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It is sad, but youth slang baffled not only the older generation but also people of middle age. Perhaps there are still those who are not affected by Internet culture, but one never knows, they will join the common flow. In short, for all those wondering, we consider today the question of what it means to "BB".

The Mystery opens today

What do you mean BB

Actually there is no secret. You only need to know a little English, which gave a lot of such abbreviations. Why these things happened, we will examine a little later. Meantime, we need to understand what it means “BB”.

There is an English word bye. But usually they say bye-bye. The reader may note that in the English expression of the two letters b. Therefore, it is easy to guess that in written communication in the Internet of farewell there are only two “b”. So we get our expression. “BB” in “the VC” – this is goodbye. It would seem that it would be possible to spend a little more time and write Russian version of the phrase, summing up a conversation, but, unfortunately, our language does not involve such brevity, at least when it comes to Internet language.

What can offer you great and mighty?

Modern slang

Do Not think that our language is absolutely hopeless, he also wants and, most importantly, can be in the trend. There are reducing personal and public holidays, for example, the PD and NG. It is easy to understand, deciphering is: “birthday” and “New year”. By the way, the object of our study there is no proper Russian counterpart. But let's talk about this later, but for now let's make the hit parade of the most interesting cuts with Russian origins.


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  • KMC (I think);
  • Liu (love);
  • PPA, SPS (thanks);
  • Please (please);
  • Right now, or conductive (now);
  • ?with (question);
  • !t (answer).

So we are not born yesterday. Not to say that such a cipher is appropriate in wartime, but in peacetime the uninitiated people just do not understand. Particularly in those expressions where you use a question mark or exclamation mark. In other words, the question of what it means “BB”, not the most difficult.

However, there are some misunderstandings. For example, reducing the "SPS" evokes political associations. We had once such a party. But the rest of the abbreviation, both Russian and English, then need to save time.

Is There any harm from this form of communication?

What do you mean BB

Of All the writers is very annoying this trend, and this is understandable. Imagine how many studies scholar, journalist or person who decided to comprehend the wisdom of the native (and maybe foreign) language, and then these reductions. The harm from such truncated form only one: people are not practiced in the Russian literary language and suffers from all the same communication, which becomes one-dimensional, superficial and instrumental. Someone might say that all this senile grumbling, and generally, as long as this language remains in the Internet space. don't hurt nobody. Indeed, if a person is passionate about an online game, it is easier to write “BB” (which means this reduction, we have already discussed) than to gain “goodbye, friends!”. In addition, “friends” may not understand, because reduction – it's part of youth culture.

In the end, have to worry about the language is not necessary, he has the ability to cleanse itself. And if some part of modern slang will remain for centuries, then so be it, and these elements of language as the body needs.

Other most interesting English expressions accepted in Internet

What is BB

Whether we like it or not, but our language still dictates fashion in the Internet space dominates the language of Faulkner and Hemingway. However, perhaps the writers would be horrified if they knew what became of him. But, anyway, this is today's reality and we have to meet them. The list is as follows:

  • TNX (thanks) same as “thanks”;
  • NP (no problem), “no problems” - the usual remark on gratitude;
  • XOXO – hugs and kisses, that is “hug-kiss”;
  • OMG – Oh, my God, that is, “Oh God!”;
  • AFAIK - As Far As I Know, that is “as far as I know”.

Of Course, such shortcuts are a great many, we have chosen only the most obscure, and not have to decipher emoticons.

In conclusion, I must say that, even if the person has a good command of modern slang, he doesn't abuse them. But if it is in the environment in which adopted certain speech culture, to wonder and to learn to read and write is not worth it. Such a manner may set you against the environment.

To Speak or not to speak? The answer is: when you can use full-fledged Russian language, it is better not to neglect. In the end, if not to practice the language, then it is possible and to forget this is true even of the native language.

So, we discussed what it means “BB” in the slang. Now the reader doesn't get lostneither the online chat nor among adolescents, and is, so to speak, on the crest of a wave.

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