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Choosing a graphics card is not always a simple solution. On the one hand, I want to get high quality and performance of the product, and with another - not much to pay for it. The task is complicated even more when it comes to choosing the game cards because to ensure a high level of graphics, it must have not only good stock of memory, but also a number of other characteristics, for example, the bus width, GPU frequency, etc.

gaming video card for PC

This review will examine the most popular and most importantly - the best gaming graphics card in the range of +/-10000 rubles which can be purchased at any store parts. Also will conducted some comparative tests to verify performance, including in games, so it will be interesting. Get started.

Radeon RX 4Gb 460

The opening parade of the best gaming graphics cards - AMD Radeon RX 460 4 gigabytes of memory. Attracts attention, this card not only memory, but also because of its cost. At the moment, the model could be easily bought for around 8500-9500 rubles, and brand new and with warranty.

amd gaming

Another important feature of the 460-th model is the presence of two blocked out of 16 CU blocks, which optionally can be opened, just pereproshit BIOS. This manipulation will allow to let and small, but still growth of 6-7%.


Here are the main technical characteristics of the model. For the example chosen, Radeon RX 460 WindForce 2X by Gigabyte manufacturer.

  • GPU - Polaris 11.
  • GPU Frequency - 1212МГц.
  • DirectX - 12.
  • OpenGL - 4.5.
  • 4 GB capacity
  • The bus width is 128 bits.
  • Memory clock - 7000 MHz
  • Maximum resolution - 4096 x 2160

Users reviews

amd gaming

As the reviews, the main drawback is the cooling system, which is clearly not enough power to maintain low temperatures on the GPU. Overheating, of course not, but the temperature rises up to high levels. The rest of the graphics card handles all graphics hits this year, and not only on high settings but on ultra.


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NVidia GeForce Ti GTX1050 4Gb

Next on the list of gaming video card - GTX 1050 Ti manufacturer NVidia. This model is a real hit and, if I may say so - a bestseller this year. Despite its cost (from 9000 to 13000 RUB.), the map shows high results, which almost reach the level of the GTX 960.

gaming nvidia

It is recommended To buy the version without additional power supply, i.e. with standard cooling system. This is because this model does not heat up very much even under heavy loads, so it make sense to pay extra money there.

The Needs in overclocking as well, especially because this card is not so good, and do not need it. The only thing you can do is raise a little bit the GPU. This manipulation allowed to get a small increase in games, roughly about 13%.


As an example, for consideration of the main characteristics of the model were taken GTX1050 card GeForce Ti from Gigabyte. By the way, its price currently stands at almost 11 thousand roubles, but you can find a little cheaper.

  • GPU - GP 107.
  • GPU Frequency - 1315/1455.
  • DirectX - 12.
  • OpenGL - 4.5.
  • Memory - 4 GB.
  • The bus width is 128 bits.
  • Memory Frequency - 7008 MHz.
  • Maximum resolution - 7680х4320.


gaming graphics card geforce

If you look at the reviews about the model, specifically the main disadvantages of the above model is not very high quality materials, no VGA connector and poor build quality (individually). Otherwise, the graphics card runs silently, the maximum temperature does not exceed 45 degrees, and the performance allows you to play all hits and not only this year, on all settings, including maximum.

4Gb Radeon R9 380

In third place in the ranking of the best gaming graphics cards for PC settled the Radeon R9 380, with four gigabytes of memory. In a new form this card does not fit the requirement +/- 10 thousand, but on the used market it is quite possible to find for the money.

video card for computer games

The Main advantage of this card is its performance, which allows it to effortlessly overtake in the tests the model 960 from nVidia and consequently 1050 Ti. Also on the side of the 380 model, improved with H. 264 (encoding and decoding) in Ultra HD.

In fact — this map is an improved version of HD7950, however with the new graphics chip - Antigua and lower TDP. In addition to the regular version of the .380, you can look for the sales 380H, which is based on the chip Antigua X, i.e. is an improved version of the previous one.

Key features

As an example, for consideration of the technical characteristics was used card from PowerColor R9 380.

  • GPU - Antigua.
  • GPU Frequency - 980МГц.
  • DirectX - 12.
  • OpenGL - 4.4.
  • Memory - 4 GB.
  • The bus width is 256 bits.
  • Memory Frequency - 5900 MHz.
  • Maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160.
  • Need extra power!

What's dumayte buyers?

amd gaming

Based on the reviews on this model, we can draw a simple conclusion: the map has a weak cooling at high loads produces a lot of noise. Also suffer complete set, but here it all depends on the manufacturer. The advantages include good level of performance. Card calmly cope with demanding games at various settings and resolution 2K. There is a full set of all necessary connectors.

Radeon HD7970/R9 280X 3Gb

The Parade from AMD continues, and this time immediately 2 gaming graphics card for PC - HD 7970 and R9 280X ATI Radeon. If you look objectively, it is one and the same card, just 280Х is an upgraded version of the 7970.


The Card has 3 GB of memory, and shows itself quite well in modern games, sometimes even bypassing the 380-th model. On the used market 7970 or 280Х possible without any problems to buy for 5,500-7,000 rubles.


Consider the specifications on the example of Radeon R9 280X Vapor-X Sapphire from the manufacturer. This card is in a new form is about 17 thousand rubles.

  • The GPU Tahiti XTL.
  • GPU Frequency - 950/1070 MHz.
  • DirectX 11.2/12.
  • OpenGL 4.3.
  • Memory - 3 GB.
  • Bus width - 384 bits.
  • Memory clock is 6200 MHz.
  • Maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160.
  • Need extra power.


 best gaming graphics card

This card is, perhaps, only one serious drawback - it is quite noisy, especially when under high load. You also need to have a powerful enough PSU (power supply unit), 750 watts, and best of 800 or higher, since the card consumes a lot of electricity. As for graphics quality, then, according to users, the video card without any problems cope with ultrametricity in most modern games.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4Gb

The top five gaming GPUs - GeForce GTX 970 from NVIDIA with three gigabytes of memory. A very long time, it was the 970-I model was considered to be one of the best solutions for a relatively low cost. Even now the card is superior in all characteristics and indicators of 1050 Ti and shows results not worse than the GTX 1060 or RX480 of the Radeon. Unfortunately, at the moment the cost of a new 970 is in the area from 14 to 18 thousand rubles, and in some cases incredible 25, however, for the Corporation, in this instance it can be purchased for +/- 10 thousand rubles. If you manage to do it, then you can be called lucky.

gtx gaming graphics card

The Main advantage when buying a 970 model with flea markets is that these cards are "dead". Refers to the fact that this series (Maxwell) is in principle not suitable for the task of mining, unlike the new generation of cards released on the Pascal architecture. So you can not be afraid of broken coolers, or live out your life of chips.


As an example, consider the characteristics of the 970-th model on the graphics card WindForce 3X from Gigabyte.

  • The GPU GM204.
  • GPU Frequency - 1114/1253 MHz.
  • DirectX - 12.
  • OpenGL - 4.4.
  • Memory - 4 GB.
  • The bus width is 256 bits.
  • Memory clock - 7000 MHz.
  • Maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160.
  • Need extra power (depending on model).

Users Reviews

If you refer to reviews on this specific model, then also...

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