World of Tanks: how to penetrate the Japanese bands?


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Playing World of Tanks, everyone wants to fill more damage. But not always it turns out. In the game there are new tanks that are difficult to overcome. Learn how to penetrate the Japanese bands, it is necessary because it is the most armored vehicles in WoT. They do not “stitched” anywhere, you need to know certain region. But first, take a look at their history.

History of Japanese tanks

Japanese tanks appeared in 1918. It was a car designed and developed especially for this country. In the late 1920s, Japanese designers decided to create their own samples, and in 1929 was released on the first tank. Despite the low level of funding, the production of rail cars has grown. By the end of world war II, Japan ranked fifth in the world in the production of to penetrate Japanese bands

The New armored cars were used in the Sino-Japanese and Second world war. The problems began when funding became even less, and the cars became less quality. In addition, their number has considerably decreased. It did a lot to further military action. Tank forces could not continue to be the shock force in battle, and the country surrendered.

A New breath of tank development in Japan since 1954. In this case, the designers had to create projects of armored cars from scratch.

Type 4 Heavy

It's a Japanese heavy tank existed in real development. In the game of World of Tanks it takes 9 level. In life, he has a second name - Type 2604. The main objective in combat - break of fortifications and defense.

Before we figure out how to penetrate the Japanese bands, it is necessary to consider Type 4 Heavy and other "Japanese" from the point of view of tactical and technical characteristics. As has become clear, the tank has high armor and pretty good weapons. The main task – it is leisurely to go ahead and absorb all enemy damage.


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The Threat for "type 4 heavy" are little tanks that can cling to the hull and to shoot "the Japanese" have not lowered the gun to get a bead small of the enemy. The advantages include good Uwny, a large number of shells, great average damage and penetration. Also tank quite a lot to see and to convey to the allies.Japanese heavy type 4 heavy where punching

But the main drawbacks are, of course, turret traverse speed, long mixing, weak dynamics, recharge and, of course, dimensions. If the tank is spotted, the artillery will easily shot it since getting into it is easy.

How to penetrate Type 4 Heavy?

When the game has a Japanese strand "type 4 heavy" where to hit him, nobody knew. It later, the players themselves began to find weak spots or just load gold. Of course, if you don't have a lot of resources, it is better to know the weaknesses of the tank.

It Should be noted that Type 4 Heavy is reworked in his own way O-I. If he met you head-on, then down the drain. Front weaknesses the cord is to find as a reservation here from 260 mm. But to be a little more closely, we can see the plane of the housing. If the iron monster to put a diamond, its reservation is reduced to 200 mm.

The Sad fact remains that there is next to BK, which can explode and withdraw from the battle tank. Of course, as mentioned earlier, it is possible to break goldovymi shells. If you have a car level 10, the chances of damage even more.

Other Japanese bands

Before and after Type 4 Heavy is other equally powerful tanks, which the players have problems. Further, we learn how to penetrate the Japanese bands, but first, a little bit with them and get acquainted.wot how to penetrate the Japanese heavies

It is Worth mentioning that the branch cord Japan starts with 3 level Type 91 Heavy. Further behind it there is a Type 95 Heavy. These tanks are quite similar, so talking about them separately makes no sense. Radically and absolutely other in front of us was a fifth level - O-I Experimental. Of course, now everyone knows what kind of machine and how to fight it. But immediately after the appearance of that monster caused a shock.

It is followed by two strong armored vehicles: O-I – sixth level and O-Ni – seventh. Here you can add and powerful O-Ho. With these tanks happen sometimes embarrassments. Inexperienced players don't know how to deal with them, and often receive from them bombs at full health.

Ninth and tenth level took Type 4 Type 5 Heavy and Heavy. These machines are well armored, and fireflies they don't. They can fight only 9-10 levels, and in some cases the "Golden" shells in WoT. How to penetrate the Japanese bands, we will understand further.

How to penetrate?

Experienced players always find themselves weak points of the new tanks. How to penetrate the Japanese bands 3-4 level, now everyone knows, and it's easy to do on any machine. But older tanks can already bring a lot of problems. The least harmful can be considered O-I Experimental the fifth level. If the tank is turned sideways, at a right angle it can be punched without difficulty. If he rushes you head-on, it is better to aim at the turret operators.

When O-I has added to world of tanks, where to hit Japanese bands, nobody knew. If other armored vehicles could vytselit in some default place, starting from the 6 level of the Japanese branch of the TT began to raise questions. If you are faced with this monster head-on, aim the bar under the main tower, in the other case it is possibletry to shoot the tank, or the sides are at right of tanks how to penetrate the Japanese heavies

Basically the scheme of reservation tank, starting from the fifth level of the strands does not change. Cardboard remains the roof of the "Japanese", slightly stronger than its feed, and not the lower part and the middle. If the cord has become a diamond, you need to aim for the near corner of the upper bronelista, or the near side of the tower.

In theory, the Japanese heavyweights are terrible and rebellious, but in practice they are easy to defeat and dislodge the enemy from the battlefield.

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