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In the age of modern technology the design of buildings and structures, and many others-shouldered automated systems. The opportunity came in a short time to create a full project, to show to the customer quickly to change something or add to it. Such tools as CAD programs, will be discussed in this article.

What is CAD?

Computer-aided design — there's nothing like a domestic name CAD (computer-aided design). Its essence is to increase the productivity of designers and engineers, as well as improving the quality of their work. This is due to the useful properties of CAD programs:

  • The process of creating all the documentation is in automatic mode;
  • The ability to use concurrent engineering by multiple people;
  • Previously created projects are easy to use in the new one, connecting them in a short time;
  • Eliminates the need to use models and tests;
  • Reduces the percentage of errors and defects.

Thus, the CAD system brought the design to a whole new level, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.

CAD programs

In the market there are many different software solutions for different branches of engineering. It is worth to consider them in more detail.


This review would be incomplete without the inclusion of this "mastodon" CAD. AutoCAD is on the market for over 20 years and has held the position of best CAD program. Everything you need to the designer implemented this.

However, the technology and requirements are not static, and very soon the opportunities of AutoCAD was not enough. It is suitable for medium and small projects. But if you need to create a huge project to work with it is already uncomfortable.

cad software

So the developer Autodesk has gone ahead and created Architectural Desktop. Its users — professional architects and specialists in the field of civil and industrial construction. For all its capabilities, this CAD program is managed to preserve the ease of use of AutoCAD.


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Since the construction covers a large number of industries for which the necessary drawings and plans, Autodesk has created several specialized solutions. All products of the developer are paid and significantly expensive.


This is one of the CAD programs that is gaining popularity among designers. Has great potential. In particular, it provides a virtual model, which can be used to the smallest details to study not only the internal structure, but also appearance.

best cad program

The program Also can generate the whole necessary set of documents for registration.

Major architectural studios and bureaus like the collaboration feature on the project. Parallelization of tasks greatly accelerates the creative process.


CAD program to generate drawings and projects. Specializiruetsya mainly on solutions for façade and metal construction. But the latest version can also design and proper buildings and complexes.

Work like in 2D mode and in three-dimensional space.

CAD Program for Linux

As you know, in a Linux environment are the most common programs with free licenses or even open source. In most cases they are far behind in features from the paid products Windows environment. However, consider some decent CAD solutions to solve the problems of the designers.

cad programs for linux


Distributed under the free GPL license. However, there is a version for professionals, which is about 33 $.

The Scope of software product — 2D drawings, sketches. In General, the system is suitable for small and not complex projects.


This product focuses on the creation of full 3D projects. In addition, there are means of rapid exchange of documentation, visualization, and collaborative development.

Spreading CASCADE in a free form, outdoor code. However, under the terms of the license if the user has made changes to the code, it should notify the developers.


And this is a paid solution for Linux environment. A complete system, designed for professionals. Has great potential. In particular, the creation of 3D models, renderings, calculations of the required volumes and mass, and much more.

CAD and "Android"

With this trend of development of mobile devices it is not surprising that smartphones and tablets will soon completely replace their “big brother”. Here and now are complex and difficult tools, such as CAD tools are on mobile platforms. Next will be a small overview of the CAD programs for Android.

overview of the cad programs

AutoCAD 360

This product was already mentioned in the beginning of the article. The developer of the program is the same — the company Autodesk. The app is free but there are commercial versions of Pro and Pro Plus. This same representative is able to work with the files full the PC version, that is, to create and edit them. The interface is simple and clear. However, there is one minor limitation-you can work with the filesless than 10 MB.

cad programs for Android


Good editor and viewer CAD. Free, simple and intuitive. Has an extensive list of tools that work with DWG files and a raster mode.

Unfortunately, designing in a 3D environment is not yet finalized, but the app has room to grow. Like most programs, it has a Pro version for which you need to pay about 20$.


This app is not an editor, but a simple viewer of files of type DWG/DXF. Works pretty quickly. Will be a good solution for designers when you need to quickly show the work items of the project to the customer away from the computer.


Programs for design automation is available on all known platforms. Some are paid solutions, other open source. But they all have one thing in common — the ability to quickly create a project object.

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