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The Name of this noble alcoholic drink of the same name gave the city – Cognac, Charente. The drink produced in another region even at absolutely correct classical technique has no right to be called cognac. This is the brandy that makes the contents of the bottle worse. History centuries ago. The production technology is mastered in many countries, but the real elite cognac can only be French.


This region was famous for its vineyards in the XII century. To distill the wine started by the Dutch in the sixteenth century, to make possible its transportation by sea over long distances with subsequent dilution with water. Wine distillate had a very rich flavor and aroma, and double-distilled afterwards made it even better. Gradually, the distillate starts to drink neat, but only to the middle of the XIX century it was sold not in barrels but in bottles as self-sufficient drink, ready to drink. The elite brandy is produced mainly from Ugni Blanc grapes.elite cognac

Classification of cognacs

Depending on the exposure there are two types of cognac:

  • VS - more than 2 years.
  • VSOP - more than 4 years.
  • VVSOP - more than 5 years.
  • XO - 6 years.

In addition, there is a division of ordinary cognacs classes:

  • Three stars. Exposure of alcohol more than 3 years, and the strength of the drink – 40%.
  • Four stars. Exposure of alcohol more than 4 years, and the strength of the drink – 41%.
  • Five stars. Exposure of alcohol more than 5 years, and the strength of the drink – 42%.

For vintage cognacs has its own classification:

  • SQ. Extract alcohol 6-7 years, and the strength of the drink – 42%.
  • KVVK. Extract alcohol 8-10 years, and the strength of the drink – 43-45%.
  • The COP. Exposure of alcohol more than 10 years, and the strength of the drink – 40-57%.

In the first place – luxury French cognac collectible, which is aged in oak barrels for an additional five years.elite cognac of France

Production Technology

The Elite of cognac, France made from grapes harvested in one of the six zones around the town of Cognac. The most expensive drink is produced from grapes grown in the Grande champagne and the petite champagne. The price of raw materials is reduced as the distance from these two areas. In total, the vineyards of the Charente region is about 90 cognac brand


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Luxury cognac brand which is known worldwide, is produced in four stages:

  • Manufacture of wine from grapes;
  • Distillation of wine material, the production of cognac alcohol;
  • Cognac spirits in oak barrels;
  • A blend of cognac.

Elite cognac of France

The Global leader in the manufacturer of magnificent cognacs from more than two hundred year history of the Cognac house Hennessy. Its history began in the XVIII century. Today enjoy this drink the entire world. The house of Hennessy produces about 50 million bottles a year. It's really a luxury cognac (photo below).

elite cognac photo

The Second largest, but even more old Cognac house in France - Rémy Martin. It was founded in the XVII century. But the oldest in the world - Augier.

Known worldwide brand of cognac Camus is still owned by family members of Jean-Baptiste Camus. The vineyards of this honorable family to occupy 125 hectares of French land. This drink is often counterfeited. Buy original elite cognac Camus only in expensive specialty stores.

Even Napoleon preferred to drink Courvoisier. Special production technology is kept secret. For wealthy connoisseurs of the drink the House has to offer Courvoisier cognac aged more than 200 years.

Especially popular Davidoff. This is a very young brand, was founded in 1964. It was originally a brand of cigarettes and cigars and cognac under this name appeared later, as a complement to a good cigar. However, this drink very soon became popular among the wealthy. Davidoff cognac is produced from alcohols of Hennessy.

The Culture of use

Brandy & ndash; this is a classic digestif, that is to drink it after a meal. Combine it with coffee, chocolate and cigars. It is added to many desserts. Well reveals the taste and aroma of the drink in combination with olives, grapes, cheeses.

To Drink brandy made from wide glasses, narrowed upwards. The glass is filled approximately one-eighth and warms the warmth of your hands – this will allow to open up the flavor of the drink.

Eat a lemon brandy, or diluted with Coca-Cola – almost a blasphemy. However, so often drink it in Russia. In the US, the beverage is diluted with tonic or water, in the UK – soda. In Germany, the cognac is drunk after, and before meals.

elite French cognac

Cocktails based on cognac

Make a variety of cocktails, which includes this drink. Probably the most popular of them, especially in the cold season, – brandy punch. The easiest way to prepare: just mix 1 liter of Apple juice with 125 grams of cognac. Also the punch is prepared with the addition of vodka, lemons, oranges, water and sugar. 400 ml of cognac is taken in 500 ml vodka, 2 liters of water, 10 lemons, 3 oranges, 1 kg of sugar. Chopped fruits mixed with sugar andinfused in boiling water for a few hours. Then add vodka and brandy, and drain punch. A delicious cocktail made with coffee and brandy. The ingredients are mixed in the ratio of 2:1, then add sugar syrup and orange zest to taste.

Interesting recipes of cocktails based on brandy, there are many. For their preparation and use of various strong liquors, and vodka and champagne and fruit juices. This is a great field for experimentation with flavors and aromas. But if we are talking about high-end vintage or collectible French brandies, it is best to enjoy a clean drink, its color and flavor, finish and play of light in the glass, the heat flowing through the body, and a feeling of peace and bliss.

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