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Unlike poultry, wild birds feed exclusively on natural feed and live in their natural environment. It is not surprising that the taste of wild game is much richer, its meat is darker in appearance and thicker, and therefore harder to digest. 

dishes from wild ducksHome the bird has become a familiar product for us, but the use of such meat is sometimes challenged. So, dishes of wild ducks and home obviously different taste and smell, and households will certainly appreciate it. But still many Housewives refuse and even forbid the men-hunters to bring home the booty. But often, the problem is that they just don't know how to cook wild duck properly to remove its natural, slightly unpleasant smell, remove the feathers and gut, to combine with other products for better taste, and also to serve to your loved ones.

In the preparation of the carcass in plucking, singeing, and the cut - will help men. And then the owner will agree to prepare flavorful, nutritious meals from wild ducks. They can be done both outdoors and at home.


how to cook wild duckIt is best prepared wild duck in the oven. The recipe reminds them of the usual roast, but has a number of features. First, not to spend a lot of time and effort on a thorough plucking, much easier to completely remove skin from one or two birds. Then the carcass is washed under running water and soaked them for preparation of other products.

Wash and shred one hundred to one hundred fifty grams of any edible mushrooms, two or three medium onions, and carrots clean and cut into slices, and potato cubes.

Dishes of wild ducks are cooked for quite a long time due to the density of muscle tissue free birds, so choose ceramic pots for the oven. Thus, all the products will slowly languish and useful properties of poultry and vegetables will not be lost.


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To start in hot oil fry onions and mushrooms until Golden, then the carrots until tender, then add a knob of butter. When ready, sprinkle with the resulting mass a pinch of salt and black pepper. Put aside. wild duck in the oven recipeAt this time, the processed carcass: cut them into convenient pieces, put into a deep Cup and generously flavored with salt, pepper and red pepper burning, you can also add fragrant ground. Leave to marinate 20-30 minutes, then cook them in hot oil until Golden brown. Next, take out the duck from the pan, and it left on the juice to fry the potatoes. So, all the ingredients of our dishes of wild ducks ready for laying in the pot.

On the bottom pour a little oil, put the pieces of birds. The second layer of potatoes, and the third sliced garlic. Fourth layer - mushrooms and zazharku of vegetables. Evenly distributed, pour a little water (to the brim of the pot was still 4-5 cm), closed and put in oven until fully cooked. When serving, decorate with greens and sprinkle with spices to taste. Bon appetit!

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