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The Name Lara Croft is widely known even outside gaming community. Much of that success came thanks to two notorious films, the main role in which was played a spectacular Angelina Jolie. However, the original story of miss Croft originates long before the film adaptations.

In anticipation of the release of the next film, which aims to restart the Tomb Taider franchise, Lara Croft is presented to the fans in a slightly modified manner. We decided to gather the most useful information about the tomb raider and talk about its long journey.

Lara Croft tomb raider

Some General biography

Date of birth the future of tomb raider falls on the fourteenth of February, but the years vary depending on the versions of games. In the original adventure of Tomb Raider mentioned in 1968, but in the reboot of 2013 — 1992. The father of a young Lara was a British archaeologist (making our heroine a native Englishwoman) and Lord, the most important discovery of which was the famous Excalibur, also known as the sword belonging to king Arthur. As for the mother, Amelia Croft, the first games she also shares a love of research and archaeology. It is worth noting that in the beginning of the series and her role in the life of Lara was given a lot of attention, while in the restart of it almost nothing reported.

The Period of adolescence in the first part of the franchise

It's No secret that the background of miss Croft has changed over the life of the entire series. In order to know the origins, you must apply to the four original games, the "Chronicles" and "angel of Darkness".


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What is known of these parts with regards to the early biography of Lara Croft? Walkthrough Tomb Raider tells the players that since childhood, the heroine lived with her parents in the family mansion, had a whole team of personal teachers, and even attended the prestigious London school.

Lara Croft tomb raider

One day a young Croft went to Ireland, where she lived for some time at the family Butler and his wife. It was there and happened her first encounter with supernatural events.

His training Lara continued in another boarding school. In this period of growing up, she decided to become one who will devote his life to human history and the secrets that lurk behind it. One of its masterminds was a scientist named Ferner von Croy, who was going to Asia on another adventure. Thanks to my father and his financial support, Lara becomes a member of the expedition and sent to meet their first trip.

Becoming a hero

After returning from a trip to Asia Lara has devoted several years of honing his physical and intellectual skills. In the same period there was another pivotal event in the life of miss Croft — a plane crash over the Himalayas. Suffering such a serious trial that could easily take her life, the girl finally realized that there is life without adventure and adventure. At that time, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider has reached twenty-one years.

game Lara Croft tomb raider

All anything, here only the family of Lara was not able to get any support in his endeavors, which is strange considering the main occupation of the family Croft. Despite this, the future raider continued to work on his career and implemented several very successful expeditions. About them we will tell.

Early career

In the games Tomb Raider Lara Croft is going through a lot of adventures: she finds the notorious Ark of the Covenant and even is faced with a real Bigfoot. Thanks to a lost city of Vikasana that she was able to find in the Andes, the heroine gets hints about the location of the lost Atlantis, where, and goes to his next journey.

Only a year with the last big open, and Lara Croft and the passage of the game Tomb Raider takes players to China, where our heroine searches for the blade of XI'an. After that, the girl at the request of Dr. Willard, is sent on a quest for three shards of the fallen meteorite. She doesn't yet know that in fact her employer was obsessed with not scientific interest, and supernatural powers possessed by those fragments. In the end, he transformered ugly monster, but Croft manages to kill him and save the world.

The adventure continues

tomb raider Lara Croft release date

Next stop the intrepid adventurer was Egypt. This time the players have to go to the land of sand and pyramids, to once again be Tomb Raider. How Lara Croft came to be there? It's simple: her next adventure was aimed at finding a secret tomb of Seth — the Egyptian gods that rule the afterlife world. As a result of irresponsible act of God is released. To fix the error, Lara sent another mystical artifact, which should help to bring Seth back to prison. In the end, nothing happens, but Croft still manages to lock the ancient deity of the tomb, then the whole pyramid starts to crumble. The final game leaves one important question: "did Lara?"

Croft and "Dark angel"

Of Course! Frightened players could finally exhale quietly, when the light appeared under the title "angel of Darkness". Our adventurer, alive and unharmed, goes to Paris to meet up with old friends — background Cut. At the meeting, she suddenly loses consciousness and when he awoke, becomes the object of police harassment. This part of the "Lara Croft" (Tomb Raider) for the first time pushed players with a secret cult that is obsessed with the idea of eternal life. Of course, in the end our heroine managed to demolish their plans, thus preventing the penetration of evil in the human world.

The First restart of the history about the tomb raider

Lara Croft tomb raider anniversary

In subsequent games in the series the biography of the heroine undergoes a series of several changes. For example, it is known that in Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary Lara Croft is born in a hospital "Surreys Parkside". At a young age she was listed as a student in the school of "Abbingdon", which was engaged in all girls. Thanks to the introductory video of a "Legend", we learn that Lara, as a child gets in a plane crash over the Himalayas with her mother. Survive only two of them, and then they manage to find a mysterious temple and a mystical portal. Strange events that followed further lead to the fact that Amelia Croft disappears right in front of the young heroine. In the end she manages to find help in Kathmandu and call his father.

Over the next six years, Lara becomes a frequent visitor to the archaeological site and travels of his father, also start to be interested in her story. Soon Richard Croft goes missing without a trace during one of his trips to Cambodia. The lack of the body leads to the difficulties in obtaining the inheritance which Lara manages to overcome, though in this case quarrel with almost all the rest of the family.


What Happened with your parents couldn't stop adventurer, so she soon embarks on another quest for the legendary Excalibur. During her journey she also meets his friend who has long been considered lost. It prevents Amanda Lara to open the same mystical portal when she tries to rescue his missing mother. According to her, they had to get into a mysterious reality, known as avalon — there it was transferred to lady Croft.

After that start the game Tomb Raider: Underworld. Lara Croft has been through a lot of difficulties while traveling between other dimensions. She was expecting betrayal from friends, proof of his father's death and, finally, the terrible truth about her mother — stay in avalon made her weak and ugly creature. In this part of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft is trying to come to terms with the loss of the family and continues the difficult path of tomb raider.

game cheats Lara Croft tomb raider

The Second restart 2013

As many as nine games of the franchise though, and has made some changes to the story of Lara Croft, still trying to stick to a certain path and way. It's time to talk about the next big event in the existence of the series — about the reboot of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider (release date 2013). A new character is very different indeed from that to which accustomed to all fans of the franchise. It acts as an ordinary archaeologist who, no matter how it sounded funny, hates tombs. In free time she prefers to read ancient documents and listening to music.

The output of the product has received very positive feedback on Tomb Raider and Lara Croft, even with such a dramatic change of image and style. New adventures are very exciting: the heroine suffers a shipwreck and finds himself on a mysterious island. Lara will become a real fighter to save not only themselves but also their friends. Of course, the plot is not without mystery, mysteries and most of these tombs.

Climbing tomb raider

Of Course, the success of the reboot meant that the continuation will not keep itself waiting long. And so it happened — it soon came to light the second part of "updated...

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