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One of the most anticipated games of 2014, which was a terrible fiasco. In fact not justified, and a thousandth of expectations promoted hundreds of trailers and presentations "Sims 4". Reviews fans of the show about setting up in advance for future additions. In its present form the Assembly looks like a pirated copy stolen from an early stage of creating a full game. The only plus is that it has potential. Base embedded developers, will greatly expand the abilities of your characters and make a completely new product.

How to install "Sims 4”

There are two options – a license disc or a pirated copy downloaded online. If you bought the game, to perform installation simple, and no mistakes, most likely, will not.

What sequence of actions?

  • Insert the disk into the drive and wait for AutoPlay.
  • Click, click “Continue”.
  • On the “My game in Origin" you must enter a product license code «the Sims 4”.
  • After you have confirmed the version of the collector's edition, the installation process begins.
  • Put “Russian”, select the folder where you put the game, accept the license.
  • In the process of unpacking the files the program will ask to insert the second disc that needs to be done.
  • Loaded bonus items, you will see a shortcut on the desktop.

Congratulations, installation complete!

The question of “protection from pirates” the official release. Most opinions are that on torrent filled file unfinished version of the game. So there are a variety of negative aspects like defocusing of the camera, and so on.

Sims 4 comments

Set "Sims 4" for free on the computer easily. Only need to download the image of the installation disk, and then follow the instructions described in the file ‘readme’.

One example will be described below.

System requirements and release date

For the game will fit all versions of the Windows operating system from Windows XP SP 3 to Windows 8.1. On other platforms it is still impossible to start it.

Minimum requirements quite beyond the capabilities of most computers.

  • Operating memory you need at least 2 GB.
  • Suitable Processor 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+.
  • Graphics Card-128 MB.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 6600, Intel GMA X4500, ATI Radeon X1300 or better.
  • DirectX 9.0 c at least 10 GB of free disk space.

As we can see the forgiving standards allow the majority to set the "Sims 4" disk. Conditions quite tolerable.


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Judging by marketing and advertising, users should expect the extravaganza in "Sims 4". Release date – 2 September 2014 in USA and September 4 – in Europe and Russia. However, the disappointment of the majority is evidence of the failure of the release.


This version is intended to disclose the possibility of simulation of life.
Start by creating a character or family. This is the special editors, which will be discussed later.

Actions are made by a third party. First we create a SIM, Selim him in the house. Home can choose from a list of suggestions to buy in the store or build myself. Because to develop a character will have in various spheres (from work to personal), it would be better to set the "Sims 4" in Russian.

There are two cities with different buildings. Presents the main institutions of the infrastructure of the metropolis. About them also we will talk further. Created character can get a job, maintain a personal life, get involved, meet new people, develop career. There are numerous possibilities.

the Sims the Sims 4

There are two scale – friendship and romance. They are responsible for the relationships between Sims.

In the fourth version of the game the characters will be able to do several things simultaneously, like talking, watch TV and eat. This is a significant step forward for “the Sims 4". The reviews of fans indicate the prospects of such a move.

Also for career growth and increase your status, you need an active social life.

Want to try in training mode to create a wonderful destiny? Is different. Perhaps some ideas later you will realize in reality.


Feeling play a crucial role. They are responsible for the promotion of your SIM on the path of life.

the Sims 4 release date

Unlike the previous installments, characters «the Sims 4" to be more focused on their inner world. Agree, the rationality of 100% in the real world will hardly find. Feelings and we have a stronger influence on behavior than mental processes. Losing your head is not so difficult in the heat of passion!

The Range of emotions in this part is increased. Now as many as 15! They are divided into several groups in 3 pieces. Each has its own color and background music.

the Sims 4 in Russian

Judging by the posts on the forums, the developers have a lot of feelings and intimate moments in "Sims 4". The reviews confirm this. For example, you can even “pee like a champion” or “angry poop”.

However, in General, the implementation of this layer of life is very important in the development of simulators. We all want to be successful, anything for not doing, at most. Try the same with their characters. Make your SIM a celebrity orastronaut.

Will Have to play on a piano of emotions. For example, if your character is angry, it is better to go to the gym. Training effectiveness will increase significantly! In the depression he would write a good book.

In addition, being at the peak of some experiences, it can be moved to the picture painted by his own hand, in order to share the emotion with others.

They Also “the Sims 4" to create the interior according to your mood, complementing his memorable accessories.

Thus, despite the many negative reviews compared with the third part, the new game still has an amazing flavor.

Character Editor

In the latest version of the game we will be able to create characters in several ways. There is an option to choose a ready template. But this approach us quite interesting. With a minimum skill of working with image editors you'll have to make an exact copy of a real friend and let him play!

Let's see how it goes. So, we entered the product code. «the Sims 4" is activated and now you need to create a family. We find ourselves in a character editor.

Initially chosen gender and age. By the way, races are not only skin color, but also distinctive features. And the range and level of emotions in the game will depend on how much your SIM years. But this can be changed using the codes for "Sims 4". They will be written at the end of the article.

Next we click on the magnifying glass icon to the left of your character's head. Going into this mode, it becomes possible with the sliders to create your character's individual facial features, from the nostrils to the color of the iris.
By the Way, in the fourth version of the headpiece can be worn in any hairstyle.

After he created the face, go to the formation of the rest of the body, clothing and accessories. Thus, we make a certain image for your SIM.
Other than the physical, you can pick up the character, life-style, emotional range, the timbre of a voice, a hobby.

Here we have created the first man. Let's find him a residence.


Here also the hand of the developers touched on many things. Let's start in order.

activation the Sims 4

It is Now possible to choose the height of the Foundation, and add it to the house or replace the old work at any stage of construction, not demolishing buildings. Do not be afraid that when you change the height of the bases will warp the door and will not fit the key. «the Sims 4” has not yet reached such heights of realism. There will be eight variants of the cap.

The Second innovation concerns the roof. Use your fantasy to its full potential! All options are available, from Oriental to classic European. Want to make a likeness of the castle at disney screensaver? Easily.

Choosing the height of the walls (ceiling) don't forget about the Windows and paintings. You have, for example, was a room two stories tall, they hung a gallery. Now decided to rebuild and make lower ceilings. If you do not remove the cloth, they will disappear. Don't forget about this!

Fans of the attics, terraces, verandas and other delights are also fun. Make a variety of shapes – from square and rectangular to oval. In the editor you can easily understand which room to choose and how to install. «the Sims 4" offers a lot of options.

Light, by the way, also underwent changes. Now there is no barrier between the light upper and lower floors. He will spread the most, according to the laws of physics. As in real life.

Columns, friezes, cornices and beams – decorate the interior in its sole discretion.

Landscape design significant changes in comparison with the third part, does not undergo. The only thing - there was a separate microreactor for landscaping.

Finally it is worth to mention one disadvantage. If you cancel the painting of the wall is discoloured and the whole room.

In the future, the developers promise to add fountains and more flexibility in creating the landscape around the house.

Get a job

The Characters «the Sims 4” will be able to find a favorite activity or starting to build a career in a promising company in several ways. Altogether there are eight variants – criminal, secret service agent, writer, artist, cook, technician, astronaut and a worker.

how to install Sims 4

First, you can click on the portfolio icon (lower right corner) and choose the menu “career Start”. The phone icon will help to find the job ads. Also possible to find a lesson using the computer.

Settled? Great. How now to get to work? There is only two ways. You can set the function of “Agency” or click on the briefcase in the right corner. If it is yellow – the character just go to the office, if the red – run.

However, about the office is hardly the word. In this version of the game activity in the field of work is not provided. That is, your SIM runs out of the house, heading towards the road ... and lost! All that remains – to bother with the rest of the family, or planning his evening, if you have a lone character. Quite interesting approach to the release of the game «the Sims 4". Release date, however, has passed, so we can only hope for Supplement.

To change profession, you must click on the telephone icon, then select “Quit”. Then repeat the steps above.

Browse cities

Allfans of “soap” American series is dedicated. The game features two localities – Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.

Those are going to be able to walk around Santa Monica or become a resident of the suburb in the Midwest.

These blocks even the village do not dare to call. However we hope changes in the future.

So, willow Creek. A quiet provincial town with a large Park located on the banks of the river. On the streets a lot of greens. You can walk along the square, chatting in the open area cafe with friends, to visit public institutions.

cheats for the Sims 4

By the Way, to get a clear picture of the interior you can only if you passed activation. «the Sims 4" keeps the protection from piracy. The image becomes blurred, as in the screenshot.

The Second locality – Oasis springs. He presented more desert and rocky landscapes. However, there is a green space area and pond. You get to go on a picnic or to go fishing.

By the Way, for cooking a particular dish may need plants that grow only in the neighboring town. Will have to follow them.

A Definite plus in that the change of residence career is not reset. That is, he moved to willow Creek, you don't have to get a job.

Minus the value and functionality of settlements. Enjoy all the range you will in a few hours. A couple days go to the game with the editors of the characters and houses. More in the game to not count on that.

Activation "Sims 4”

When you purchase a license disk code you will see on the inside of the box. It consists of 20 letters of the English alphabet and numbers.

When installing games, taken from the Internet for free, it is recommended to disable antivirus software, as they "swear" on programs that help illegal to register the product.

If you downloaded with the torrent, most likely, among the files you will find the application "Keygen". Run it and generate a key "Sims 4".

Here is a list of codes that work to activate the game. The only condition-before typing characters you want to disable the connection iinternet.

  • 27ZR-Y2T9-Q8SV-8Q8S-YRLD.

Also, if you downloaded the game from a torrent, most likely, there is a file called “crack”. Open it and copy the files in the root folder of the game. If some special method, it will be described in a text document called ‘readme’.


All cheats and other messages entered into the command line. It is invoked by simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl + Shift + C. prerequisite-English keyboard layout.

After you entered the required information, press “Enter” to activate and “Escape” to exit the menu.

Before you can use the codes for "Sims 4", you must enable this feature. To do this, in command prompt you need to enter English letters, without the quotes, words “true” or “on”. To turn off, respectively, write “false” or “off”. Cheats are not case sensitive, so no matter what letters to enter – upper or lower.

Let's take the easiest option – developer code. To activate it you must enter in the command line, the following phrase without the quotes: "TestingCheatsEnabled true".

What do we get? The main tools now – the left mouse button and the button “Shift”.
So when you click on a character a menu POPs up, allowing to increase the age or change the traits.

If holding down “Shift” and click on any place in sight, your character will move there.

To Change the level of demand also becomes easy. You need to keep “Shift” and pull the cursor up or down the scale.

In this mode, clicking on an outsider character, you can add him to active family. It does not matter that you downloaded a free game. «the Sims 4” will not lose in functionality.

The menu mailbox active family will produce the following:

- to bring happiness to everyone in the family;
- teleport to a character from the list;
- to invite any guest;
- reduce needs;
- add all residents to the list of friends;
- select the appropriate level of the career.

In the realities of this release without such tricks in the game in a couple of days to do absolutely nothing. And I want to say that the only plus point is the output of "Sims 4" in Russian. The English version likely would not have taken root.

The following is a list of the most used cheats:

  • Motherlode – increases your account to $ 50,000.
  • LifeTimeHappiness - adds character to 50 000 points of desire.
  • JokePlease - at the command prompt, you will be able to read the joke.
  • ResetSim-code required when dwelling in the texture. The character will appear in the house.
  • MoveObjects on – you will now be able to move objects and remove unwanted characters.
  • ConstrainFloorElevation false – at your disposal is the floor. Now you can make a room of any height! This code is often used in "Sims 4". Reviews in the forums are evident.
  • RecordVideo small/medium/large low/moderate/high/max – decided to record a video? Set its parameters.
  • FullScreen on – enable fullscreen via command line.
  • HideHeadlineEffects off – irritate cylinders of thoughts above the heads? Turn them off!

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