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Gold and silver that people from ancient times used for the manufacture of jewelry are themselves quite soft metals. Therefore, they make alloys, where other metals are added, called a ligature. In order for such alloys to know the exact precious metal content, using samples of gold and silver, which indicate their content in the composition of the alloy jewelry.

For the First time on jewelry samples gold and silver began to put in the XV century. In Russia, kamlanie gold jewelry was introduced in 1700, and silver even earlier – in 1613. This guaranteed the quality of jewelry. In the Russian Federation, for example, kamlanie made of precious metal articles is carried out assay office and forgery of public samples of gold and silver on the products is punishable by law. However, in some countries, state control over the quality of jewelry alloys is completely absent, and kamlanie jewelry is carried out by the manufacturer.

 currently in the world there are three main system tests gold and silver – metric carat system. In the metric system this sample reflects the number of parts of the precious metal, which contains in 1000 parts of alloy. When Zolotnik system as the main measures used lb, consisting of 96 spools. When the carat system of measuring the precious metal content in the alloy is determined on the basis that one unit of weight divided into 24 carats.


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The Amount of additives affects the sample, and the use of different additives it is possible to obtain alloys with predetermined properties, for example required strength and color gemstone jewelry. Therefore, in the manufacture of jewelry used different samples of precious metals, depending on their purpose. Therefore, it is difficult to answer unequivocally, what a trial of gold is better. Usually the highest have a sample of Golden wedding rings, but earrings and chains you can't make gold such a standard, as they should be more durable.

In Russia it is generally considered the five samples of alloy jewelry made of gold – 375, 500, 585, 750 and 958. 375 proof is made using quality alloys of copper and silver, depending on this color ranges from yellow to red. These components make the 500 a sample. Of the 585 samples have further added Nickel and palladium, receiving the alloy, which is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry. The main additives of the alloy of 750 gold are copper, silver, Nickel and palladium, but they still added a platinum. This alloy has wide range of colors from red to green via bright yellow color. In addition to producing jewelry, it is often used in filigree work. Alloy of gold 958 samples is not used very often, as it is hard enough and has intense color. In the world there are other alloys of gold, for example in Latin America for the production of gold coins used gold alloy 875.

The Alloys of silver in jewelry are used with small additions of copper. The most popular of these is the silver 925. There are 875, 800 and 750-I sample. They are not only used for the production of jewelry, but also for the manufacture of tableware. There is also the alloy of silver 960 samples – it is used in the manufacture of filigree articles. He has such unique properties that products made of this alloy using the filigree technique, more can not be repeated nor from any other precious metal. So it happens that the price of such jewelry made of silver is higher than the price of gold products.

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