"VKontakte" is not loaded! Why not load a page, video, music or games "Vkontakte" and in this case?


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A Social network «Vkontakte» enjoyed great success, especially among schoolchildren and students. This is due to the fact that millions of users not only socialize online, but and listen to music, watch movies, videos and view various videos. If the account «Vkontakte» is not loaded, it can be a real problem, which will cause a lot of inconvenience. This situation can occur at any time, so users will be useful to know ways to solve it.Vkontakte not loaded

The Nuances of encryption

If not loaded music «Vkontakte», need to check the network address. In recent time, new nuances of the data transmission, not all. As a rule, in the address bar, users call in “www” and “http” and need to enter the “HTTPS://». Next, write the address of the page.

“Ancient” Flashplayer

Flashplayer is a program with which to operate all fiscalement located on the page. These include:

  • Advertising.
  • A Demo of the game.
  • Videos and audio recordings.
  • The functionality of the sites. not loaded Vkontakte music

When the program no longer meets the current standard, it ceases to work normally. As a result, listening to music or watching video is impossible. It gives Internet users the discomfort as opportunities become limited. To fix the problem, you need to download the new version of Flashplayer.


I guess each user is afraid to catch the virus as the consequences of its activities can be quite disastrous. Some viruses redirect the user with addresses «Vkontakte» on any other, which is similar to it.


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Today there are many antivirus software and so-called “healer”, which will help to clean your computer from viruses. You can use the services of professionals who will test the device and return it to the user “healthy”.not loaded Vkontakte game

How to clear the cache?

A web page with video, pictures and other items stored on the computer to speed up loading, I have the name cache. If «Vkontakte» is not loaded, you may need to clear the cache. In different browsers the algorithm of actions is slightly different.

Internet Explorer

To clear the cache in the browser, you need to enter the menu “Service” and select “Delete browsing history”. In the small window "Temporary files" press the button “Delete…”.

Clear browsing history: go to “Magazine” and select “Delete…”.

In Order not to waste time and delete all at once, you need to find the section “Services” tab and choose “Internet options”. In paragraph “General” section is “browsing History”. After pressing the button “Remove” the cache is fully cleared.


If you use Opera browser, and «Vkontakte» is not loaded, clear the cache, use the following:

  • You Must go into the “Tools” and find the item “Settings”.
  • In the tab “Advanced” search for the string “History”.
  • Press “Clear”, the history will be deleted. In the same window you can configure automatic cleanup of the cache memory, and specify the size.

Mozilla Firefox

In order to clear the cache in Mozilla Firefox, you need to use the tab “Tools”. In the line “Settings” choose the section “Privacy” and go to “Personal data”. If click “Clear now”, the history will be deleted. You can also set the automatic cache clearing when closing the browser by setting a tick in the appropriate row.

What should I do if I open the browser?

If no page is loaded «Vkontakte», because it does not open the browser, the user's actions very clear. The easiest way to install another browser or to try to download the one that “shut”.

why is not loaded VkontakteAlthough the choice of Internet service providers is quite large, and the conditions they offer are at the highest level, sometimes problems do occur. If not loaded video «Vkontakte», this may be due to low data transmission rate, and overload the server. There are times when the users simultaneously requesting specific songs or videos so the server is overloaded. It is temporary and after a certain period and the speed will be high. This happens mostly in the evening and night hours.

Editing hosts file

If the cache is cleaned, the program updated Flashplayer, and «Vkontakte» is not loaded, have to go to edit the hosts file. But before you begin the process, it is advisable to make sure that the problems are not connected with the operation of the website.

The hosts File can be found at C:WindowsSystem32driversetc. In the case where the system drive is different, you need to replace the first letter. Using the mouse button you must click “Open”.

To open this file, use Notepad. All text that is below the lines of the file you want to delete and select “Save”. If necessary, you can copy and paste the correct contents of this file.

After all the action you need to restart the computer, update the antivirus and scan your whole computer. Only then can you go to the site.

webpage cannot be loaded VkontakteIf the hosts file doesn't open, the problem can be solved as follows: when the computer restarts you have to press F8 and choose the option “Safe mode”.

If a virus has made the file invisible, the user needs to log in “hidden folders” tab and choose “Settings”. In the menu “” you need to place a tick next to the option "Show hidden files…”. Now the hosts file should appear in the folder.

Viruses «Vkontakte»

Sometimes users get upset that «Vkontakte» is not loaded the game. This can be when the computer is attacked by specific viruses. To remove them, you need to find the files vkontakte.exe and svc.exe located on the hard disk. These files need to remove and restart the computer. To avoid the recurrence of such a situation will antivirus latest version.

Auxiliary ways "intensive care» «Vkontakte»

In the case where the user is unable to understand why «Vkontakte» not loaded, it should update the cache. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Go to “start” tab and choose “Standard”.
  • Selecting “Command prompt" in the window I need to write ipconfig /flushdns and reboot the computer.

If this method didn't work, you can try the so-called “roll back”. This feature allows you to restore your system to a time when all functioned properly. To do this, go to “start”, select “All programs”. In the opened window find the string “Standard”, and then “Service”. After you click “system Restore” and specifying a specific date will happen “roll back”.video not loaded Vkontakte

Sometimes, very rarely, «Vkontakte» does not open because installed antivirus. It may be the case if the application for downloading music or videos from the site are blocked. To fix this issue is to change the antivirus settings and allow apps to access or delete them.


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