How much RAM needed for normal operation of the computer?


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RAM, which is usually referred to as RAM or RAM, is one of the most important parts of any computer. But how many it is necessary for the good operation of the device? Current new PCs and similar devices offer values from 2 GB to 16 GB and more.

how much RAM you need

Amount of required memory depends on two factors - what you intend to do and how much you are willing to spend.

Introduction to RAM

Memory Capacity is often confused with long term storage, we offer solid state or mechanical hard drive. Sometimes even manufacturers or retailers mix the two. To understand how much RAM is needed for normal operation of the device, you need to understand what its value.

A Table - a useful analogy is to consider the difference between RAM and memory. Think of RAM as on top of the table. The more surface, the more papers you can lay out and read immediately. Hard drives are more like drawers under the table can store documents that you do not use.


The more RAM your system has, the more programs it can handle at a time. RAM is not the only determining factor, and you can technically open dozens of programs at the same time even with very little RAM and it will slow down your system. Now imagine the table again. If it is too small, it becomes cluttered, and your work will slow down, when you try to find any paper you need at any given moment. You will be often forced to dig in the crates to put something that will not fit on the table surface, and also to get the necessary papers.


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How to clean RAM on your computer?

How to clean RAM on your computer?

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Computer with lots of RAM and works much faster, but only up to a certain point. The large table will not help you if you only have a few articles to read.

how much RAM is needed for games

Optimum ratio

How much RAM you need for your device? Your goal is to have enough RAM for all the applications that you use on this particular device. If its too little – work slows down. Too much memory can only mean that you paid a lot of money for something that will never be able to use.

Contrast to the other characteristics

Standard RAM should not be confused with the memory, however, these concepts are closely associated with computer graphic cards. High-performance 3D game based on a video memory (VRAM), often expressed as GDDR5, while the standard memory is called RAM or DDR3. In fact, most manufacturers are very good identificeret VRAM and not confuse it with other parameters. Therefore, in order to determine how much RAM is needed for GTA 5, for example, need to consider both of the above combined.

how much RAM you need for windows 10

Heavy application

The biggest services on most home computers is the operating system and web browser. You can't make Windows or MacOS consume less memory but more RAM on your computer means that you can open more tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. in addition, some web sites use more RAM than others. Simple text news take up almost no resources, while something like Gmail or Netflix requires a bit more power.

Programs usually use more RAM because they increase the complexity of the work. The program of the chat or in the game (e.g. Minesweeper) will be used memory, while a giant Excel spreadsheet, or a huge project Photoshop can use more than one Gigabyte. Professional and engineering software created to solve very complex projects and typically consumes the most memory of all programs. Modern 3D games may also be using quite a lot of RAM and VRAM. In other words, your need how much RAM to install, depends on your programs.

how much you need RAM for a laptop

How much do you need RAM? Some of the recommendations

  • RAM 2GB: good only for tablets and netbooks.
  • RAM 4 GB Minimum for budget systems Windows and MacOS.
  • 8 GB: excellent for Windows and MacOS.
  • 16 GB: Probably too much; perfect for workstations middle level.
  • 32 GB or more: only for enthusiasts and specialized workstations.

For free

It is Expected that the tablet will have a complex software, so their needs in RAM, usually pretty low. However, because browsers with multiple tabs and more complex software continues to evolve, the needs of tablets are becoming more similar to laptops need. Current settings specifications usually range from 2 to 16 GB of RAM, and the speed of the processor plays an important role in determiningrange.

For Example, iPad Air 2, which has about 2 GB of RAM, a lot of attention to the universal processor. And a device such as Microsoft Surface Pro, can accommodate RAM up to 16 GB, because the users of this device might want to run a large number of professional software as well as desktop operating systems.

how much RAM is needed for gta 5

And it gives you guidance for the selection of RAM for what you use your tablet? If you view only one website at once and do not use the device for any large projects or desktop software, RAM 4 GB would probably be sufficient. However, if you are using a tablet as your primary PC, you must equip it with the necessary RAM. Usually this means that you need 4 to 8 GB.

Selecting RAM for laptops

How much RAM you need for your laptop? New laptops have 2 GB to 16 GB of RAM, while the high-end gaming models offer up to 32 GB. As mentioned earlier, the demand for tablets and laptops converge, but most users feel comfortable with running more complex programs on laptops, and this means that RAM plays a more important role here.

For something like a Chromebook that works primarily in the cloud and has very little storage space, you do not need a lot of RAM. It is sufficient to choose 4 GB of RAM, the more you can use Google Play Store to download Android apps directly on your computer.

How much RAM you need for Windows10 and new versions of the MacBook? You need to think about how to increase this number to a standard 8 GB. Most best laptops are shipped with this value for a good reason. Of course, if you do a lot of graphic work or want to open several tabs, you may want to consider increasing RAM to 16 GB. This is especially true for gamers – the question is how much RAM you need for gaming, always up to date.

Desktop computers

The RAM in desktops is cheap, so quite easy to find a PC with more memory at lower prices. In addition, more amount of RAM a PC can be useful, since people tend to use them more than tablets or notebook computers.

How much RAM you need for the PC? 8GB – a good value to start with. Upgrade to 16 GB is recommended for enthusiasts, hardcore gamers and the average user workstation. Serious desktop users can upgrade to 32 GB. Even mention how much RAM you need for gaming, you can be sure that is too significant parameters are required.

Anything more than the extreme edge of the field, equipped to handle huge amounts of data, huge videos or niche programs designed for researchers, corporations, or governments.

Please note that the amount of RAM and the type and speed that is supported by your system, will depend on your motherboard.

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