Shoes for a full leg with a high rise: how to turn disadvantages into advantages


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If the main objective of the girls with tiny feet – to find a stylish and beautiful pair of shoes, for women with full legs and a high rise, there are more important issues. First, many trademarks producing great footwear, rely on the comfort rather than beauty. Second, at high lift, the completeness also increases, which complicates the search for the perfect pair of shoes.

The Shoes for a full leg with a high rise if delivered to the shop in a minimum number, since not all factories have the ability to sew a specific product. Furthermore, women want not only to wear beautiful shoes, but also hide your custom big size feet. Experts have developed a number of rules for choosing shoes with wide leg, women only need to apply them in practice.Shoes the full foot with a high instep


Girls with full legs is to abandon models with massive buckles and other major elements. The presence of such parts will focus on the size of the feet and gait to visually will become more severe. It is best to stay on elegant, stylish, but at the same time, simple shoes. It is desirable to choose the model of neutral tones with rounded toe and smooth lines.

The appearance of a full leg can ruin a high heel and slouchy platform. Women need to consider that these shoes can change your gait not for the better and increase the load on the spine. To the choice of shoes must be treated carefully, because very often curvy women in high heels look strange and absurd.


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But the high leg lift should not serve as a waiver of this Shoe go with full transition to thin solid sole. Because it can play a cruel joke, making the feet more visible and massive. Shoes the full foot with a high instep should be on the heel or platform height of about 4 cm, while she needs to be comfortable, and Shoe – stable.

Selection Rules for the autumn-winter Shoe

Insulated footwear for complete foot should be high and tight fitting lower leg, but in any case not to win them. What fashion would not be the model with the wide top, but they sit just perfect on slender legs, neat small size.Boots leather full-foot

The higher will be the boots leather full foot, the sleeker and slimmer will look like their owner. Short models of visually shorten the legs and make them wider and more massive. From the fullness of the legs can distract additional vertical elements. It can be a vertical embroidery, suede inserts, leather, etc.

What shoes to choose for spring and summer

The Beginning of spring instinctively pushes people to upgrade, it comes to physical appearance, clothing and state of mind. Women go to the store for new clothes or pair of shoes. However, girls with a high instep and the excessive fullness of the legs to make it problematic, but possible.Custom shoes

You Can opt for semi-open models with cutouts in the center fingers. These shoes will accentuate nice and neat pedicure at the same time visually shorten the foot. Acceptable braided or laced models, they can be decorated with ribbons and beads. Most importantly – all these elements must be small and narrow. Invalid options with straps and bandages in the ankle area.

Additional aspects that you need to pay attention

It Should be noted that the shoes for a full leg with a high rise is not orthopedic, but its versatility in the face. The first is to note that models designed for the custom feet have special Shoe. Create it, given the height, width and curves of the foot.

Another feature of footwear for full feet are lightweight materials used in the manufacture. The main function of these materials – this is the correct load distribution across the foot and cushioning when walking. The following characteristics of models for non-standard foot is the elevated heel. When choosing shoes you should definitely pay attention to all above aspects.custom-tailored shoes

However, for those who are tired to look for the appropriate shoes, there is a service custom-tailored shoes. Workshops that provide similar services is a great choice for people with a full foot and a high instep. The advantage of such Studio is that there you can come with your sketch or order a replica of a favorite brand.

Interesting facts

Some women who have high arches, came out of the situation, buying shoes in the men's Department. This is not surprising, because custom shoes are casual style this season at the peak of popularity.

However, it is worth considering that this habit may affect the deformation of women's feet, because shoes are not designed for thin fingers, narrow heel and low ankle, like the fair sex. Therefore it is best to choose shoes in women's sections to gait became even more clumsy and heavy.

Many girls with curvaceous thinking about how to select shoes for a full leg with a high rise to the model of shoes was elegant and comfortable to wear. And do not think that full leg – that is a drawback. Following the advice presented above, the problem is easily transformed into dignity.


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