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Blouse is a constant attribute of the wardrobe of every schoolgirl. A variety of models and types of this clothing helps students, regardless of age, to look elegant and beautiful. The Charter of each school dictates the presence of a school uniform as a prerequisite in the daily educational process. Therefore, school blouse, which can change every day, gives you the opportunity to embellish gray casual outfits.

What to prefer?

A Selection of different blouses today how huge that sometimes it is hard to determine and purchase a suitable product. To avoid wasting time and money on meaningless purchases, you need to know exactly what should be school blouses for girls. In the first place, this thing must be comfortable and not restrict movement, so as not to distract the child from the educational process. Second, it should be sewn only from natural materials, otherwise the thing will not allow air or may even cause allergic reactions. Thirdly, of course, the outfit must meet dress code of the school.

Do Not forget that school students need to be several blouses. The only thing here is limited to the impossible, except from frequent washing, it will quickly lose its original appearance. Ideally it is better to buy one casual shirt for each day of the week and one or two for special occasions. If this is not possible, then you can do two or three things.


Everyday school blouse doesn't have to be snow white because it gets dirty quickly and is not considered practical for a child. Best suited outfits that have muted shades of blue, pink, gray, beige and other colors. You should also refrain from buying blouses with very large drawings, and to prefer solid things or outfits with small prints. Great attention when choosing daily outfits should be paid to their decor. It is undesirable to use things decorated with an excessive amount Ruche and ribbons. Preferable to be clothes with minimal design.


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school blouse

As for ceremonial garments, they are, in principle, can have different shades but it all look elegant school blouse white. Also in this case, the appropriate use of beautiful Ruche, ruffles and other decorative elements. Picking a holiday outfit for school girls, you need to coordinate the entire appearance of the child. After all, if the girl will wear a sundress on top of a very lush blouse, it will look ridiculous.

Great style

The Beauty and grace of school blouse is not only due to the different colors and decor. Great importance is the style of this product, because it not only allows you to change the appearance of a schoolgirl, but also allows you to choose outfits for different body types. All shirts are divided into:

  • Sleeveless;
  • Short sleeves;
  • Long sleeve;
  • With sleeves in three quarters.

school blouses for girls

The Most popular styles are:

  • Classic Blouse. The model is a thing that has a slim cut and fold-over collar. As a rule, the sleeves have button cuffs or without them. This feature gives you the ability to carry a product untucked or tucked. Suitable for sets with skirts and goes well with different pants.
  • Blouse-shirt. The style is straight cut and different types of collars. Most often, fastens with buttons but sometimes sewn model with zippers. Best combined with pants in a slim silhouette.
  • Blouse with a bow tie or frill. This type of blouses is a holiday, as has a lot of decor items. Fit this outfit to skirts, pants, and some types of types of sundresses.
  • Blouse with peplum. Such as Basque, helps to highlight the waistline. As a rule, with a blouse of this type carry straps or belt. It goes equally well with pants and skirts.

All kinds of styles of blouses for Schoolgirls can have various inserts of other materials (lace, satin), which further beautifies the product.

The best

As mentioned in the article, all blouses must be made of natural materials. Allowed only a small amount of synthetic fibers in products, then they will not bring harm to children. Therefore, for sewing blouses often use materials such as satin, silk, Jersey, cotton, and other fabrics. blouse knitted school

The Most popular among them is the Jersey, as it has more positive qualities, namely:

  • Has the ability to keep warm in winter, breathable in the hot season;
  • Perfectly fits any figure, does not crumple and not deformed;
  • Material has low cost and thus affordable to many people.

With proper care, school blouse knit long retains its original appearance. As a rule, all blouses need gentle care, however a knitted garment does not require any Grand event. Experts recommend to wash this material in the delicate washing and do not use the centrifuge. Best of wet blouse lay on the grill and drain off the water. Drying should also in unfolded form, otherwise it'll stretch.

Fashion for teenagers

Appearance clothing, her style and other details are of great importance for high school students. Therefore, school blouses for teenagers differ from those things that kids wear in primary school. Most often Teens try to stand out among other peers original designs of blouses with accessories (beads, chains, charms, brooches). This type of decor clothes like ruffles, frills or bows, they become uninteresting and often not applicable.

school blouses for Teens

High school Students, if permitted by the school administration, prefer saturated colors blouses with unusual prints. Also they can sometimes complement your look with a vest or other items of clothing. Properly chosen blouse will help teenagers to create the desired image, which can be romantic, simply or extravagant.

Double the fun

Very nice and cute look of school blouses for girls, in which a multi-colored trim. For example, white cotton fabric, decorated with black lace, or Vice versa. This sewing additionally focuses on the form of things, creating interesting compositions, and helps to accentuate the appearance of a schoolgirl.

children's school blouse

Speaking of school clothes for girls, not to mention sweatshirts, which can sometimes replace the shirts. We are not talking about simple plain blouses, and beautiful dresses that are decorated with different laces, beads or rhinestones. These jackets look very elegant and solemn, so can replace any blouse. As a rule, they are sewn from knit fabric, so they are very comfortable and practical.

The Perfect combination

The Most important rule of a choice of school uniform and blouses is a skillful combination. The child always looked neat and nice, you need to plan in advance the compatibility of things. School uniform, blouses should not be monotonous. Best buy baby dress, skirt, pants, shorts and all this is skillfully combined with different blouses. For example, the sundress will fit straight blouse without excessive decoration or with minimal detailing.

smart school blouses

With wide pants and prefer to wear fitted blouses children's school that also will look good with narrow pants. As for the shorts, as a rule, they have a classic cut, and therefore, they will suit any blouse, without a lot of Ruche and bows. It can be worn tucked and untucked, of course, if the thing is not too long.

Gentle care

To the school blouse, made of different materials, lasts a long time, you need to know how to take care of things.

school uniform blouses

Consider how to care for certain materials.

  1. Satin. Things of this material should be hand washed or use the washing machine with the mark “delicate cycle”. The water temperature for washing should not exceed thirty degrees. To iron the blouse of satin only need through cheesecloth, otherwise it may burn.
  2. Cotton. When washing cotton products to apply the water are not above forty degrees. It is advisable not to use a centrifuge or pressing hands, it is better to hang on to the rope and allow to dry. It is worth remembering that to dry cotton fabrics in direct sunlight is prohibited, they can dry out. When Ironing iron on the need to choose the mode “cotton”.
  3. Silk. This kind of material requires very careful care compared to other fabrics. It cannot be washed in a washing machine that does not have a special regime. It is best to do it by hand using cool water and special tools. Wash the product must be shaken and...

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