. It contains liquid. To enhance the effectiveness of the brakes and to reduce the required pressing force on the pedal, in the design of modern vehicles also have a vacuum booster. It is installed together with GTZ. The latter is directly above the lid of the vacuum amplifier. The tank gtts has holes – and compensatory relief.

kit rear brake cylinder

Also, the device is equipped with a connection tube. They connect the fluid reservoir and the cylinder. The return springs provide movement of the piston in its original position. Cuffs are used to prevent the leakage of fluid. Also the system has sensors of pressure changes. They are, in the event of a fault, notify the driver of the car crash in the circuit.

The Main elements of the GTZ are the pistons. They are installed one behind the other. One of them presses the stock vacuum booster, while the second piston can move freely. The system is protected from leakage of the working fluid through the cuffs of rubber. These elements have to be replaced periodically – to do this, use repair kit brake cylinder.

Principle of operation

When the pressure is on the pedal rod VUT acts on the piston. He is in the process of moving will block the vent hole. This will lead to increased pressure in the first brake circuit. Then the pressure will be increased and in the other circuit.

The Maximum amount of pressure will allow the brakes. When the brakes no longer need the pistons under the action of a return spring will return to its original position, and the pressure will again be close to atmospheric.

Typical fault conditions and symptoms

When the pads are excessively worn out or the brake fluid leaks from the system level is reduced, you should produce a diagnostic. Car operate is not recommended until the condition is corrected. It is necessary to examine all elements of the system. Defective parts are replaced, and basic consumables kit contains the brake cylinder.

Decompression, soft pedal, poor braking

The system performance may decrease if it loses its integrity. The pedal becomes soft because of incomplete pumping or contact with the contours of the air. These symptoms can also be observed, if the failed master cylinder, if jammed or overheated working, or boiling liquid.

repair kit, brake master cylinder vases

At an overly hard pedal, fault should be sought in the vacuum booster, the hose or the control valve VUT. If problems arose with the rear brakes, will come with the kit rear brake cylinder.

Big pedal

This happens when incorrect alignment performed drum mechanisms. It can also happen when airing or worn pads. This fault is very dangerous because in the right situation, the braking will not be effective. This leads to a crash.

When failures of the brake pedal to the floor, the damage should be looked for in the cylinders. May be too worn or the main working element or depressurization system. To resolve the problem, you need to replace the gasket, and this will help repair kit, brake cylinder.


This indicates excessive pad wear. To resolve this problem, it is enough to replace the pads or disc. Whiz says about the poor quality of the friction elements. The kit in this case is not required.

The Pedal jammed and jammed

The Cause of this malfunction that clogged or blocked vent hole in the housing GTZ. replacing the brake cylinder

If the pedal seizes, it says something about replace pistons in GTZ due to the falling into the cylinder of dirt. It can also indicate the presence of excess moisture in the working fluid-it is hygroscopic. Dust in the circuits of the system can be applied to small solid particles. It is therefore recommended to regularly change the fluid in the system.

The Pedal is not returned after clicking

The Reasons for this failure are several. So, can lead to failure of the return spring on the piston gtts. Also there are different breaks in the pedal linkage.

Brake fluid on the body of the VUT

Liquid or traces of it appear in the place where VUT is connected with the brake cylinder. The causes are related to failure of the collar cuff of low pressure in the main brake cylinder. It must be replaced. This element can be taken from the kit. It costs less than a new item in the collection.

What is recomplete GTZ

So, repair kit brake master cylinder Vase and other vehicles includes everything necessary for the recovery of nodes. Equipment depends on the cost, the manufacturer, and the type of work for which is a particular set.

replacement repair kit brake master cylinder

Consider that contains a repair kit, brake cylinder for VAZ-2110. It is possible to find:

  1. Protective cap for GTZ.
  2. The Gaskets for the head on the piston.
  3. Cuff GTZ.
  4. End Cap for hose pumping from the clutch release cylinder.
  5. Two piston and return spring for them.
  6. The O-rings of the saddle.
  7. Holders for the springs.
  8. Screws of the holder.

kit operating brake cylinder

The Kit can be incomplete, in which there are only GTZ and cuffs complete with all the details listed. Experts recommend in case when you need a replacement repair kit brake master cylinder To acquire the latter type.


The First thing you need to conduct diagnostic procedures. So, check the cylinder for damage and cracks, and sealing elements on the subject of integrity. Additionally look at the condition of the bore – it should not be sinks, as well as other damages. Not allowed and geometrical changes of the mirror. Then check the clearance between cylinder and piston.

If the braking system was there any change to repair it will help repair kit, brake cylinder. However, it is possible to eliminate only minor faults.

Restore the efficiency of the cylinder

First thing, remove the negative terminal from the battery and the terminal reservoir, which contains the brake fluid. It is necessary that the ECU outputs the error message. Then out of the brake system drained all the fluid contained therein.

kit brake cylinder vases

Doing This by using syringes and tubes. Some of the fluid from the system will not go away, so to remove any water stains will need a rag.

All the piping that was disconnected, need to stop. Next, remove GTZ. After dismantling the cylinder, remove the old seal parts, as well as the cuffs are removed from the housing. Then clean the seats of seals from dust and dirt.


Brake system – is an important component of any car. With the help...

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