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“Parizhel” salad fast food. This dish is especially popular among those who love to eat light, but nutritious and tasty lunch. It is also worth noting that preparing for this summer salad only of simple and affordable products that you can buy in the store or rip from your own garden.

Tasty and light salad ‘Parizhel”: the recipe step-by-step cooking

Required products into 3 portions:

  • Fresh cucumber medium size-3 PCs.;
  • Fresh small ripe tomatoes-3 PCs.
  • Sweet bell pepper yellow-3 PCs.
  • Corn & ndash; 0.7 jar;
  • Fresh dill-a few large sprigs;
  • Smoked chicken (breast or thighs) – 600 g;
  • Mayonnaise average fat content – 230 g (add at own discretion);
  • Sea salt and ground allspice – add to the dish to taste.

Processing of fresh vegetables

“Parizhel” salad, which is prepared very quickly. But before you build, be sure to handle each purchased ingredient. This requires a good wash a fresh cucumber of medium size, some small red tomatoes and yellow bell peppers. Further, the products must be cleaned from the skin, stems and seeds. To save tomatoes from the surface film, it is desirable for a few minutes submerged in the boiling water. After that you should slice the cucumbers thin strips and cut into small cubes the tomatoes and sweet pepper.

Processing smoked meat product

salad“Parizhel” - a salad that includes meat and ingredient. It needs to be smoked. For this purpose we decided to use chicken breast, although you can buy and great legs. Thus, the meat should be separated from the bones, skin and cartilage, and then hand split into thin fibers. Also for salad you want to prepare fresh dill (washed and finely chopped) and canned sweet corn.


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The Process of forming dishes

“Parizhel” salad prepared fairly quickly and easily. To do this, just take a deep bowl, pour chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, smoked breast, canned corn, bell pepper, and fresh chopped dill. All of these products is required to mix a large spoon, and then season to taste with sea salt, fragrant ground pepper and mayonnaise in medium oil. As a result of such actions you should get very bright, beautiful and delicious summer salad.

How to serve ""Nuts" "salad

This Salad can be presented to a regular family and for the holiday table. However, this summer vegetable dish is recommended to put in a beautiful dish and decorate the top with sprigs of dill or parsley leaves.

Helpful hint Housewives

If the salad ‘Parizhel” meant for the holiday table, it is desirable to arrange in the form of a La carte dishes. This requires to take a small bowl, covered their bottom leaves of lettuce and top alternately put the peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and breast. After that, the dish should be covered with mayonnaise, corn and greens.

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