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The Process of teaching in the modern school – an extraordinary phenomenon, a complex consisting of many elements, as a mechanism in a clock. From the teamwork of each element depends on the end result of the work of the teacher. To do this, in fact, he spends his lesson. Not the last role in the system of education play training methods, the way student learns, how are the required skills.

teaching method isThe Concept of method

The Question of methodological terminology rather controversial. For the emergence and development of pedagogy as a science it was interpreted in different ways. In particular, it was assumed that the training method – this is the activity of the student and teacher used in the classroom. For example, in the study of Russian language and literature apply to: the method of sequence of procedures, independent work, expressive reading. Verbal drawing, annotated reading and many other no less effective. Thus, it appears that the training method – the same as the ways of organizing school activities.

Didactique each method is divided into 3 main components: goals of the learning subject, the learning, the interaction of actors involved in the process. The first component explains why a student needs a particular item, as it will be useful to him in the future, which he included in the school curriculum. For example, after a course of the Russian language from 1st to 9th grade and then graduate, graduated from the high school, school or school, should be able to write competently, be fluent in speech, communication skills. From the walls of his educational institution he is obliged to bear such knowledge, which can then help them navigate through various life and social situations and fulfill myself. From this point of view the method of learning - a bridge from theory to practice.


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The Second component explains that – a system of exercises, special assignments, and so on. – this knowledge will become part of the student.

And the third – what kind of relations develop between student and teacher. Will the teacher for his ward the main source of knowledge, or the latter will be able to form the ability to separate their production and as a consequence: independence, critical thinking, creativity. Ie, essentially, a passive or active position of the student relative to the educational process. On this basis, it can be argued that the training method – types and methods of joint work of pupils and teachers for the successful solution of the main tasks of didactics. In other words it is the unity of theory and practice in educational work.teaching methods in school

Educational technologies

It is Clear that the lesson will be productive in the event if it is filled a variety of forms and methods of work. Children need to constantly be interested, they wanted to understand and learn something new. It is primarily for students of Junior and middle managers. What are the teaching methods in Russian language schools you can apply for the specified contingent?

First of all, of course, games. For younger students, the game – one of the principal means of understanding the world and relationships between people. Therefore it is quite natural that lesson-journey, for example, the country name suffixes adjective will enable a relaxed and creative environment to master the material, and the result will be much stronger than traditional “opened the books - read the rule - writing exercise”.

learning methodsIs Very productive and the so-called differentiated approach. The use of teaching methods based on differentiation effectively in any class, but especially where the composition of students heterogeneous in the degree of preparedness. For example, students stronger write faster, read more confident, learn the material quickly. And weaker not keeping up with them. The teacher faces a dilemma: to concentrate on the first – the second will be left to themselves and will lag behind even more. Only work with the second – the first will suffer, because their capacity will be unused.

If, while preparing the lesson, teacher will start to pick up the job, taking into account characteristics of an entire contingent, all the kids are busy we work, and the study will be to successfully move forward. For such cases there are various additional exercises, flashcards, charts, creative tasks, etc. Perfectly recommended itself, and the methods of computer technology, modular methods, and many others. The main thing that the teacher knew exactly why he needs one method or another, as it is advisable to apply it and what result to expect.

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