How to marinate chicken for the oven: recipes


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Tasty chicken – it is always a welcome dish on the table, no matter the occasion: New year, birthday, romantic dinner or family Sunday lunch.

The Meat of this bird is very soft, diet and taste, good digestibility.

Especially if you have a tasty marinate the chicken for baking in the oven whole. Some interesting recipes marinade – in this article.

Marinade for chicken

Some tips

In fact, bake chicken in the oven just enough for a good housewife. You only need to know some cooking chips, which will make the dish as tasty. Namely:

  1. For roasting a whole carcass will fit meaty chicken than a thin soup;
  2. Before marinating it, rinse and dry thoroughly with paper towel;
  3. RUB with salt on all sides and in the inner part;
  4. To the carcass marinated carefully, it is recommended to pierce the surface with a bamboo stick;
  5. To Prepare the marinade;
  6. Soak the meat in the refrigerator or at room temperature;
  7. For a tasty and juicy chicken while roasting in the oven you can put a container of water. And only at the end of the process to clean (who likes a ruddy crust). Still possible in the inner part of putting a whole peeled onion (instead of water).

Well, how delicious to marinate the chicken for the oven whole? And what you can prepare marinades for this – more on that later.

Baked whole chicken

Original version

A Tasty marinade for meat, which includes many different ingredients: seasoning, sour cream, vegetable oil, garlic. Each ingredient brings its own peculiarity in the recipe.


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And, most importantly, the finished dish - oven baked chicken whole – it turns out simply excellent.

You will Need the following products:

  • Curry, ground – 8 grams;
  • Hair sprays – 4 g;
  • Pepper white ground – 4 g;
  • Ginger root fresh – 30 grams;
  • Nutmeg – 4 g;
  • Garlic – 5 grams;
  • Vegetable oil refined – 80 ml;
  • Salt & ndash; 12 grams;
  • Sour cream-60 ml.

Prepare marinade:

  • Chop the garlic (through the frog or finely chopped) and ginger (grated);
  • Upload the resulting components into a container;
  • Add white pepper, turmeric, curry, nutmeg, sour cream and oil;
  • Mixed components;
  • Carefully RUB the already prepared chicken with mix – from all sides and from within;
  • Put the chicken on a dish and cover with plastic wrap;
  • Leave to marinate – 6-8 hrs.

Sour Cream and vegetable oil will give the finished product a soft and delicate taste. And spices will make the crust color and the flesh pale yellow and pleasantly spicy taste.

Spices for the marinade

Honeymoon option

It is also a well-known option of marinating the chicken for baking in the oven.

Of the products you will need:

  • Honey – 60 ml;
  • Mustard “French” - 30 g;
  • Orange juice – 300 ml;
  • Garlic & ndash; 5 years

Cooking is very simple and fast to squeeze juice from oranges, add the honey and mustard. Grind through the frog garlic and the resulting puree to add to the mixture. Mix well.

After which it is cooked (dried and grated salt) to marinate the chicken for roasting in the oven for 7-8 hours.

The resulting dish would taste tender with a characteristic sweet-sour taste. And looks very appetizing.

Chicken from the oven

Tomato version

A Simple and cheap marinade obtained from tomato juice or sauce. You can use homemade or store-bought juice. This is also the case, if you prefer tomato sauce - you can buy ready-made or prepared from tomato paste and spices.

Prepared chicken (dried and grated on all sides with salt) you need to put in a deep dish (bowl or pan) and pour juice (or RUB the sauce). Cover with plastic wrap or a lid, and 2-4 hours.

"kebab" option

Many well-known marinade recipe for barbecue-pork, beef, lamb – vinegar, black pepper and salt.

These same components can be used for baking chicken whole.

How to cook the marinade?

Required the following ingredients:

  • Onion – 150 g;
  • Salt & ndash; 25 g;
  • Sugar – 12 g;
  • Ground pepper – 4 g;
  • Vinegar 9% – 20 g;
  • Water – 250 milliliters.


  • Mix vinegar with water;
  • Add salt, pepper, sugar, mix;
  • Chop the onion using a grater, add to the mixture.

The marinade to RUB the washed and dried carcass – from all sides. Leave in the container for 10 minutes. Then put in the refrigerator to marinate for 10 hours.

Marinade with vegetable oil

Hot version

For lovers of extremely spicy taste of the finished chicken is the marinade recipe, which a lot of sharp components:

  • Herbes de Provence – 2 g;
  • Cheese – 15 g;
  • Mayonnaise-200 g;
  • Garlic-5 g;
  • Red pepper powder – 2 g;
  • Black pepper – 2 g;
  • Mustard dining room – 20 g;
  • Salt & ndash; 25 g.

The brewing Process is extremely simple: a chutney and Mayo mix, add spices, salt, mustard and garlic (squeezed through the frog). Mix well.

Then spread the mixture pre-washed and dried carcass – evenly and from all sides. Leave to soak 6-8 hours.

This recipe is marinating the chicken for the oven the result is a spicy-a delicate savory dish.

Cooking marinade

Beer option

Excellent results can be obtained by preparing the following food for the whole broiler carcass. The basis of the marinade is beer, but other components have a special purpose.


  • Beer – 200 ml;
  • Garlic & ndash; 3 g;
  • Soy sauce – 200 ml;
  • Honey-150 g;
  • Rosemary & ndash; 1 g;
  • Red bell pepper – 10 g.

Mix the beer and soy sauce, add honey, rosemary, crushed red pepper and garlic.

Pre-prepared chicken dipped in a deep container and cover with marinade. Put to soak the meat for 6-8 hours.

Onion-garlic version

It has Long been known that the juice of onions and garlic has a special aroma, usefulness and may become the basis for a spicy marinade for meat.

How to marinate chicken for the oven entirely, using these properties of vegetables?

It is Necessary to prepare a mixture of the following ingredients:

  • Onion – 100 g;
  • Garlic – 20 g;
  • Lemon juice – 30 ml;
  • Salt – 15 g;
  • Crushed red pepper - 3 g.

Finely chop the onion and garlic, it is recommended to pass through a grater and the frog –, respectively.

Add to spice mixture and mix well. Pour with lemon juice. The resulting marinade to RUB the prepared carcass. Leave the chicken in the fridge for 6-8 hours.

Chicken grated spicy marinade

The Variant with garlic and spices

And how to marinate chicken for the oven? Recipes, as we see, enough, now take for example the one in which there are vegetable oil, garlic, and seasonings.


  • Basil dry ground – 25 grams;
  • Turmeric – 15 grams;
  • Garlic-5 grams;
  • Paprika ground – 5 grams;
  • Refined vegetable oil (olive or sunflower, can be combined) – 50 ml.

Combine all ingredients, garlic through the frog. To give the marinade to infuse for 40 minutes.

To prepare the Chicken: wash, dry, RUB with salt.

Brush to apply the marinade on the carcass, carefully distributing all the mixture – and the outside and inside.

Leave to marinate 8 hours.

Sweet and Sour version

A Great marinade you can cook for bake in the oven whole chicken using sweet and sour ingredients:

  • Garlic – 20 g;
  • Ketchup...

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