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Have a Nice time in the company of friends, celebrate birthday or wedding anniversary, despite the crisis, not only at home. Exquisite table setting, interesting menu, cozy atmosphere and no need to wash the dishes-a definite plus for the celebration in the restaurant. If requested to examine a list of vending locations, view rankings and reviews, choose best option, because there are inexpensive restaurants in Moscow. With good food and high level of service.

All institutions in the survey have a rating of not below four stars out of five and good customer reviews. You just have to choose.


If you enjoy real Georgian cuisine, then be sure to check in the Big Cherkassky lane, 13с4.

The Interior is incredibly cozy and life-affirming: light wood, tapestry, brick walls, pastel colors, lots of light, lots of living plants. The tables are not close, so that the company will not interfere with each other.

cheap restaurants in Moscow

The restaurant has two halls on the first and second floors (20 and 60 seats) which can be booked for banquets.

All dishes are prepared according to old original recipes, portions are large, food at reviews above all praise.

For younger visitors there is a children's area.

The Average bill 1000-1500 rubles.

On weekdays and four hours of the day 20% discount on all menu. There is a special discount for students upon presentation of student card – 15%.

If you are looking for cheap restaurants in Moscow for a birthday, keep in mind that for example in “Natakhtari” there is a discount of 15% on all menus and alcohol. The discount is valid not only in birthday, but 6 days after it.


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Terra &Mare Rome Barcelona

Do You prefer Mediterranean cuisine and are looking for inexpensive restaurants in Moscow, where well-cooked fish? Welcome to “Terra Mare Roma Barcelona”!

wedding restaurant in Moscow inexpensive

The Interior is very peculiar and at first glance may seem simple-minded. But this hides the charm of classics and Mediterranean style: solid wood tables, small leather sofas, panelled walls, original lights antique. All in a cozy brown tones without irritating eyes.

On Wednesday evening, the restaurant sounds guitar, and from Thursday to Saturday there is an experienced DJ.


The restaurant's Menu offers dishes of Spanish, Italian and author's cuisine. Here, according to the regulars, they cook the best paella and risotto with seafood, an amazing rabbit stew in cream sauce, and leg of lamb with pumpkin. Wine pleases a wide choice of quality drinks at reasonable prices.

The Average price is 1500 rubles per person.

cheap restaurants in Moscow for birthday

Many restaurants in the centre of Moscow real cheap, if you know about some of the nuances. If you want to save money on a family outing, then come to the “Terra Mare Roma Barcelona" at the weekend with children under 12 years – get all menu 10% discount.

10% Discount applies to birthday and is valid not only in birthday, but also the subsequent 2 days.


You Want something unusual? While you are interested in a good inexpensive restaurants in Moscow? To visit the institution in Oriental style.

Unusual interior with luxury classics and staggering: marble slab, mosaic, carving, comfortable soft sofas with pillows, a font, a fountain with rose petals in the center of the room.

restaurants in Moscow inexpensive

The menu offers dishes of Arabic, European and Mediterranean cuisines. There are dishes cooked on an open fire. Here you will taste a delicious pumpkin cream soup with shrimps and rocket salad, a tagine with seafood or lamb, kebabs or pizza. Sweet tooth will appreciate a decent selection of desserts, non-drinker – a huge selection of soft drinks and fresh juices. Individual attention wine and hookah card.

The Average price is about 1500 rubles excluding Shisha and drinks.

On weekdays, there is a business menu.

Cheap restaurants in Moscow really to find, especially if you know about discounts. In "Damascus" is beneficial to celebrate the birthday of the day: restaurant offers a 30% discount on food and alcohol.

Lova Lova MultiBar

Would not only eat, but to light? “Fishing Gear" is an inexpensive bar-restaurant in Moscow where you can break 100.

You Want extreme? Choose one of three quests. Want to sing and dance? Please! Dancing and karaoke at your service. Just want to enjoy dishes from a menu in a relaxed atmosphere? Also possible. European, Italian and Japanese cuisine offers a wide range of soups, salads, hot food and snacks. Regulars recommend you to try the specialty burgers, salad with roast beef, or unusual soup of cherries and beets. Cocktails – this is a separate gourmet history. Everything is tasty and unusual, such in Moscow is no more.

good inexpensive restaurants in Moscow

There are Board games(“monopoly”, “mafia”), hookah. Do not forget about the youngest visitors: kids will offer books and coloring.

The Average bill 1500-2000 rubles per person. There is a possibility of holding corporate events by prior arrangement.

On weekdays, the restaurants offer cheap and tasty lunch. “Fishing Gear" is no exception: from Monday to Friday you can choose a good business lunch cost from 250 to 390 rubles.

If you want to celebrate a corporate event, birthday party or choosing restaurants for weddings in Moscow - cheap and intricate, boring and not like the others, is “Fishing Gear" is a wonderful choice.

Shaggy Dog

Cheap restaurants in Moscow can be very cute and original. "shaggy Dog" evident.

At the entrance visitors are greeted by two wooden statues of the sweetest dogs. Many, judging by the reviews, came solely because of them. The interior is decorated in soothing colours, the tree successfully combined with installations, nothing extra, but at the same time romantic and cozy.

cheap restaurant bar in Moscow

The room is crowded, ambient music. The waiters are polite and attentive to visitors, but without compulsion. Although, as noted by the regulars, much depends on the change.

The Kitchen is European and American. You can tasty and inexpensive Breakfast or lunch. The menu is not too big, but it kompensiruet quality. You should definitely try the Burger and the risotto with meatballs from the kid. Keep in mind that the portions are really big.

The Average price is 1500 rubles per person.


Are You looking for a wedding restaurant? In Moscow “cheap” - not so bad. If you want you can find very interesting and atmospheric place with a high rating and good customer reviews. For example, a small restaurant “lifestyle”.

Small, cozy room designed for 60 people. Interior designed, decorated in relaxing home decor. Coming here, you will be able to relax and to forget about the routine. The tables are not close, there are nooks for loving couples.

Moscow restaurants cheap and tasty

In the evenings, Fridays and Saturdays the restaurant has live music: guest bands playing jazz and French chanson. On Sundays, the children will have cooking classes.


The Kitchen is French and Israeli vegetarian. There really are many dishes for those who gave up meat. Are made from fresh ingredients, frozen and without preservatives.

The Most popular dishes-gefilte fish and leg of lamb – need to be ordered two days before the visit to the restaurant. Only in “lifestyle” and offers real hummus several types of hallim, roasted red peppers with feta, shakshuka. Fish lovers are advised to try the Tartar of tuna and salmon or fish cakes of salmon and pike-perch. The meat lovers also will not go hungry. Special attention is given wine, because the restaurant specializiruetsya on good alcohol. Light fruity, semi-sweet and dessert, pink, red, white, fortified wine and digestif, and more spirits – all presented in the assortment. The waiters will help you choose the drink to order a dish.

The Average check per person is 1500 rubles without drinks and alcohol.

On weekdays in the restaurant you can have Breakfast or enjoy a business lunch.

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