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Some users who love to dig in the system catalogs often Prefetch directory. What's the file before the user in this case, not everyone knows. Let's try to fill gaps in knowledge about what this directory is and what data it contains.

Prefetch: what kind of folder

The consideration of the question will begin with the filing of the theoretical material. When you start the operating system monitors the loading process, keeping it on all data to speed up subsequent start in the Prefetch directory. What's the file in front of us?

what is prefetch folder

In fact, it is the directory on the hard disk of the computer containing the relevant data, parameters, and components of the full cycle of system boot and run your most frequently used programs.

So the next time don't download all the components from scratch, Windows and uses the data stored on the hard drive. Some users, however, argue that for each subsequent system startup information stored in the directory Prefetch becomes obsolete. Therefore, from their point of view, from time to time you need to clean the Prefetch directory. What is the Prefetch folder, a little clearer. But not all fans clean know that the data in it is overwritten automatically after each start or run the application.

Look at the practical side of the question of the removal of its contents. Later will be said about how to disable the use of acceleration features download, if anyone is too severely hampered.

The Prefetch Folder in Windows 7 and above: is it worth it to clean up

Delete data from this directory any critical changes in the system or programs installed will not cause.

the prefetch folder in windows 7

But that's absolutely wrong all those who claim that after the removal of information from this directory by booting the system and launching applications will be faster. On the contrary, because the system or program will have to run your own modules by placing them in RAM or virtual memory of the computer device, and it takes time. The use of data Prefetch directory required for these processes time reduces significantly. Therefore, cleaning by and large to do not desirable, especially to remove the folder itself.


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It is important to understand that during the subsequent download process data will still be retained. So clearance and disposal will be what is called "boondoggle".

Manage the contents of the Prefetch directory

If someone really does not need this service, you can get rid of it. To do this, enter the registry editor (regedit in the menu “Run”, caused by a combination Win + R).

what is windows prefetch folder

Here you need to choose a branch HKLM, then through the system directory (SYSTEM) and configuration of current control parameters (CurrentControlSet) down to the division of inspection of the memory, where is the desired directory PrefetchParameters. It contains key format 0x0000000z, where “z” can take four possible values:

  • 0 – full off;
  • 1 – acceleration only run programs;
  • 2 – optimization only download Windows;
  • 3 – involvement of the functions in full (for system and apps).

The same settings can be done in the group policy editor or the Toolkit administration tool.

It Remains to add that the directory is in the system section of the path Windows/Prefetch. What folder and why it is needed, I think, is clear. If you give a small advice, it is better not to deal with clearing the contents of the directory, or change settings for the services installed on the system by default.

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