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Pumpkin – is a very useful bocheva culture, which suggest to use for such ailments as hepatitis, hypertension, kidney problems, and genitourinary system and various heart disease. This product, in addition to cereal, you can make delicious cakes. Today we learn several options for making fillings of this orange treats: sweet and salty with the addition of various components.the filling of the pumpkin for pies

An Interesting addition to fried creations

For lovers of savoury pies will describe how I make the stuffed pumpkins for pies roasted, and for this you will need:

- onion-0,5 kg;

- pumpkin-0.5 kg;

- sour cream product – 150 g;

- salt and pepper-to taste.

1. Washed and freed from the skin culture of melon cut into small cubes.

2. The bitter vegetable is free from the husk and finely chop with a knife corrugated. Then combine both ingredients and add spices to taste.

3. Refill products low-fat sour cream, stir, and then determine the entire composition in a preheated pan. Saute all on low heat until until the mixture becomes more or less thick.

This stuffed pumpkin for pies is ideal for yeast dough. Delicious products can be fried in a pan and bake in the oven. But the first version will be still better, then they will be more fatty and juicy.filling for pies of pumpkin

Delicious stuffing with the addition of bacon

For this version of the stuffing you will need the following components:

pumpkin – 500 g;

- onion-0,5 kg;

- bacon-200 g;

- meal – 40 g;

- seasoning-to taste.

1. The orange vegetable is free from peel and seeds and then slice it into small cubes.

2. Peel the onions, discard, and cut the vegetable like a pumpkin, and then mix both ingredients.

3. Fat defrost, cut it in small strips to get rid of the hard skin, and determine on a hot pan. When it begins to melt, add the prepared ingredients and properly prepare them on fire. In the end, throw the flour, salt and ground red or black pepper.the filling of the pumpkin for pies dough


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Filling for pies of pumpkin. Sweet recipes

In addition to the main ingredient-melon culture as the second major constituent take viburnum. The combination of these two products you probably never imagined, so take the recipe for myself and prepare the components for the filling, in such numbers:

pumpkin – 0,5 kg;

Kalina – 0,5 kg;

- the sugar – 500 g;

- citric acid – 10 g.

1. Pour the berries with sugar for 24 hours, then put them in the oven, so excess liquid from them evaporates. Kalina then skip through a meat grinder.

2. Clean the pumpkin, grate, and then place the pulp on a hot frying pan greased with vegetable oil, and fry on low heat until bocheva culture will not fall apart.

3. Connect both mass, add the sugar and lemon powder to taste.

With the stuffing will turn out delicious pies, and the color orange-red range will delight the eye. And yet this dish is very useful due to two components included in its composition: it's cranberry and pumpkin.stuffed pumpkins for pies roasted

Delicious filling with the addition of apples and cocoa

For the pie filling for this recipe you will need the filling of the pumpkin for pies, consisting of the following components:

pumpkin – 300 g;

- apples are – 4 PCs.

- walnuts-150 g;

the white of eggs-2 PCs.

- sugar-150 g;

- cocoa powder – 50 g.

1. Melon culture wash, clean it from the skin and grate on the large or medium grater.

2. Apples rinse under water, cut in half and remove the seeds and dispose of the peel. Then grate the fruit on a coarse grater.

3. Break the eggs and split in separate bowl the yolks and whites. The yellow part connect with cocoa and sugar.

4. Remove the kernels from the nuts and chop them into small pieces and then mix them in a saucepan with pumpkin and apples. Then add in the same capacity, the weight of yolk and cocoa.

5. Remove the mixer and mix with it the whites until frothy. Then pour the liquid in the pan to the other ingredients and gently mix.

The Filling for pies from pumpkins and apples are ready, and you can now use it for its intended purpose – fill it flour and make them unsurpassed culinary masterpiece.the filling of the pumpkin for pies in the oven

Simple filling for the third dishes

For this recipe you will need a minimum of products: pumpkin (1 kg) and sugar (250 g). Culture melon wash, cut in two, remove the core, peel and grate the pulp on a fine grater. Then press the resulting puree to the excess juice out, otherwise it will be a lot of liquid and cakes can burn. Next step: add sugar and stir the mixture. This stuffed pumpkin for pies will suit best for baking products, but not for frying. This method is quite simple and requires a minimum of components.

The Perfect filling for the pie

This recipe is good because the filling of the pumpkin for pies dough turns out juicy and watery, this is what we need. To fill the pastry, we need such products:

pumpkin – 1 kg;

- thick cream-400 g;

- prunes – 30 PCs.

- butter-100 g;

- sugar-100 g

1. Melon culture free from peel, wash and cut into arbitrary pieces. Then define them in a pan, add oil and put the pan on a quiet fire. Cook the mixture, stirring constantly with a spoon the whole mass to the pumpkin burned. When the pieces become quite soft, the pan can be removed from the fire.

2. Dried fruit it is advisable to buy seedless, but if they are still present, then you need to get rid of them. Then prunes pour boiling water and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse the dried fruit under cold water, slice finely and connect the pieces with pumpkin mass.

3. Add the cream and sugar and mix well the mixture. The filling of the pumpkin for pies to cool completely and use in the cold.filling for pies of pumpkin and apples

The Recipe specifically for post

I want to share this recipe, because every year people who are fasting, it becomes more and more. The filling of the pumpkin for pies in the oven requires these components:

pumpkin – 0,5 kg;

rice – 300 g;

- raisins-200 g;

- hot water-50 ml.

1. Melon culture peel, grate and determine the mass on a heated pan, which already must boil water. Sauté the pumpkin until soft, until the liquid is boiled off.

2. Cereal wash thoroughly, boil, cool and connect it with the resulting orange mass.

3. Raisins soak in warm water for 2 hours to swell, then add the rest and mix well the whole composition.

Bake products have in the oven, putting the temperature is 180 degrees and the time to cook a quarter of an hour.

This filling for pies of pumpkin will delight your taste of people who are fasting, because this recipe is designed for them.

Now you know that you can from this autumn vibrant culture to make an excellent dish, which must evaluate your household. For sweet lovers, has been described several recipes dessert fillings: with the addition of apples, cranberry, cream, raisins, prunes, and sugar. And those people who prefer savoury creations were offered two wonderful option of filling pies: bacon, onion, sour cream. Bon appetit!


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