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Russian cuisine – it is a constantly evolving field with the same traditions. To try dishes which have their own special flavor, only in the best restaurants where they use ancient recipes and are not afraid to add something new and original. Russian restaurants in Moscow, which proposed in this article offers its visitors a huge choice of modern and traditional dishes. This variety of interpretation with the constant presence of the love of good food and culinary traditions.


Russia – a huge country, where you can find a lot of possibilities for inspiration. Culinary traditions are so great that the best chefs are creating unique works of art that would adorn the Royal feast. Institutions that offer a true Russian cuisine, strive to maximize the full potential of this vast region. That's why it is so easy you can not only enjoy the best dishes, and have a great time, visit the restaurant of Russian cuisine in Moscow.


This is one of the first establishments in the capital, which offers its dishes in the best traditions of Russian cuisine. It opened in 1999, but still remains a benchmark in this field of cooking. We can say that this is the best Russian restaurant in the center of Moscow. Under the constant leadership of chef Andrey Dellos, it has already become a legend. Interior is very original and the first steps is amazing.Russian restaurant in Moscow the restaurant consists of five rooms, each has its own flavor in the design.

“Pharmacy” is a place where you can plunge into the atmosphere of the time, enjoying the grandeur and unique atmosphere. The hall is decorated with vintage items: a whistling kettle, which was heated by the spirit lamp is located at the bottom of the first manual sewing machine, silver chocolate, piano, clock with a melodic ring and a jukebox, which has already crossed the age of 130 years.

“Fireplace room” is a Grand, ceremonial room, which is decorated with beautiful frescoes, ceiling with the goddess of victory, Nike and a beautiful fireplace.

“Unit” room, reminiscent of the aristocratic office. In it you will find shelves and cupboards filled with books and a large mezzanine which is located above the main hall.

“Library” designed in the spirit of the time.the Best Russian restaurants in Moscow

The Main place is occupied by shelves of books, two telescopes and a globe. Some days the hearing of tourists, there are live music (flute and harp).

Hall "Cellar" is more reminiscent of the pharmaceutical laboratory.

The restaurant has a summer terrace overlooking the verdant Tverskoy Boulevard, and the Conservatory, which has large panoramic Windows overlooking the Boulevard and surrounded by greenery. For each client there is a cosy area.


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The Best Russian restaurant in Moscow offers its visitors delicious dishes prepared in the best traditions. Here you will be offered a menu called “Gastronomy Herald”. The chef of the restaurant, which remains unchanged from the day it opened, is able to create culinary masterpieces that will be served not less than fine wines. For Breakfast the restaurant offers several dairy foods, 6 variants of eggs, a large number of desserts (pancakes, fruit, pastries), jams, juices, sweets, tea and coffee. The choice of appetizers and salads also great. The best Russian restaurant in Moscow, enjoys a status.

Russian restaurant in Moscow center

The facility offers more than 10 salads, from the simple to the sophisticated, and a huge selection of appetizers of fish, meat, vegetables and mushrooms. Pleasing assortment of delicious, mouth-watering pastries. The first meals in the restaurant are made according to old Russian recipes. Culinary delicacies of meat, fish and poultry impress even demanding gourmets. The wine list – it is simply a masterpiece. Buy only the best and most exquisite drinks. All meals are served with plenty of greens and vegetables. The cost of the meal may seem impressive, but the fun of a truly Royal feast is worth it.

«Doctor Zhivago»

Considering the best Russian restaurants in Moscow, not to mention «Doctor Zhivago». This is a relatively new institution, which has already gained its audience. It offers true Russian cuisine. The restaurant's interior is original, there is no unnecessary pathos. White painted walls are decorated with reproductions of post-revolutionary painting, mosaic subways and statues of the times of the pioneers. This is a typical restaurant of traditional Russian cuisine. Moscow - a huge city, but so delicious you can eat everywhere. The menu is simple. You will be served a good portion of porridge, which is seasoned meat, offal and nuts.

Russian Restaurants in Moscow rating

At first, the restaurant serves soup, pickle, noodle, soup and other Russian dishes. Meat, fish, vegetables, culinary creations from the chef, pancakes with game and berries, pickles and marinades, desserts and cakes – it will decorate your table while visiting the place«Doctor Zhivago». In addition, the restaurant offers about 300 varieties of vodka and a large selection of soft drinks. Coming here, you can just plunge into the atmosphere of the modern Russian restaurant with amazing food.

“Honest kitchen’

Russian restaurant in Moscow «Honest kitchen’ is a self - contained institution, which is popular with visitors and has an excellent reputation. Its main feature is the owner and chef Sergey Yaroshenko. It was he who created his creation, and raised it to such a level. Being an avid hunter and supporter of good and delicious food, he pays great attention to the restaurant's menu. In it you will find many dishes such as venison, salmon and boar or. From Siberia reliable vendors bring to the restaurant, fish, and small farms of the Moscow region supply the dairy products.

traditional Russian cuisine in Moscow

The restaurant Owner himself makes tinctures, which have excellent taste.

This is the true Russian cuisine in all its manifestations. Special menu, available throughout the month, dedicated to a meaningful product or their group. In it you will find dishes prepared with the use of the main ingredient. The cost of a feast, too, will be pleasantly surprised. Here you can eat tasty and at reasonable prices.


The national Restaurants of Russian cuisine in Moscow have in my list another significant institution. “breaks” is located in an old manor house, which is stylized in accordance with its name. Classic restaurant menu includes all traditional Russian dishes.

the national Restaurants of Russian cuisine in Moscow

Serves soup, pies, porridge, meat, vegetable and fish dishes that you can try several decades ago. It is baked in black bread crab, white fish, geese, bear and many other delicious dishes. Traditional Russian meals will be decorated with gourmet beverages and desserts.


The Best Russian restaurants in Moscow hospitably open its doors for visitors. Here you can fully experience the flavor, the way and life of a great nation. Every institution in their own original way, but all viewed the concept of delicious food in the best traditions of the Russian people. Chef, professionals, create culinary masterpieces, based on old recipes and adding a touch of modernity and sophistication. All dishes are colorful, unusual and at the same time simple as the soul of the Russian people.

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