The veil is the mystery and mysticism


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The Veil has many meanings. Veil – or translucent light fabric or mesh of different colors, covering the head, not necessarily female.

Lightweight fabric

It is traditionally made of cotton or more expensive silk. Now apply synthetic filament (polyester) in mixture with natural. Veil – it is a plain weave fabric, that is most simple, since the threads and weft interwoven in a checkerboard pattern. Usually it is used in the manufacture of:

  • Women's blouses and tunics;
  • Women's dresses, especially festive;
  • Romantic dresses for the bride;
  • Curtains, false ceilings, window coverings.

In the ready-made garments Voile makes lovely flowing waves. All the draping is very elegant.veil it Originally it was plain, now she has not only a wide range of colors, but also printed pictures. For them, the typical Botanical print.

Accessory for bride

Veil – train and veil for the bride. White, trimmed with lace, pearls or feathers, – is one of the oldest attributes of a girl walking down the aisle. If you look into antiquity, we can see that in ancient Greece the veil was yellow and was an attribute of the goddess Hera, and in Rome – red. Then she's protected the bride from evil spirits. Veil – it is always a symbol. For the bride it signifies purity and submissiveness to her husband. Covering the girl from head to toe, she guarded it and defended. Long veil, turning into a flowing train makes the image of the bride b&mónica;most of the romance and makes it absolutely sophisticated and complete. Veil, which becomes a plume, particularly suitable for official celebrations. The bride turns into a Princess. the dark veilThis is a very luxurious addition just asks long gloves. It is believed that the longer the veil, the happier the rest of the life of the newlyweds. The longest plume veil has 3.5 m During the wedding ceremony the groom lifts the veil and kisses the bride. The most popular colors for such an accessory-white or ivory. Usually, the simpler the style of dress, the more complex and intricate can be a veil and train. A veil fastened in her hair with tiara, wreath or barrette. It was made to store and then cover it cradles a newborn baby.


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Veil of poetry, painting and sculpture

The veil is an alluring rock, the mystery for which it is impossible to look without seeing “fascinated by shore and charmed distance" (A. Blok). Anna Akhmatova, his hands under a dark veil, was pale and feeding of the beloved “tart sorrow”. Veil mesmerizing and fascinating. And in painting images of women become seductively mysterious. Attract women poluulybki. The aura of Mystery beneath the veil hides the marble face. They seemingly immovable, facial expressions alive. It is frozen at the century beauty. veil value How great is the skill of the sculptor, who inflicted on the lovely face, full of eternal grief, a veil. Photo shows their eternal sorrow.

The symbolism of the veils

A Dark veil predates the subsequent enlightenment. Symbolizing the dark, she opens the way for the light, cosmic or spiritual. This mystery of mysteries, hidden to the uninitiated. Asking can open for yourself the truth. Therefore, the truth is always closed to protect the questioner, do not have sufficient knowledge. The veil of a nun symbolizes the renunciation of past life, also on the bride's face, she separates her past from the future. In fact, and in another case, the veil is submission.veil photo the Thinnest veil in ancient times was the great stronghold of Carthage. For Buddhists this is the great illusion, the haze in which a person is surrounded by ghosts and demons. All of this – deception and a trap that must be overcome by the power of meditation to come out from this world into nothingness, into Nirvana. The Egyptians represented ISIS always in the cover, to raise which no one could. He represented all the eternal mysteries of creation and the universe. Christians perceive the veil as a rejection of earthly life, chastity and modesty. Christ has forever separated Gentiles and Jews, when tore in half the veil in the temple.

The veils there are four symbolic colors. Fine linen (white), which represents the earth, the sea purple is, red is perceived as a fire and blue – how the air element. That's what diversity is the concept of "the veil". The value of its interested in its symbolism in different cultures.

Hat with veil

In the middle ages women and girls began to hide the face under a veil on the hat. It was a sophisticated tradition. In the fashion of 19th century women and girls were present cylinder with veil, designed for riding. Men tried to look under the veil of a stranger, recognizing thereby its mystique. But the woman and her behavior was to represent the mystery.what is the veil This image was perfect when face down semi-sheer mesh. Still, to give a mystique look, a girl can wear a hat with a veil slightly to one side and on the forehead. But for everyday wear, this hat is not very suitable. He's too pompous, too conspicuous. But wedding hats with veil can perfectly replace the traditional veil.

Now it is generally understood that such a veil.

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