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Veal Dishes are very useful for the human body, since in this semi-finished product has a unique complex of micronutrients, vitamins, and proteins. And the veal contains very little fat. But the hot and soup from this meat are very tasty and nutritious.

Veal Dishes with vegetables

Cut three hundred grams of the mix and fry it with rings one bulb. Add to the pan strips small zucchini, eggplant, peppers. Cook on low heat covered for about forty minutes, at the end add salt and a little black pepper. At this time, in a separate pan fry the diced three tomatoes and five crushed cloves of garlic. Shift the tomatoes to the meat, mix everything, cover and simmer for fifteen minutes. As a garnish to this dish will be the perfect boiled potatoes.

Veal Soup better to do with vegetables. Fill a pot three quarts of cold water and put in it the meat. Boil for one and a half hours, constantly skimming. In the end, add salt and a little pepper. Five large potatoes cut into small cubes, in the same way to deal with the two small zucchini and one medium carrot. Add the vegetables to the broth and cook for forty minutes, stirring constantly. After a specified time, leave the soup to infuse. Serve it with sour cream and fresh chopped herbs.

Veal Dishes with cereals

To prepare you need two hundred grams of boiled meat, cut into large pieces and fry with chopped onion. Boil a Cup of rice or buckwheat by adding at the end a little butter. Mix ingredients, put in a special dish with lid, pour a glass of water and "then" dish in a preheated oven for twenty minutes. If you want you can put rinds fried fat. The dish turns out crispy, tasty and extremely fragrant.


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Veal Dishes are made very quickly. So just instantly to make delicious chops. Pound a piece of meat cut into portions, put each in a plastic bag and begin to beat through it. Then beat two eggs, add salt and a little pepper. First each steak roll in flour, then drop to the eggs, and finally in the breadcrumbs. Fry each until Golden brown. Then put in the form, to grease with mayonnaise and sprinkle with finely grated cheese. Bake veal chops recommended for twenty minutes.

Let us Dwell on how to prepare the veal in one piece. You will need a kilo of meat. Make it a large number of small incisions with a sharp knife. Each insert half cloves of garlic. RUB the veal with a mixture of honey, pepper, mustard, and salt. Wrap very tightly in foil and leave on all night that it is marinated. The next day bake it for one and a half to two hours in the oven or aerogrill hour and a half. But you need to keep in mind that after the time immediately open the foil is not recommended because the meat is still "reach" and is impregnated with the juice accumulated in the foil. If desired, before serving, place veal under the grill for five minutes. Then there will be a delicious Golden crust.

Veal is obtained is unique on the grill. But before to send it to sinter, it is necessary to marinate. The best mixture is the following: two large spoons of soy sauce, the juice of one lemon, two little honey and mustard. In this marinade the veal cooks very quickly, and the dish turns out delicious and fragrant.

Bon appetit!

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