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If you decide to play a game "Minecraft" over a network, then you definitely will be evident so-called regions - areas of the world, which are controlled by certain players. These sites are an important part of the game, so without certain knowledge you will be in difficulty. There are specific restrictions only on the site, so it is important to know certain details about how the "deprivatise" territory, what it does and how to remove the region if you are no longer needed.

What is a "zapravochny" region

how to remove region

Traveling around the world "Minecraft" on any network server, you most likely will run into certain areas, marked with nicknames of other players. This so-called private regions that the players take in their use. This feature is extremely useful because with it you can set the boundaries of their possessions. Within these boundaries no one but you will not be able to put blocks and destroy them. That is, you will be able to erect structures without worrying about the threat of griefers - they don't know how to delete a region owned by a particular player. It can only do you. But before you learn about how to remove a region in Minecraft, you should learn it "privacity". After all, if you don't have "zapryazhennoy" territory, and "reprivatise" there will be nothing.

Private area

how to remove a region in minecraft

So, as we have said before to remove the region first must "deprivatise". For this you need a wooden axe, and with certain modifications it is possible to cope without him. You are required only to register the right command in the console, and then mark two points, which will be located in two opposite corners of the parallelogram, inside which will be your territory. After that you have to give a name to their region and to ascribe themselves to him as sole owner. Of course, you will have the opportunity to add to your territory from other players if you want, but if you are not familiar with anyone on the server, it is not recommended.


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This is all in the question of how capriatti specific territory. But we are talking about the removal of the region. Therefore, it is time to understand why to know how to remove the region in Minecraft.


how to remove star region

It would Seem that everyone can "deprivatise" a certain territory and live happily ever after. But really it's not, and sometimes there is a need to remove a region. Most often the reason for this becomes exhausted plots, due to each player. On different servers it's different - some admins can enable "privacity" only one site, others allow you to take control of three and so on. And when you already have the maximum number of pieces of the world "Minecraft", but feel the need for another, the question arises: "What to do?" And then you will need to know how to remove the region in Minecraft. However, this is not the only reason.

Reasons for the "asprivate"

As mentioned above, the need to "deprivatise" new territory despite the fact that the limit has been exhausted, and is the main basis of the removal regions in Minecraft. But it can also happen for internal reasons, that is, "zapravochny" region may no longer be interested in the player, so maybe there is over resources, because of which this area was valuable, or he was fully worked out in the creative plan. In any case, not necessarily to reach the limit to remove private area. Also we can not exclude the probability of error - a system of private in Minecraft not worked out as well. You need to have a very sharp eye to note is the plot world, you need. Therefore, periodically marking process there are mistakes and shortcomings, and to then use the piece of land that you wanted, use the function removing private, so you need to know how to remove the old region.

how to remove a person from the region

Delete Process

Delete a region in Minecraft is quite simple - the process is virtually identical to the creation of the region, only thus you will not need to mark any points. We just need to register the required command and specify the name of the region you would like to remove. If you are the one who created the region, it will be removed, but if not, there is nothing you can do about this territory. In addition, it is possible to remove not only the region but people who had a chance to use the services of your hospitality. For this you need to know how to remove a person from the region, as well as a command for the console. And again - you can do it only in case, if you are the Creator of this region. This is done in order to griefers, even if penetrated into your territory, verses to you in trust, could not deprive you of it. However, they will be able to destroy the blocks on your site, so always follow the advice on security - add only trusted people, otherwise you will have to remove the region for another reason, namely due to the fact that all your buildings were destroyed by a player that you personally let into their territory.


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