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After the game Half-Life a waited. Soon followed the official Supplement of the so-called plot of the spin-off. It was released in 1999 and successfully gathered the fans. This part is called Opposing Force and told the story about corporal military special forces. What Adrian Shepard was the hero of this story and was fascinated by all the gamers for their role in the game.

Name as it is

It is Worth noting that the developers at Gearbox Software did an amazing job. Why are only the meditation on the name of the hero. Long time game designer Supplement thought over the future name of the main character. He wanted Adrian became a full-fledged and mysterious character. His name was supposed to be ambiguous.Adrian Shepard

It Appeared after the arguments of the designer with his colleague on the film "pulp fiction”. Randy Pitchford recalled the biblical quotation of the character of shepherd. So there is Adrian Shepard. Turns out his name is a misspelling of the English word shepherd, which means “shepherd”. Had to add one letter to the second part of the name sounded like a hard (strong).

So there was Adrian Shepard (Adrian Shephard), whose role is so interested fans of the game that for the past 15 years, they are waiting for his appearance in the additions, and possibly in the third part of Half-Life.

Role Playing

So, Supplement Opposing Force introduces the hero to us at the age of 22 years. He serves on the fictional military facility Arizona. Despite the fact that Adrian Shepard is trained with all along, yet his specialty - sniper, and handling with a sniper rifle and diplom at the highest level.


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The Service calls, and the young soldier sent with a detachment to prevent the alien threat. Point of arrival – research center "Black Mesa". The task of the team was to evacuate all personnel, but during the operation, Adrian and a few others are isolated from their colleagues. In this “fatal boiler” shepherd need to survive.Adrian Shepard's role

Meeting with the main character

It Turns out that Adrian Shepard meets with the main character the main series of games Gordon Freeman. This is not so important to the plot. This is only a reference to the main story and another reminder to the players about Freeman. In that moment, when Gordon jumps into the portal leading to Xen, and Shepard is watching him.

If a player chooses to jump along with Freeman, it will fall into the abyss. The screen will be displayed that the observation is suspended as an attempt was made to create a temporal paradox. By the way, if Adrian a shot in the back by Gordon, the same will happen.

The Unknown

Adrian Shepard, which inspired many fans of Half-Life, passes on the way to the unknown. This Is G-Man. He participates in important events and changes the course of the game. This man is clearly interested in a young corporal, and Adrian sees this and writes about it in his diary.

G-Man helps Shepard escape from zombie in "Black Mesa". But later he suspends the evacuation of hero. Then the unknown includes a nuclear weapon that Shepard has specifically disabled, thereby predicting the destruction of the research center. After the final battle, the characters meet each other. G-Man admired the corporal, but at the same time he claims that Adrian dangerous witness, and therefore, can hurt.

Adrian Shephard in half life 2

Unknown don't take the life of the guy, but sends it to an unknown place. Now Adrian can't hurt anyone. The game is over.


After the addition was another, which only briefly mentioned the young corporal. Fans threw letters to Valve, and begged that Adrian Shepard in "Half life 2" appeared again. The second series of the game was released in 2004 and it's safe to say that the developers have not listened to the requests of fans of the game.

However, one day, Gabe Newell said with certainty that someday the story of the corporal resumes. You may be Adrian Shepard without a mask, with the new role. With the release of the second part of the past 12 years. Players have already lost the hope to see not that the story of Shepard, but at least the continuation of the story with Freeman.

Self directed

Silence Valve's tired of fans and all these years they created their fashion, where they told the story. Addition Dark Operations tells us that Shepard is waking up to Xen, and find the way back to "Black Mesa".Adrian Shepard without a mask

Also-expected addition to the second Half-Life series, which also would be like Opposing Force 2. It was assumed that G-Man was awakened Hadrian. He had to fight with the Alliance and prevent a spatial rift. But this story was not destined to appear. In 2014, Gearbox has officially stated that it has frozen the project, so soon to unite with other developers. The story of Shepard is over, and before he could begin.

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