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     currently, take into account the pollution of our environment, to for the body all the necessary vitamins and amino acids very difficult. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this — to eat raw fresh vegetables or fruit. But as science proves, a lot of vitamins and useful amino acids contain it mushrooms. But only under the condition that the mushrooms are consumed raw. But what mushrooms can be eaten raw?!

     As you know, not all mushrooms can be eaten at all! Many of them are very dangerous for human life. And it happened not once that the cause of death was poisoning raw mushrooms. So. If you decide to enrich your body with vitamins, proteins and amino acids which are in mushrooms, you should be very serious to the issue of what mushrooms can be eaten raw!

     first and foremost it is worth noting that fungi cannot directly be attributed neither to vegetables nor fruit. In its composition, it will be more similar to meat products. This was proven after the discovery of the composition of fungi lecithin and glycogen, and these elements are found exclusively in the animal body. That is why mushrooms are so hard to digest in the stomach. Therefore, now it becomes clear why the mushrooms don't recommend eating at night!

     And yet, despite all this, the question “what mushrooms can be eaten raw" follows a straight answer – almost all edible mushrooms. But this does not mean that after learning this information, you should immediately run to the forest to collect mushrooms, and immediately on the spot to eat!! It should be remembered that not all edible mushrooms are pleasant to the taste. Some of them, the smell will not be very pleasant, but the taste – on the contrary. The mushroom can be edible, very attractive to look at, but it does not mean that it will be the same and the taste. Among fungi, often there are instances of them not just get them not to tear. But once you try these mushrooms, you will forever cease to pay attention to them.

     But how would it have been before the process of collecting and eating mushrooms, you need to clearly know what mushrooms are eaten raw? First and foremost, safe raw mushrooms are mushrooms. They are among the most common fungi in the people. Mushrooms are very densely used in the food industry, but most often, you see them raw in salads, canapés or sandwiches. Also raw mushrooms, doctors recommend to include in the diet of pregnant women. This is because mushrooms are rich in nitrogenous substances and proteins, which are necessary for normal health and development of the unborn baby.

     And even though the food can be eaten almost all edible raw mushrooms, it is impossible to forget that every human body could affect the same edible mushroom. So, don't be surprised if someone, for example, ate the raw white mushroom, and he liked it. And you, after that take the same mushroom, and raw, you are a terrible irritation. There is nothing unusual! It is because each person is unique. Therefore, can not be two identical body that will equally respond to the same product. There is another important point, which is not in any way impossible to forget! The use of mushrooms raw, you definitely need to have a valid measure. Even edible mushrooms, you can get severe food poisoning, which in turn, can lead to death!

     So, as it turns out, even for eating raw mushrooms to the presence of gray matter in the brain. And if you can't a clear answer to the question, “what mushrooms can be eaten raw and in what quantities?”, it is better not to experiment, because such jokes often end in sad consequences.

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