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Processor device that combines a sufficient level of performance and excellent degree of efficiency — it is nothing like AMD Athlon II X4 640. Features This processor even now allow you to run any existing software. And it costs very modest. All of this makes the hero of this review an excellent basis for middle-tier computer.

amd athlon ii x4 640 features

Niche semiconductor chip. Possible configuration options

At the time of release of this processor in 2009, the system blocks PC was categorized as follows:

  • Office computers with single-core processor. This segment of the market served chips Septron AMD Celeron “Intel”< / span>. They had a very modest parameters, the low clock frequency and minimum amount of cache. As a result, the performance they had at a very low level, but it was enough to solve office tasks. In addition, the cost in this case was also very low.

  • Midrange Computers were based necessarily on a 2-core processor. Also in this case, increased frequencies, increased cache, and was significantly better technical parameters of semiconductor solutions. This led to an increase in the cost of computers. But the list of solvable with such PC problems significantly increased.

  • Well and the most productive system was based on 4-core models CPU. In this segment of the computer market and treated AMD Athlon II X4 640. Features It is entirely consistent with This niche. This processing unit at that time could solve any level of complexity of the task. And even now the presence of such a chip in the computer allows you to still run the majority of software.


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Since the introduction in stores this CPU it has been a long time in computer standards. Therefore, it is of premium solutions moved into the niche of midrange processors. The possible options for configuration of this semiconductor product was two. One of them was called TRAY And included remote control, warranty card, a sticker with the model name of the processor for the front panel and the installation manual. The second had the symbol VOH and included, in addition to all the above, still the cooler and thermal grease.

amd athlon ii x4 processor 640

Supported types of sockets

Features AMD Athlon II X4 640 indicate that it must be installed in the socket АМ3. This is the main type of socket for this chip. But it can also be installed in AM2+ FX / AM3 series processors+. It is the latest CPU socket today still continues to be relevant among computer platforms AMD. Optimally at its base to collect the system unit with the processor device. In this case, you will received the highest level of performance and relevant technical specifications. All this will fully reveal the potential of the semiconductor crystal.

Production Technology. Frequency, TDP and temperature

Manufacturing process of silicon crystal in this case was KND (silicon on insulator). The norms of 45 nm corresponds according to the specifications of the AMD Athlon II X4 640. The characteristics of the Same CPU pointed to a working frequency of 3 GHz and dynamically it is not regulated. The thermal package of this product was to 95 watts. The maximum temperature in this case was stated at level 71 0C. In practice this value rarely went beyond the boundaries of 45-57 0C.

amd athlon ii x4 640

Cache and memory

Only 2 levels of cache boasts AMD Athlon II X4 640. Processor lots of loses in performance but wins in efficiency. The total volume of volatile memory for the first level is 512 KB, and the second — 2 MB. The RAM controller is dual channel and can work with DDR2 And the most common currently DDR3. For the first case, the recommended frequency is 1066 MHz, and for the second — 1333 MHz.

Architectural features

The Code name for this solid state solution - Propus, and it belongs to the family of a 4-core processors, or, as they are called in the language of professionals - QUADCORE. AMD Athlon II X4 640 is based on the K10 architecture and can even handle 64-bit code.

amd athlon ii x4 640 overclocking


Only on the frequency of system bus was possible to increase the performance of AMD Athlon II X4 640. Acceleration must be implemented on the system unit, which is equipped with improved, reliable and high quality cooling system, advanced system Board and power supply with increased power setting. Also, the PC case needs to have superior circulation of air space. Otherwise, the algorithm of acceleration standard for this class of devices. The frequencies of all computer components is maximally reduced, and the system bus frequency is increased by one discrete to the nearest value. Then check the stability of the computer. If everything is in order, then continue to increase the bus frequency. Also on pay frequency other components of your computer that should not go beyond the permissible limits. As soon as I reached the limit at which PC ceases to work steadily, start to increase the CPU voltage. Then — frequency. Possible values of this parameter for such a chip — a 3.5-3.7 GHz.

features amd's athlon ii x4 640

The Price of the CPU. Results in practice. Owner reviews

At the start of sales of the AMD Athlon II X4 640 < / span>Was evaluated by the manufacturer 122 of the dollar. For a chip with such technical specifications it was an excellent price. Now It is in new condition can be purchased for $ 42, or 2700-2750 rubles. If you buy the already former in the use of such a semiconductor product, the price will drop and will amount to $ 35, or 2100-2250 rubles. The most important parameter of this CPU is that it on the physical level is implemented 4 cores. For this reason, on the PC, which is based on this processor and powerful discrete graphics, will all the most recent gaming applications. Albeit not at the highest settings, but they will start. And it is on this and emphasize the owners of these computers. Minus well have this chip only one — it's the lack of 3rd level cache. This design feature of the processor device significantly reduces its performance. But on the other hand, it allows to reduce the thermal package of the product and increases its efficiency.

quadcore amd athlon ii x4 640


The Successful CPU product for 2009, and currently is a AMD Athlon II X4 640. Features For this chip (to be precise — that 4 real computer module) allows this CPU to go nowadays is very common check for the necessary hardware resources to execute software code. Well, overclocking the system bus speed allows to obtain a considerable increase in speed. To indisputable the cons of the product, as mentioned earlier, can be attributed only to the lack of cache of the 3rd level. But this engineering solution allowed to significantly improve the energy efficiency of the CPU, which significantly compensates for this disadvantage.


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