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Moscow — a very beautiful and big city, is the capital of the Russian Federation. There is developed infrastructure, and new establishments of different directions are open almost every day. Today we will discuss one of the restaurants well-known companies of Arkady Novikov.

In this small article we will review such an institution as "Stuffing" (restaurant). Hours, reviews, menu, exact address and contacts you can also learn from this material. Let us rather start!

Group of companies Novikova

This restaurant has been operating for over 25 years. During this time, Arcadia was able to open more than 50 successful institutions in the world. One of the features of the project is its geographical location: Dubai, London, Moscow, Sochi and so on. In addition, each restaurant offers delicious gastronomic delights from renowned chefs, excellent service, impeccable design and a pleasant homely atmosphere.

"Beef" (restaurant)

Arkady Novikov, the Company is developing very dynamically, as new establishments open up often. Well, recently the capital of Russia conquered the new project from “Novikov Groups" and holding «agribusiness», called “Stuffing” — restaurant, whose menu we'll discuss a little later in this article.


When you say the word “Burger”, to mind immediately comes a certain way — is the place where you used to order this dish. Well, now you can forget about it! People claim that the restaurant “Stuffing” (Moscow) is much better than any other project.


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The Management of the institution mixed immiscible: design from Belonogova Natalia, meat from the company «agribusiness», and cuisine from the renowned chef Kamel Benamar. Get out of all this only one — the restaurant «Meat» in Moscow.

Quick facts

As you understand, here you can try almost all varieties of burgers. By the way, they are prepared exclusively from high-quality products in the kitchen of a project such as “Stuffing” (in Russian).

"Beef" (restaurant Novikov)

It is Also worth noting that the rolls for the burgers are baked in many well-known standard — 13 cm. Well, prepare the bread by a special recipe, the brand chef of the project, which only he knows. Interesting and useful information would be that the dough chief cook intervenes boiled potatoes. Yes, part of the secret revealed, but do you think this all? The rest, unfortunately, really no one knows.

“Stuffing” — restaurant (the address of the nearest establishments to choose from below) in the kitchen which constantly monitors all processes Anton Chumbaev. Sometimes the chef checks the size of the rolls themselves to be fully confident in the quality of the cooked burgers.

Logically, burgers — it's not all meals that you can try in the restaurants of the network “Stuffing”. Now!


The Main menu presented on the official website of this project consists of salads, pies, dishes made from chicken, burgers and desserts. Guests are advised to book “Village salad” for 170 rubles, soybeans in pods, for 250 rubles, and carrot cake for 200. In addition, many positive reviews about lemon sorbet for $ 250, ice cream for the same amount and large cakes for 1 thousand 100 rubles.

"Beef" (restaurant): menu

As for burgers, they are mostly here. For example, “Leg” you can try for $ 250, “Bryansk guy” costs only 350 rubles, and consists of beef, mushroom ragout, tomatoes, cucumbers. At the same time you have the opportunity to try Burger ‘Auntie from Barcelona" (350 RUB.), ‘Dad butcher" (580 rubles) and a Burger for vegetarians. Also available to order and other meals in this category, including a variety of sandwiches, fries and the like culinary works.

«agribusiness» — high quality at a nice price!

You already know that the meat from which the food is prepared in such a place as “Stuffing” (Novikov), purchased the holding «agribusiness». This company is known for more than 20 years, during this time, the organization has fully confirmed its status as one of the best suppliers of meat products in Russia.

restaurant "Stuffing" (Moscow)

If you want to taste delicious dishes from quality meat, but also buy a piece of pork, beef, lamb and so on in the butcher shop from «agribusiness», then you just need to visit the restaurant “Stuffing”. There you will be able to choose any piece of meat, the cost of which will pleasantly surprise!

Where are the restaurants?

At the moment (end of 2016) “Stuffing” work only in Moscow. Unfortunately, none of the restaurants it is impossible to book a table.

So, the first institution located on Nikolskaya street (12th house). If you want to know any information from the administration and order a takeaway, call the following phone number: +7 (495) 258-42-05.

In turn, still one “Stuffing” is located on the street Georgian shaft (the house № 26, building # 1). To learn something or to request service, call +7 (499) 251-00-29.

A Third restaurant chain “Stuffing” you can find on the Boulevard of Enthusiasts (house No. 2, business center «Golden gate"). To contact use the number +7 (495) 287-24-96.

Recent establishment of the project located on Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya street (17th building, 1st building). To clarify some information, find out about the possibility of holding a Banquet or to clarify work schedule, please call these numbers: +7 (499) 237-74-01 or +7 (499) 237-73-96.

Andrew Chumbaev — one of chefs

He grew up in the capital. After graduating from high school he decided to enroll in culinary school. In 2000, Andrei, continuing to study culinary arts, takes a job as a cook in a cafe, “Friday”. After graduating from College Chumbaev worked in many places in Moscow, however, in 2015, chose an American restaurant “Stuffing”.

"Beef" (restaurant): address

It is suitable for the preparation of each dish with a modern point of view, creating a unique gastronomic delights. In addition, the chief continues to learn from the more experienced and professional chefs.


The restaurant chain Customers leave mostly positive comments. A completely satisfied with the service. The dishes prepared by the chefs of the project, delight the visitors. It is logical, because few places in our time, it is possible to try real American burgers and not fake, prepared at every corners clear from what.

At the same time, clients are satisfied by the schedule of work restaurants Monday to Friday — from 8 to midnight, Saturday-Sunday — 11 to midnight. And here still pleasing customers burgers!

"Beef" (restaurant) opening hours

Overall, the restaurant “Stuffing” (Moscow) — it's a great place for people who love American cuisine. Here everyone has the opportunity to try the best dishes prepared in original and improved recipes in the United States of America. Come, taste and be surprised!


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