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This article makes it clear that the recipes are meatless soups every day can be so diverse that they can be a strong competition meat dishes. The first cuisine of different countries will help to diversify the daily diet and make it healthier and easy without compromising taste.

What is special meatless dishes?

Vegetable soups – it's the first dish that does not contain in its composition of meat and meat products, fish, eggs and dairy products (sour cream, cream, cheese and butter). For more simple example: daily food vegan – this is fast food, where no animal products + fish and other sea and river inhabitants. Usually recipes of vegetable soups is simple due to the small number of ingredients and lack of meat and additives from it so often in cooking that first dish takes no more than an hour.

vegetable soup for every day

The Second distinctive feature – is low calorie, and for the same reason. Already for anybody not a secret that all of these products are high in calories, especially in combination with each other (meat and cheese, sour cream and fish) that gives rise to the development of not only excess weight, but also various diseases.

Examples of vegetable soups

Most Likely, many besides recipe for meatless pea soup, nothing to remember, but many of the cuisines of the world have in their Arsenal the first free food products that are taboo in fasting. For example:

  • Vegetable soup existed in Russia during the time of Ivan the terrible, and this is more than six hundred years ago!
  • Cousin of the soup – Ukrainian borsch also has a vegetarian option, not only without meat, but even without the cream and fat that are considered a must in this dish.
  • Recipe for vegetable soup with beans has long looked after all the vegans of the world, because legumes are the best providers of protein for the human body. In different countries it is prepared differently, adding spices and vegetables typical of their region.
  • Spanish soup gazpacho tomato served not only at home but also in many restaurants in the world.

This list can be continued indefinitely, but even better to try to prepare a meatless soup recipes below.


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Fasolada: universal soup

Fasolada – it is a thick vegetable soup with beans, the recipe of which came from Greece. Its peculiarity is that if in the process of cooking to add less water, it turns into a full dish, reminiscent of lobio. But if water add more, fragrant soup will be a great first dish. Convenient, isn't it?

recipe of soup of bean

Step-by-Step recipe:

  1. Soup bean – lean, so the whole broth gives the beans which should be soaked overnight before cooking. 400 grams of red beans soaked in water in the ratio 1:3. In the morning, drain the water, fill clean and put on the fire.
  2. One large carrot and 1/4 of a small celeriac peel and cut into small pieces.
  3. 2-3 tomatoes pour over boiling water and remove the skin, cut into pieces.
  4. 3 tablespoons olive oil to warm pan, and then put the carrot and celery, sprinkle in 1.5 teaspoons of salt and 1/2 teaspoon black pepper and the same quantity of sugar. Give the vegetables slightly soften, add two tablespoons of tomato paste and chopped tomatoes. Mix thoroughly and allow the vegetables to potomitsya for five to eight minutes under the lid.

Next vegetable dressing goes to the beans, tightly covered with a lid and cooked until done, which is determined by the softness of the bean when raskusyvanii. When serving this soup definitely sprinkled with a generous helping of fresh parsley.

Vegan lentil soup

Recipe for vegetable soup the most attractive of legumes are very similar to normal soup made of peas. With one difference: lentils do not require long soaking, because she cooked for twenty minutes. Although if you want to cook the soup for twenty minutes (the cooking time of the potatoes in the soup), lentils all soaked two hours before cooking.

meatless lentil soup

To prepare vegetable lentil soup recipe vegan, you must:

  1. If lentils are used without soaking, then wash it and pour clean water in the pot. Use green or orange Bob, although from the second option the soup will be more fun due to the bright color. 1 Cup beans, you will need three liters of water. If prefer a thick soup, the amount of liquid can be reduced to two. Put to boil the lentils, and before boiling remove the foam formed, as for cooking meat broth. After boiling, make the fire smaller.
  2. Clean and cut into small dice three potatoes, and when the lentil is half cooked, put it in the soup.
  3. One onion shred small cubes and fry in three tbsp. spoons olive oil or coconut oil. Coconut will give a unique flavor to the dish.
  4. When the onions are brown, add one large carrot, grated, and continue to sauté vegetables until soft.
  5. In a mortar pound 1/2 tsp mixture of peppers (black, pink and fragrant), add 1/4 of grated nutmeg and a pinch of dried oregano. This spice blend to sprinkle the vegetables that are sent to the soup when the potatoes become soft. At this point, the lentils will begin to lose its shape, razvivalas in the mash.

Chop a small bunch of dill and parsley, pour into soup, add salt to taste. Let boil and turn off the heat. After the soup cook for ten minutes, it can bring to the table.

The Soup peas

This dish is prepared exactly the same as lentil soup, with a small difference: the peas are soaked for no less than five hours, then the process of cooking the soup will not be more than forty minutes, which is very convenient for those who are limited in time. And the first in the water for the soup is made exactly the soaked peas, and after twenty minutes of cooking potatoes.

Next, the principle of the preparation is no different from the lentil soup above, and to transform this vegetable soup into a puree, the recipe tells you to use a blender: just Buriram before serving dish and sprinkle fresh herbs. Very good serve this soup with garlic croutons, which can be soaked in the soup and happy to enjoy their crunch.

Soup with rice and herbs

The Simplest recipe of vegetable soup with rice can be used to prepare light meals, which, thanks to the enveloping properties of this herb makes the soup good for digestion.

Boil three quarts of water with two Laurel leaves, a small piece of root parsley or celery and lay in it three potatoes, peeled and cut in cubes.

recipes simple vegetable soups

While the potatoes boiled, the second ring is heated in a pan with three tablespoons of vegetable oil, put one finely chopped onion and fry until Golden light. Then to send the same one grated carrot and spices to taste. The easiest way to add a mixture of Indian curry rice (1/2 teaspoon), the soup will be unusually fragrant, with Oriental flavor. Let it sit vegetables until soft and remove from heat.

When potatoes become soft, add 12 Cup of rice, and you need a few pieces of potato mash into a puree and dissolve in the soup, giving it so much richness. Cook soup on medium heat and when the rice comes to the condition, pour into the pan vegetable dressing. Chop the bunch of dill and add to the soup three minutes before the end of cooking.

Soup with rice noodles and sesame seeds

Recipes meatless soups for Asia – common, especially with rice noodles great number of them. Given that the broth is not used, a special flavor note to ask the soy sauce combined with sesame seeds – these products are often used in Asian cuisine. A list of necessary ingredients:

  • One package of rice noodles.
  • Four cups of vegetable stock.
  • One piece: carrots and bell pepper.
  • Two Hundred grams of cabbage.
  • Three tablespoons of sesame oil.
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce.
  • 4 cloves of garlic.
  • Large bunch of green onions.
  • One tablespoon of light sesame.
  • Salt to taste.
vegetable soup fast and delicious

Vegetables finely linkouts, garlic crushed in the press. All stages of heat treatment should be performed in the same dish: for this you can use a large skillet or wide pot with thick walls. Heat it in oil, fry onion and garlic for one minute, adding the sesame seeds. Further, to dispatch the rest...

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