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Our guide on the Void you can find all useful information about one of the strongest characters in the game "DotA 2". A few years ago he was considered a top fighter, but now his situation has changed a bit. Despite this, the void of "DotA 2" — this is still a very strong and interesting character.

what counter the void

He has all the abilities of the winner: blink, which restores HP, bash, and AOE debuff-otmenyal. Do not trust players who believe that time Faceless came to an end — he can still give odds to many modern fighters. Hardcore void against Carey does not have any essential differences, so the tips collected in our guide, must be suitable for both play styles.

History Faceless

Before there was an Earth, before there was the first life, he was. No one knows what was his appearance and where he came from, but rumor has it that time itself has taken on the role of its Creator. Faceless void — as it is called. No one knows why he decided to become participants in the battles of our reality.

Legend has it that it all started with a vision, who visited the Void. Showed him a changing world, his universe will Classwork that turned into nothing and disappeared in the void. The hero tried to find out about this vision, to stop the imminent threat. The ancient sages standing on guard each time a grain of sand, shared with a Faceless mysteries of the dark moon and the two stones of Nemesis. At that moment, the void realized that he needed to do. As the stones could not coexist with each other for a long time, one of them was sooner or later to destroy the other. Faceless decided to be on the winning side, so he went to the Ground.


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Strengths and weaknesses

who counter void

Among the advantages of the character include the following abilities:

  • The Ability to quickly escape.
  • AOE-otmenyal.
  • Good performance in the later stages of the game.
  • Have good starting damage.
  • Has good animation for all attacks.

And finally, a little about the disadvantages:

  • Ability depend on the artifacts.
  • Poor performance in the initial stages of the game.
  • The Ability to "Dome" has an impact on other team members.


The Hero has these skills:

  1. A Walk through Time. the Character moves in space at any selected point and simultaneously restores health. Couldn't stand "Ice Charge."
  2. Extension in Time. is Suitable as a good dissent against nukers. Activating the ability to freeze the cooldown of the skill and at the same time slows down the movement of the enemy. Suitable for escapes.
  3. Time Lock. Bash without reloading. In theory can completely incapacitate any enemy.
  4. Chronosphere. good Enough control to the Void in "DotA 2". With the right formulation and implementation can incapacitate multiple opponents.

void DotA 2

Build skills

On the lining, it is desirable to store "Chronosphere" and a few artifacts — without them, the void will not be able to show a decent game. With "Walk in Time" character will be able to accelerate its move and stay alive in collisions with larger players. It is very important to pump early on to get the minimal CD.

You can then proceed to the "Provisional Lock". This bash will come in handy during various pharming.

As for "Extensions of Time", then with this skill can wait, at least until later stages of the game. Especially useful during team battles.

Talents depending on the level

  • At level 10. Thanks to speed up the attack speed can be increased to farm key items. The murder in "Chronosphere" will also be held on an expedited basis. The survival rate depends on a large number of skill and ability.
  • 15. Armor — this, of course, good, but do not forget about the use of "Chronosphere". Try not to play the role of tank, and act from afar.
  • At level 20. For one enchanta we are given about one hundred twenty units of gold. Stored boost to health and increase the survival rate.
  • 25. If the enemy team has high physical damage, you should take the ability to Dodge. Alternatively, you can instead choose twice the distance of the "Walk through Time". As a result, we will be the recipients of a full blink with a slight overcharge that is almost impossible to knock down.

Initial purchase and artifacts for the early stages of the game

We Continue our guide on the Void and move on to items that he uses on the battlefield. Here all especially individually, so we decided to offer one pretty good option for the start of the game:

1. Power Treads. Some of the best boots for the Void. Together with them gives more attack, armor and increases the damage dealt to the opponent.

Hyde voyd

2. Magic Wand. Faceless is almost impossible to physical attacks. Also useful if we're playing for the opposite team and Antrim Void.

3. The Mask Of Madness. One of the cheap and affordable to purchase items suitable for quick farming. Works well in tandem with the "Chronosphere".

Additional artifacts that are worth paying attention: "the Blade of Restraint, Sphere of Poison", "Charged Drop" and "the Iron Claw".

Basic objects

Further work on the effective implementation of the "Chronosphere", agility and speed.

  • Style Manti. With this item possible as a good farm and push. However, the main advantage is its tandem with the "Mask of Madness" — increases the rate of murders in the "Chronosphere".
  • Blade Dissipating. Applied "Chronosphere" in the beginning of the battle and pick up the mana from the enemy.
  • Mjollnir. Due to the high attack speed dialed bash and burns the enemy's mana.
  • The Scepter Aghanim. Standard button recharges in 110 seconds. Using "Scepter Aghanim" we could significantly reduce CD.
  • The Black King. Helps to get away from his pursuers during the chase, or use the button.
  • Butterfly. Used in case the enemy team has high physical damage and they do not have IBC.

DotA guides

Most of these artifacts have an increase to agility, in addition, the void gets extra points of damage, speed and protection. This situation gives an advantage not only during the use of the "Chronosphere", but in normal skirmishes. If the void is not involved in direct clashes, "the Scepter Aghanim" can be replaced by something else.

Artifacts on the situation

Now proceed to consider the subject, which can be found in other guides for "Dot". Each of them is somehow quite popular among players.

  • Offering. Very famous subject among the community. Almost always used during team battles, but has no other bonuses.
  • Hand of Midas. Is a kind of alternative to "the Mask of Madness". We get not only more gold but also increase attack speed.
  • Echo Saber. As suggested by many guides for "Dot", this item is suitable not only for farming or ultimate, but for normal fights.
  • Sphere of Linken. Useful if the enemy team has a strong directional spells or strong passive attacks.
  • The Monkey King. Besides the fact that the artifact has one hundred percent accuracy, it also gives additional bash.
  • The Wrath of Battle. Possible about this subject already nobody remembers, but in vain. A wonderful alternative option to purchase instead of Mjolnir. Increases the speed of pharming, but has no effect against Champions.
  • Dedalus. Gives you pure damage. Suitable for Panzer tactics in Dota 2, that's really not recommended.
  • Travel Shoes. Recommend from time to time to look into different shoes. Power Treads are too low movement speed, so they can be changed to Boots of Travel.

tactics dota 2

Who to counter Void

The Next part of the article is to help those who were in the team that plays against the Faceless. The main question that arises in this situation — one to counter the Void? To understand who the characters are able to fight back, you need to refer to the strengths and weaknesses of the Faceless

  • Chronosphere. Despite slowing enemy projectiles, disables and silence spells can still take place. Select the Shadow Demon, Vengeful spirit or Pudge.
  • Healing from "Walking Time". Heroes who prevent the restoration of x, can become Caldr or Marauder the Terrorblade.
  • Security. Despite the fact that the void of "DotA 2" has some good armor, his HP not so good. You should choose characters who can inflict additional damage...

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