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Oddly enough, but today is quite often abbreviations in English language it is accepted in the armed forces of America. Will agree with those who prefer to watch American films in the original language. There you can hear a huge number of abbreviations, the meaning of which we do not understand.

How a reduction?

abbreviations in EnglishDoes not mean that the cuts that we hear in the movie, taken in the American army. They meet in Hollywood, but the veterans of Afghanistan or Iraq would laugh to hear this type of phrase. In fact, the American army seriously outraged that war movies distort reality (at least in terms of language).
Have not used the word Chopper, which stands for helicopter, or GI, that meant state-owned property. Over 20 years ago military personnel in the United States be called that. But today, America is considered to be politically correct and not fall to such statements.

Military abbreviations in the English language

CHU came from Containerized Housing Unit, which literally means "a unit for accommodation of containers." This is a common shed in which migrant workers live. However, often one can notice a quite large family, who created good conditions for life. In Wet CHU live generals. Their premises are already more comfortable, and even have a shower. Widely known is the English abbreviation of FOB - Forward Operating Base, which translates as "the current database". In fact – a military town. Hearing today is the reduction of words in the English language, you need to understand what is meant this area has everything for a normal living and recreation.


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abbreviations in English slang

COP, but not an American police officer

The Most popular abbreviations in the English language-slang. Today everyone understands the meaning of the word Cop. So called men dressed in ironed shirts with many useful items that help to restore order on American soil. However, if all the letters of the word is capitalized, it stands for Combat Outpost, which means "combat Outpost". It's a little smaller than FOB. There are no special conditions for a comfortable stay. Their task is to guard and patrol the territory. In his spare time you can relax a little. There are enough interesting cuts in the English language. For example, by the combination of the words FOB and Hobbit, there was quite an interesting reduction in Fobbit. Clearly translate such a word in Russian language is quite difficult. Usually so disrespectful to call those soldiers who almost never leave FOB.

What is Chopper and other military terms

the reduction of words in the English language

In the 90 years in the American fighters helicopters are often called Chopper. So, in the movie Predator, where Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the main role, he and brutal expression when the situation is virtually impossible to monitor, asks the question: "Where's the chopper?" ("Where's the helicopter?") And still this reduction in the English language are found in Hollywood movies. But in the U.S. army helicopter for a long time so don't call, he received another name, Bird. The word Dustoff stands for medical evacuation by Bird. The word Bone called the American bomber. the Fitty American gun, which has a rather frightening appearance. Another frequently used reducing soldiers of the American army - the Embed. The name given to reporters who try to cover all the events in military terms. Such people are provided with food and living generally, FOB. They wear body armor and military are trying to protect their lives and health.

Thus, in the speech of American soldiers quite often you can hear the reduction, the value of which need to know. After all, their meaning is quite ambiguous. And not all people are able to understand them correctly.

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