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At the beginning of the game Portal seems confusing. The first impression of what is happening is very blurry. First, you need to look around and listen to the words of artificial intelligence to control the system. In the learning mode pass into the orange ring on the wall. This is the portal, now you will need to learn to use it properly. Many players had problems with the game Portal, the passage was delayed or even stopped. This article will help to avoid such problems.

First task

In your next workout into a room on one of the walls, in which there is a portal. You need to have time to take a cube in the second room and return, waited until to open the second portal. Same as before, open the door using the button. Then the action takes place in the Elevator, where GlaDOS (or Gladys), robot systems, commented on the events.

portal 2 walkthrough Chapter 6

After Passing the stairs going down to another portal. Get the gun to open portals. Until we have it just opens the inputs, then it will be more interesting. In the next room we see the abyss. Here you need using the cannon to open a portal, and fall back to the Elevator.

At first glance, Portal passage does not particularly stand out, but in spite of the same tools and colors, all the rooms are different in arrangement. Speaking about next camera test, note that you need to take a cube from the abyss, opening the portal from below with a gun, and again to put it on the button.

portal passage

6 the camera appear colored balls. And more and it will be interesting and complicated. Align the portal with the departure of ball, after pressing need to wait until the platform will drive, pass on and get into the Elevator.


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After executing this job the game is a bit overloaded, and opens a new Chapter. In the chamber 8 open the entrance for balls. All you need to do so, the receiver was open. Moving to a desired area, opened a new portal near the platform and, after it, we find ourselves in we need the Elevator door.

Chapter 4

Play the game in Portal 2. The passage (Chapter 4) will provide us with something unusual. There already is training reactions. Here it is necessary to have time to jump into the open portal and fly between the floor and ceiling, to open the exit from the buttons. The difficulty is that the flight is very fast, and the camera constantly flips. You need to accurately hit in the upper part of the room. A very interesting test.

In addition, in this Chapter, Portal, the passage becomes even more interesting. Here we get portalgun, and now you can improve the gun. Different buttons can now open portals of the input and at the same time weekend. In this test it is interesting to work out, opening the entrance for the balls, and then you need to make an exit to the opposite side of the room.

In the chamber 12 opened a portal under the ledge and on the platform, jumping down. Done it a few times, but now with the cube. As you know, you need to put it on the button.

portal 2 walkthrough Chapter

According to the camera number 13, we can say that the preparation mode is ended. Such is the game Portal! The passage will now be much more difficult and exciting. New tests differ from previous ones, but this is only a warm-up before the real difficulties. After the cube on the button, activate the platform with the energy ball. When the portal opened over the platform, passing to the starting position and brought the cube opened the door to enter.

Perhaps this will be the last light walkthrough Portal 2. Chapter 6 will give us the opportunity to train a new skill, one must correctly pass the obstacles, holding the cube in the device. From the left side of the room moved to the hallway and press the button. Then skip the balls through the portal, and when they reach the device, go through the opened portal and get to the Elevator.

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