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More recently, the creators of CPUs passed to the development of multi-core processors, quickly completing all the development in the field of single-core crystals. Two well-known companies working to create processors, AMD and Intel went on to release the single-core models, but they were made still dual-core development produced by “Polovinnaya”.

Although Intel used the design of their dual-core processors and to release Quad-core and six-core models. Later, in connection with the updating of the architecture, highlighted three fundamental processor family that cannot be converted into each other. Despite the development of the market for Quad-core and six-core processors, crystals having two cores, they continue to occupy most of it, especially in the field of mobile systems, where the processor with the number of cores in excess of two quite a rarity.

Intel is not going to give up their dual core development, so you should get to know them, because the i3 processor requires special attention.

Such devices will be produced on the same architectural basis of Sandy Bridge, although the number of cores and nominal volume of the cache memory is reduced, compared to the seniors twice. The new processors feature two cores and a cache memory 4Mb shared L3 cache. The full scope of the cache memory will be able to enjoy only the owners of i7 processors. As for the graphics core GMA HD3000, it will be available to all buyers of mobile systems that have processors from Intel, whether it is a family of i3,i5 or an older i7. As you can see, Intel did not care about any ordering in the family of processors, so the i7 can be as small as two and Quad core.


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As for the desktop computer market, the choice is not particularly wide. Occupy the bulk of the Intel core i3 processors, which are represented in different variations and have a cache memory of the third level with a volume of only 3Mb. This market segment is based in the price range of 150 us dollars.

Of Course, not all decisions of Intel, can understand. For example, the release dual core i5, running at a constant speed with i5-2500Т, although cores and cache memory, the competitor twice. And for those who power makes no difference, can choose and does much better option for very little money. Unfortunately, the i3 processors at the moment, the very small number of models.

Whether they can still develop, although, apparently, the developers decided to concentrate all their energies on newer models, which are also dual-core, Quad-core and six-core processors. Unlike the competitors from AMD, Intel does not release a dual-core device that all your tests are often weaker than dual-core counterparts.

As for the experiments, the processor i3 everywhere shows quite decent results, even though it has only two cores on Board. Having conducted all possible tests, we can say that dual core processors at the moment, little inferior to the Quad-core brethren. The fact is, the latter simply can not show all that is capable because of the features of the software. I3 CPU is not much inferior position in the modern game, where, apparently, the Quad-core processors could escape far forward, but that did not happen, and “old” does not yield much.

Summing up, we can say that Quad-core and six-core processors at the moment can not show all that capable. Although their production has recently stepped far forward, processor i3, being a dual core, shows very good results, only slightly behind the Quad-core counterparts.

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