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Food from fast food is hardly useful, but that it is very tasty, bet it's even harder. It is especially popular with the children. If the family want harmful treats, the only solution – make your own version of this dish is safe for health version. How to cook a hamburger?Knowing how to cook homemade hamburger, you will be able to forget about fears for the child's digestion and calmly treat it with a tasty bun with a Patty. And if you bring the whole family to cook, the meal will turn into a real little holiday.

How to cook a hamburger Patty?

You need a good ground beef. However, if desired, it can be replaced and on fish or chicken, and use fried eggs or omelette. For a particularly juicy flavor scroll ready minced in a meat grinder twice. Pepper and salt it, add raw egg and hot sauce to taste, vilaite thin patties and fry in a pan using a small amount of vegetable oil. Make sure that the cutlet was a little more planned rolls, as the meat will Maritsa and will lose a little in volume. During cooking it is not necessary to press the mince with a spatula, so he will lose the juiciness. Before at home to cook a hamburger, prepare all the ingredients before frying meatballs, so after to assemble the buns and eat them fresh. If you have free time and desire pokulinarit, you too can bake your own.

How to make scones?

So, before you set the task, how at home to cook a hamburger. It remains only to make the buns with sesame seeds. Take three cups of flour, a glass of water, ten grams of dry yeast, one-third Cup vegetable oil, salt and sesame seedsHow to cook homemade hamburger?Ing seeds. Dissolve yeast in water, add salt, oil and flour. Knead the dough to the point where it will cease to stick to hands. Blind with his balls and leave them to approach. Bake until done in preheated oven at one hundred eighty degrees. Brush the buns with water and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Delicious base for burgers ready! It's time to start the most important phase.


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How to cook a hamburger?

You will need not only freshly prepared chicken and yeast rolls with sesame seeds, and lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and cheese. For the sauce you need to take the ketchup, mayonnaise and spices. How to cook a hamburger Patty?Alternatively, make a dressing of sour cream with garlic and herbs or seasonings. Cut the buns into two halves. On one of the halves spread sauce, put chicken, circles of tomatoes and cucumbers, cheese, lettuce. Cover with other half of bread and serve. The presentation layers may be different, you can start to make a hamburger with salad, or use a double batch of sauce, or spread it on bread, and cake. You can add to a dish of pickled onion rings, mushrooms or exclude some ingredients. In short, presenting in General terms how at home to cook a hamburger, you will be able to endlessly experiment with this dish. For the discovery of new tastes will need to go to a trendy café, and the whole family will eat not only delicious, but also healthy food.

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