Beef stew with potatoes – a hearty dish for a man


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How much we are willing to make to please his beloved man. I want to pamper him and say sweet nothings. You have to think about cooking a hearty lunch for each day, because really want to feed better. But if the woman will have enough salad, then men need a bigger dish. Here come the beef stew with potatoes. A simple dish which can be cooked a hundred different ways. You can choose any of the favorite or change the ingredients according to your taste.

Beef stew with potatoes

We will need the following ingredients: half a kilo of beef, medium size onion, two tomato, sixty grams of butter or margarine, two hundred grams of mushrooms, ten of potatoes, four cups of broth, herbs, salt, red sweet pepper. Beef with potatoes will be much more delicious if sliced portions of meat, pre-fry in oil. So this is the first thing we do. Next clean and chop the onions. Fried meat put in the pot. And in the remaining oil saute onion, cut into small slices of tomato. Sprinkle vegetables with ground sweet pepper. Add water or broth to the pan.

Fresh mushrooms cleaned and cut into slices. Then add them to the meat. Fill the slices of meat and mushrooms with a mixture of vegetables and simmer until beef is cooked. Themselves at this time, peel the potatoes and cut in an arbitrary order. Once the meat is ready, add the potatoes and bring to readiness. Beef stew with potatoes should be sprinkled with chopped greens. Smell it will give the dish a special flavor.


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Beef with potatoes in a pot

If you're on a diet and you need diet food, and the family must be fed delicious and satisfying, the perfect option would be the beef stew with potatoes, for cooking which uses a ramekin. Components of such meals retain their natural flavor that makes the dish special. And the lack of oil gives it the status of a dietary product. We will need five pots, each half a liter. To fill them in would be enough to take five hundred grams of beef, two hundred grams of onions, three ounces of carrots, one bell pepper, ten potatoes of medium size, a little salt and black pepper. If you are on a diet, then add butter and your favorite spices.

Cut the meat into small cubes. Onions and carrots peeled. Onions cut into half rings, and carrots make circles or flowers. In a pot put the meat, onion, carrot and a few peppercorns. Pour water to completely hide the meat pieces. Put them in a cold oven and heat it to 180 degrees. Cook about half an hour. Well, if your oven has a convection mode, then you should cook on it. While preparing meat, we clean the potatoes and peppers from all the excess and cut. Get our pots very carefully. Put them in the chopped vegetables, salt, oil and put back in the oven. This time the dish is cooked for one hour. Served in the pot, pre-sprinkled with the chopped herbs.

Fans of veggies and meat should cook a special meat roast. It is composed of: six hundred grams of beef and potatoes, two eggplants, a carrot, two onions, a glass of red wine and a tablespoon of tomato puree. You can add garlic and hot pepper according to your taste. Also needed salt, Bay leaf, black and red pepper.

All the vegetables cleaned and cut in an arbitrary order. Chopped eggplant, sprinkle with salt and temporarily set aside. In the cauldron, pour oil and fry the beef chunks until brown. Add chopped onion and carrots, then fry for a few minutes. Add the garlic, hot pepper, spices and tomato puree. In the cauldron, pour a glass of wine and two glass of plain water. The dish simmer for at least 40 minutes. Put the potatoes and cook for another twenty minutes. While our stew cooked, we fry the eggplant in oil in a separate pan and add them in a common cauldron. Dish of salt, add spices and cook for twenty minutes. Now our delicious stew is ready. Lay on plates and sprinkle with parsley.

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