How to create a database and what is SQL?


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Exaggerated, the database is a directory with objects. The latter can be, for example, cooking recipes, telephone directories, cars and file cabinets. In General, any objects that have similarities, are different in value.

Such features are called database fields (e.g., name of the subscriber or the year of the introduction of the building). The set of fields forms the object window, over which (or over a group) to perform certain actions.

The Database allows you to quickly and efficiently process enormous amounts of information in real time. This is very important in the modern world, as the amount of data is constantly growing and need high-performance processing and storage. By the way, storage and reliability-is another plus of such systems.

How to create a database?

This will require the development of its concept. It should include the key fields – describing objects and the list of necessary methods for handling them. On this basis, the projected database is determined, and the tools for implementation. Methods of data processing depend on the complexity and priority fields. How to create a database and not to “dead weight"? You need to not skip the planning stage and design. The better the developer understands what he has to deal with, the reliability will be the job of the finished product.

And this is only apparent whim. How? To create a database, you can simply “knee”! You need to immediately begin to implement and use it. All of this – the typical mistakes that then lead to the loss or partial loss of the data, and this should not be. “Who owns the information-owns the world», – said the wise men.


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The Simple type of database has outlived its usefulness. They work fine in the phone books of mobile devices or keep track of favorite books. For modern business it's not enough.

The Realities of the modern economy involve immediate handling millions of database fields. This billing and stock quotes, and many extremely important things. The database access must be implemented quickly, reliably and for a large number of users.

To this end, developed standards and programming languages for databases, such as SQL. Structured query language – exactly what the acronym stands for, has become a standard in the field of data storage and processing.

His popularity has under itself strong reasons. The language provides enormous opportunities for handling any volume of data of arbitrary complexity. SQL allows you to create a distributed relational database with simultaneous access of a large number of users, including – programs and robots.

Well, the main advantage of the language is reliability. It incorporates a lot of cryptographic information, its logging and backup. No wonder the SQL databases are used in military and high-tech industry.

How to create a SQL database? For this you will need to provide data in accordance with the standards of the language. This includes some typing fields and access rights to them. In return, the developer gets a powerful tool for work, and the data owner can be confident in their integrity.

In modern systems of management and storage urgent of all is the question: “How to make the database is protected and ensure trouble free operation?”. This involved not just individuals, but entire units of the world's leading software developers. There are systems of standardization, descriptions and information protection. Qualified specialists constantly improve their skills and confirm their international certificates.

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