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The Japanese nation, special features, subtle perception of technology, especially cars and motorcycles. Successfully combining high technical specifications with a striking design, for decades the Japanese production products occupy a leading position in sales in the world. Neoclassical model "Suzuki" number SV400 – reprinted road bike. However, his predecessor had left him with only swift and bold silhouette.

Characteristics of the bike

What are the settings for "Suzuki SV 400"? Features of this road bike is nice impressive. It has a fairly modest for its class size. Length 2035 mm and a height of 785, it is most suitable for riding undersized drivers. However, taller people feel comfortable in the saddle with its comfortable fit. In addition, it is easier for their counterparts: weighs only 159 kg.

Suzuki SV 400 specifications

The Engine

Special trump this beauty is V-shaped engine capacity 399 CC, Few of its "relatives" in the category can boast such powerful, running 100 % engine. Four-stroke, with two cylinders, it is able to accelerate to a speed over 180 km/h in a matter of minutes. A liquid cooling system makes a rumbling soft, not cutting ears. When riding on “CB400" you don't have to keep the throttle in the “red” area: "Suzuki" holds the cruising speed at 140 km/h without any efforts and constant shifting. Oil consumption per 1000 km is about 600 G. However, it will help changing the oil on “Suzuki SV 400": after bulkhead parts it is reduced to 200 g.


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Despite the simplicity of the design, suspension Suzuki SV 400 quite energy efficient and resilient. Engine power is 53 HP at 10500 rpm./min. it should be noted the speed of acceleration to start and to accelerate to 100 km/h is 4.5 seconds! Needless to say that once the green light will change to red, you're already farther than others? But it won't cost you a lot of money: “Suzuki CB400” in the service unpretentious. Fuel consumption is 5 l per 100 km.

Suzuki SV 400

The Braking system comprises of dual discs in front and one behind, providing a soft braking. Even during a sudden stop road bike not nodding forward, while maintaining maximum comfort and safety of the driver.

History motorcycle

The First copy was released in 1998 and was solely for the Japanese market. That is why the rest of the world about this model learned recently. Motorcycle “Suzuki SV 400” was named his younger brother the SV 650, which was produced for export to other countries.

Suzuki SV 400 reviews

During its existence, the model of the road bike has undergone a number of significant and small changes. In 2000, he was supplied double brake disc on the front wheel, improving braking performance. In the model 2001 has been changed the following settings:

  • Form seats for the driver;
  • Stickers on the plastic;
  • For the first time began to produce motorcycle in red color.

By 2003, the length of the "Suzuki" increased by 30 mm and the wheelbase by 15. Significant changes have been made to the design: the motorcycle became more athletic, gamma expanded by another color. Since then, blue has become available for purchase in the ranks of the “Suzuki SV 400”. Photo shows how perfectly this color looks on the model.

In 2004, frame and wheels were painted black, and that was the last change that touched this model. Latest Suzuki SV 400 was released in 2004, but the official sale ended only in 2007.


The appearance of "Suzuki" almost perfect, and reminds the design of “Honda». The slender look of the strips of the detail, and he has a style of “naked”. Someone will like this course, and others prefer to be fully enclosed with plastic parts. Among the fans of this model, this feature is considered to be the highlight of the motorcycle. After all, road bikes were produced at all without the plastic protection. Neoclassical design will undoubtedly attract attention on the roads.

motorcycle Suzuki SV 400

Model ST 400 available in the style of old road bikes, but with a hint of sporty style. Suzuki SV 400S made in the style of motorcycles with large engine sizes. More plastic, more swiftness and power – this is what means the letter S in the model name. Dual headlights and a more compact windscreen make it look a bit predatory. The characteristics of the engine and other parts are the same as the SV 400. Athletic fit makes the counter-flow of air are not sensitive even at high speeds.

Suspension and brakes

The Engine is a V-twin not praised just lazy. Quiet and responsive, it helps to while riding a real pleasure. Smooth move attach aluminum cylinders, which have by nikosilver coating. This material has a thermal expansion that is identical to the same index in the pistons. As a result of such material selection the clearance between the pistons and the cylinder walls is the same minimum throughout the engine operation. And it allows "Suzuki" graceful maneuver among the stream of cars and to fit perfectly into corners.

Suzuki SV 400 photo

The Engine has a low noise level, sometimes you can easily forget that you have under the hood hiding 53 horsepower. To the mark of 180 km/h you can accelerate in couple of minutes. Rather rigid suspension allows to overcome without harm to road obstacles. And he 400 SV is equally good as riding on asphalt and earth surface. Suzuki SV 400 is perfectly balanced under extreme driving, and a leisurely trip every day. The responsiveness of the engine makes it ideal first bike for a beginner. But in the hands of a professional he will have no use and will be able to reveal all its specifications.

Price range

Because Of its superior performance Suzuki SV 400 has a fairly high price for its class. The average cost of a road bike ranges from 110-220 thousand rubles. A respectable amount for a used motorcycle. In the market you can find instances cheaper, but their condition leaves much to be desired. If you know how to repair and “revitalize” motorcycles - the best variant not to find.

If you mind to pay that kind of money for a used model, think about how many of their cheaper “associates” she can survive. Motorcycle with real Japanese quality will be your faithful companion on the road and will not fail his master for many years.

Major competitors

“Suzuki SV 400” has few worthy rivals among the 400 CC motorcycles. Chief among them is a Kawasaki ZZR 400 and Honda CB 400. The main target audience of all of the above models are drivers with little driving experience or those who are completely satisfied with the volume of the engine.

Suzuki SV 400 maintenance and repair

Compared to the Kawasaki, Suzuki problems occur much less. The best entry into the turns, lighter weight, absence of problems with the engine - all this eliminates the need to run to the car wash after every third trip. A smaller number of switches at the checkpoint in ST. 400 allows less time to pay attention to gear box and more – on the road. Engine power allows you to use only 2/3 of the operating range even at high speeds, while the other two models have to twist the knob to the limit. But Honda is ahead of "Suzuki" in the brake system. What say the owners of “Suzuki SV 400”? Reviews about it you can read below.

Reviews about SV 400

The owner Reviews road motorcycle brand Suzuki just confirm the quality and durability of the products of the Japanese company with a world name. Many argue that to distinguish a 400-cubic version from more serious “setiadi” is sometimes impossible. The center of gravity is reduced so that the management was comfortable and dynamic. Immediate reactions to gas, great motor power. Upset owners only engine misfires, reminding the class of the motorcycle. Some noted that “Suzuki SV 400” troit motor. To avoid such troubles, the professionals recommend to use only quality gasoline (preferably not lower than 95) and inspect the filter element and adjustment. And as for “Suzuki SV 400”: service and repair will be able to raise even an instance in 1998, who then will serve you for many more years.

Suzuki SV 400

The Hard frame is made of aluminum, modulability compared with those, which is equipped with 650cc motorcycles. It can easily withstand all the hardships of the race route.<...

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