Pie with meat and potatoes in the oven: a recipe with photos


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Such simple foods as potatoes and meat, often become ingredients of various dishes from Housewives. Casseroles, pies, roasts and so on. But hardly anyone prepares pies with potatoes, minced meat and other fillings. Therefore, the best recipes of this dish are presented below.

Pie Recipe with potatoes and stuffing in the oven


  • Meat – seven hundred grams.
  • Potatoes – six tubers.
  • Onion – four of them.
  • Flour – eight glasses.
  • Oil – two glasses.
  • Eggs-two pieces.
  • Water – two glasses.
  • Salt & ndash; dessert spoon.
  • Ground pepper – a third of a teaspoon.

Preparing the cake

To prepare pie with meat and potatoes in the oven you must first prepare lean dough. To do this in a large bowl, gently sift the flour and pour on top of the oil and water. Then add salt and knead well to a soft and elastic dough. Place it in a paper bag and put it in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes.

Pie with minced meat

While the dough rests in the fridge, we have to prepare the filling for the pie with potatoes and meat. The potatoes peel, wash and cut into thin slices. To drop to three or four minutes of chopped potatoes in boiling water and then drain off the water. Cleaned from the husk onions divide in half and cut into half rings.

To Put it in a separate bowl, add the minced meat, sprinkle with salt and pepper. You can also add other spices to your taste. Knead the minced meat with onion and spices. From the refrigerator to get the chilled dough. The filling and dough for the pie with potatoes and meat us cooked, you can now start forming the pie. But first you need to turn on the oven and heat up to a temperature of one hundred and seventy degrees.


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Following the chosen recipe with photo of pie with meat and potatoes, the dough should be divided into two parts, with one part must be greater and the other less. A large part of dough roll out to size of pan, which will be baked pie. The resulting layer should be enough even on the walls of the mould. Spread the rolled out dough onto greased baking sheet, flatten dough with hands to its walls.

Cake in the oven

Put the dough circles lightly cooked potatoes, and top evenly distribute the meat. Then the smaller portion of dough roll out and place on top of the filling. Thoroughly stung along the edges of the upper and lower layers of dough. In the middle of the pie with potatoes and meat make a small hole. This is to ensure that during baking of it could leave pairs.

Stir in one Cup of eggs and a special brush to grease the entire surface of the pie. Place the pie in the oven and bake from fifty minutes to one hour, checking the readiness with a skewer. After cooking the finished cake to cool, not getting out of shape. Cut into pieces of the desired size and arrange on a platter.

Pie of minced beef and potato puff pastry

List of ingredients

  • Puff pastry – two packages.
  • Pork - six hundred grams.
  • Potatoes – five Grand.
  • Eggs – ten.
  • Oil & ndash; one hundred grams.
  • Onion – four of them.
  • Paprika-teaspoon.
  • Garlic-four cloves.
  • Oil & ndash; one hundred milliliters.
  • Dill-soup spoon.
  • A Mixture of peppers – a third of a teaspoon.
  • Salt & ndash; one-half teaspoon.
filled Pie

Step-by-Step preparation

Start cooking flaky pie with minced pork and potatoes with meat preparation. It is desirable to choose a meatier, as it depends on how juicy the pie will turn out. Put pork in a pot of cold, slightly salted water and put on fire. Cook the meat until tender, take it out from pan and cool. In the remaining rich broth put peeled potatoes and cook until soft.

We Continue to prepare ingredients according to the recipe of pie with meat and potatoes. Chicken eggs in the amount of eight pieces boil in a pot boiled for eight to nine minutes. Drain the boiling water and pour the eggs with cold water from the tap. After cooling, remove the shell and cut into cubes.

Chilled meat grind in a meat grinder. Onions and garlic separate from the husk. Onions finely chop, garlic skip through the frog. Potatoes boiled until soft, cut into cubes the size of half an inch. Next, put a saucepan on the fire, put into it a piece of butter, along with plant and wait until the skillet heats up, put the onion. Sprinkle with mixture of peppers and paprika, stir and simmer until tender.

Homemade pies

In a dish with minced meat spread fried onions, chopped eggs, boiled and diced potatoes and dill. Salt, add to the juiciness of the filling a little beef broth and mix well. Filling for the pie with potatoes and meat ready.

Next you need to turn on the oven. Line a baking sheets of foil for baking and grease them with butter. One package of puff pastry roll out with a rolling pin to the size of the pan, including the sides. Spread the dough on a baking sheet, press to the bottom and the sides. Top evenly spread the filling and cover with second layer of puff pastry. Now you need to connect the bottom and top pastry together.

With a fork make holes all over surface of cake. Put pie with the potatoes and stuffing in the oven. Bake at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees about one hour. When readiness will remain for ten minutes, liberally brush the top of the cake whipped chicken eggs. The finished cake remove from oven, but do not remove from pan until cool. Then cooled in a slice of juicy and rich cake into pieces and serve for dinner.

cake Recipes

Minced meat, potatoes and mushrooms

This cake turns out very tasty thanks to the combination of meat, mushrooms and potatoes.

Product List:


  • Flour – the five of cups.
  • Eggs-two pieces.
  • Milk – four hundred milliliters.
  • Dry yeast-thirty grams.
  • Margarine for baking – one hundred grams.
  • Sugar – two dessert spoons.
  • Butter stretch. – one-third of a Cup.
  • Salt & ndash; two tea-spoons.


  • Ground Beef – one kilogram.
  • Potatoes – five Grand.
  • Mushrooms & ndash; three hundred grams.
  • Butter stretch. - fifty milliliters.
  • Parsley-beam.
  • Onion – two large heads.
  • Pepper-to taste.
  • Oil-fifty grams.
  • Salt & ndash; a dessert teaspoonful.


  • Chicken egg – one thing.

Step-by-Step recipe

Delicious pie

To prepare, we chose a recipe with a photo of pie with meat, potatoes and mushrooms. The first thing we will do is make the dough for the pie. In a bowl big size pour warmed milk. Add chopped with a knife margarine and place in a water bath. The margarine needs to melt in the milk. Remove from heat, add sugar, dry yeast, salt, a Cup of sifted flour and stir. Put in a warm place for thirty minutes so that the dough has risen.

Then in the dough crack eggs and pour oil. Gradually podsypaya sifted flour, knead a soft dough. Cover the dough with a clean kitchen towel and for two hours put in to heat that up.

Prepare the filling

While the dough will rise, we should prepare the filling for the pie with potatoes, meat and mushrooms. Peel the onions and chop it. In a large frying pan, heat the butter and sunflower oil. Then put onion and fry it until transparent. Next into the pan goes the finished ground beef. Continue to simmer about twenty minutes.

Wash Mushrooms, dry, cut the tips of the legs and dark spots. Mode into thin slices. Add them to the mince and onion, stirring, simmer fifteen minutes. Well washed under running water parsley finely chop and pour into the pan. Stir in about three or four minutes remove from the heat and pour into a bowl.

Now you have to prepare the potatoes. The tubers are separated from the peel, wash and cut into thin slices. Place in a saucepan with salted water and boil until almost cooked. Drain water, place potatoes in a bowl with ground beef and mix all the ingredients for the filling.

Homemade cake

Form and bake a feast...

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