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Pie with berries on the yogurt turns out very tender, lush, juicy and literally melts in your mouth. How to prepare this treat, we describe in detail in this article. In addition, we will present you other recipes of homemade treats, which you don't need a lot of time and effort.

pie with berries on yogurt

Pie with berries cooked in a slow cooker

The slow Cooker-a versatile cooking device which can be prepared not only soups, goulash and meat, but also sweet pastries. For example, is delicious in this fixture with a pie with the berries yogurt. To make it on their own, we need the following components:

  • Yogurt is a great fat-about 1 Cup;
  • Eggs-3 PCs.
  • Soda, quenched sour cream – ½ a small spoon;
  • Sugar beet-1 Cup (240-250 g);
  • Any fresh berries (e.g. cherries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) – your personal preferences;
  • White flour – about 266-270 g;
  • Vegetable oil or any cooking oil – to apply for greasing cookware slow cooker (about 10 g).

Prepare the dough for sponge cake

Before you can bake a cake with berries in a slow cooker, you should knead the dough gentle. To do this, grind the egg yolks together with the sugar, then add the yogurt and stirred well. Then separately beat the whites and spread them to the previously prepared mixture.

Thoroughly mix all the components, add a soda, repaid in sour cream and white flour. These actions you have to obtain a viscous biscuit dough, which should be immediately subjected to heat treatment.


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pie with berries in a slow cooker

How to form a pie?

Pie with berries yogurt is formed is quite simple. The batter is poured into the bowl multivarki, which is pre-lubricated with vegetable oil or cooking oil. As soon as the whole basis will be in the bowl, cover it with fresh or frozen berries. In the heat treatment process they must “sinking” in the dough and make the pie more juicy and tender.

How to bake?

Pie with berries on yogurt should be prepared in the baking mode. The timer is set is not necessary. Slow cooker, by default, sets this parameter (usually 60 minutes).

Over time the willingness of the cake should be checked with a toothpick. Sticking a subject in the thickness of the product, you see nothing if it is not stuck. If the toothpick is dry and clean, then the cake is ready and it can be safely removed from the slow cooker.

How to serve family members?

After a simple pie with berries can be cooked, it is partially cooled and sprinkle with icing sugar. Product chopped into small pieces, it is presented to the members of the family along with a Cup of coffee or hot chocolate. This dessert will serve as a great addition to Breakfast or afternoon tea. It will give you a good mood and inspire you.

a simple cake with berries

Make a sand cake with berries in the oven

To prepare a sand pie in the oven we will need the following products:

  • Thick cream, and fat – 120 ml;
  • Baking powder – about 5 g;
  • White sugar-about 1 Cup;
  • Large eggs-3 PCs.
  • Any fresh berries (e.g. cherries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) – your personal preferences;
  • White flour-2 cups;
  • Oil "the Kremlin" cream – 1 packet.

Prepare the dough

Dough kneaded for berry cake simply and easily. Butter “the Kremlin" advance removed from the cooling chamber, and then put in a bowl and thoroughly mash with a fork. Next, add the egg yolks (leave the whites for filling) and baking powder. Mix the components in the same bowl pour the white flour.

As a result of long and intensive kneading you should have formed a soft dough, which should be wrapped up by the bag and for 20 minutes leave in the refrigerator.

Prepare the berries and pouring

Berries for this pie you can take the most diverse. Their carefully sorted, washed (if necessary), and then dried, laid out on a towel. As for whipping cream and egg whites, then combine them and whisk until obtaining a lush mass with sugar.

pie with berries in the oven

The Process of formation and baking in the oven

Simple cake with berries dough is formed quite easily. Chilled dough spread in a baking dish and mash with your fist until, until it forms a thin layer with low sides. Next to it lay an assortment of berries that cover the whipped cream and proteins. Like this sweet prefabricated put it in the oven. Maintaining the temperature at 195 degrees, a pie with the berries bake for about 40-45 minutes. During this time the dough should be well prepared and become crumbly, and the filling – to seize and be covered with a light brown crust.

Dessert is Served family

Prepare a sand pie, it cooled right in the bowl, and then gently taken out and spread on tortonese. If you try to get the product from the mold hot, then most likely it will fall apart.

Cut into the cake, itpresented to the table along with a Cup of tea or coffee.

How to cook puff pastry?

Puff pastry berry pie is cooked much faster than presented above. This is because this dessert doesn't require kneading the dough, because it can always be purchased in the store.

batter berry cake

So, to prepare puff of Goodies we need:

  • Sugar – use at the discretion (for dusting toppings);
  • White flour-for rolling dough;
  • Any fresh berries (e.g. cherries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) – choose, at its sole discretion;
  • Potato starch – a couple of big spoons.

Process of forming

For the formation of flaky pie dough purchased in advance to thaw and then roll out two thin layer, sprinkle a small amount of white flour. Laying out one of the products in a form that placed him berry assortment, which pre-mixed together with potato starch. Sprinkle the filling a sufficient amount of sugar, it is covered with a second layer of dough and beautifully gameplay region. Like this berry prefabricated immediately put it in the oven.

Strictly observing the temperature at 195 degrees, layer cake cook for 35-40 minutes. During this time, the product should be lush and ruddy.

Present berry dessert to the table

Cooked layer cake is carefully removed from the oven and partially cool in the form. If you try to remove the dessert hot, it can fall apart that will contribute to the output of the entire filling.

puff pie

After the product has cooled, it is sliced and laid out on plates. To the family table this dessert is presented along with a Cup of coffee or tea. Additionally, you can sprinkle cake with powdered sugar or cinnamon. Bon appetit!

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