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Every game sooner or later becomes outdated in graphics or in gameplay terms. Is no exception and so famous, but already forgotten of Battlefield 2. Fashion is made to solve such problems. Besides, additions can liven up gameplay and make some changes. They can be divided into several categories. The name determines which innovations will be introduced in the game.

General information about Battlefield 2

The Game is an online tactical shooter that has strategy elements. Was engaged in the development company DICE, a publisher stands EA. Release date - June 2005. The game features single and multiplayer mode. First you have the option to go with three levels of difficulty and interact with fifteen of computer bots. Network mode allows you to simultaneously play up to 64 people. The game came out for PC, XBOX, XBOX 360 and PS2.

battlefield 2 mods

The game focuses on teamwork. You have the option to choose which class to complete assignments. Represented by seven units. Each has certain parameters, as well as the negatives and positives.

A Huge variety of military technology introduced in Battlefield 2. Fashion is able still to add the desired transport.

Full of a variety of cards that can impress virtually each player.

Battlefield 2. On the weapon mods

The Internet has a large number of Addons to add the various weapons. Add-ons will allow you to bring weapons, but to change some of its characteristics for easy game Battlefield 2. Fashion below are the most popular.


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1. WTF UNLOCKS MOD. Will appeal to those who want to spend a fun time in the game. Unlikely to appeal to gamers who want to see the process as realistic as possible. In the MOU, in addition to the original weapons, added a number of other weapons and other changes.

battlefield 2 mods weapons

2. BATTLEFIELD 2 HARDCORE. The modification allows to play in multiplayer. Many call this the best FPS of all time. Contains a huge number of add-ons and allow the player to feel new experience of gameplay. Here are the main changes in the modification:

  • No cross-hairs of weapons;
  • Increased the damage and radius of action;
  • Increased precision in the aiming mode;
  • Ballistics changed during the move;
  • Edited mix of damage and damage to equipment;
  • More smoke, blood;
  • Increased the number of effects that allows more deeply immersed in the game;
  • Easy and quick installation.

Mods for Battlefield 2. For a single game

Although the game is more focused on multiplayer, all gamers are willing to spend a couple of nights in single-player mode. Additions of this type contain mostly a number of innovations and changes, starting with weapons and ending with visual effects that will improve the gameplay of Battlefield 2. Fashion of this genre to find in Internet is not difficult, here are some of them:

  • BATTLEFIELD 2: SPECIAL FORCES. Is official. Add-on allows you to play a group of soldiers of the elite destination. Contains such forces: the special forces of the Russian Federation; the Arab terrorists; troops formed like the Chechen fighters; us marine corps; SAS. A feature of this addon is the night cards, fight in which you will have using special devices. The advantage of the addition focused on the use of manpower. Software requirements approximately as in the main game.

mods for battlefield 2 single player

  • BATTLEFIELD 2: REAL WAR. The addon contains a lot of additions that were taken from others and wedged in this. Its creation was in part laid out ten mods of them took the best. In this case, all collected into a single file and requires no installation at all of priority. This mod is the most filled.

Battlefield 2. Add-on transportation

This kind of modification is aimed at those who want to new modes of transport and weapons in Battlefield 2. Fashion technique often contain a number of changes. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Battlegroup-Frontlines. A very famous modification for Battlefield 2. The action takes place during the Second world war. Special difference is the presence of a huge number of vehicles of the WWII. In addition, many handguns of the time. Supplement balanced, maps are well detailed, there are new visual and sound effects. Fits perfectly for those who are fed up with the original game.

battlefield 2 mods on the technique

  • Battlefield 2 - Iran Conflict. The gamemode takes place in 2006. It includes some new maps, which have the ability to play both online and in single player mode. Includes additional types of transport and military equipment.

Other fashion

Besides the mods, there are a few that can easily be found online and free download. Here is a recommended modification:

  • Battlefield 2: World at war.
  • Operation peacekeeper
  • Project Reality.
  • Alpha Project Mod v0.1.
  • Desert Combat.
  • Battlefield Pirates 2.

These additions is to try to all fans of the original game. Every gamer will be able to find something you need. In addition, they will bring a lot of changes and new features, such as visual and sound effects that the original game left out.


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