Recipe sour-sweet sauce, like at McDonald's: interesting options and ways of cooking


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The Army of supporters of the famous fast food these days continues to grow. Many of them even try at home to prepare their favorite meals. As you know, many of them acquire their unique taste is due to the original sauces. To get the desired result, you need to learn how to cook these unique aromatic blend. As practice shows, it is quite possible. To repeat the recipe for sweet-sour sauce, as in “McDonalds”, you just have to choose one of the options of cooking and try step by step to perform all the necessary actions.


To Prepare the sauces a snap. Usually, you should only choose the right ingredients and then treat them accordingly. Recipe sour-sweet sauce, as in “McDonalds”, in accordance with one of the most popular options involves the following major components:

2 tablespoons corn syrup the same amount of water, 4 teaspoons of white vinegar, clove of garlic, a quarter Cup of apricot and peach jam, one and a half teaspoons of cornstarch, half a teaspoon of mustard and soy sauce, and 2 gram of salt.

The Composition is quite complex. But the recipe is sweet-sour sauce, as in “McDonalds”, it is easy to repeat, as all the ingredients can easily find at the store or make your own.

recipe sweet sour sauce in McDonalds

The Technology of this process is simple:

  1. First, all of the components except water necessary to load it into blender and whip them until the mixture becomes almost homogeneous.
  2. After that the prepared mixture should be poured into a saucepan and heat for 7 minutes on medium heat with constant stirring. After cooling the sauce is ready to eat.

This recipe for sweet-sour sauce, as in “McDonalds”, it is possible to adopt and use almost any dish. This product is so unique, that it is not only meat and poultry, and even ordinary crisps is becoming an unusual and pleasant taste.


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Fruit Supplement

One of the main components of the popular sauce is the jam from apricots. It allows you to do quite a sharp taste of the product more tender and soft. But this element is quite specific and not always have on hand. To avoid wasting time looking in stores, it is better to cook the product in advance and stored until the need arises for its use. To work need:

750 grams ripe apricots 375 grams of sugar, one and a half tablespoons of dry gelatin and 3 tablespoons apricot liqueur, which can be substituted by vodka, taking her in the amount of 1/3 of the desired volume.

confiture of apricots

It Made marmalade of apricots is very simple:

  1. First fruits should be washed and then cut in half, remove all the bones.
  2. Add the sugar with the gelatin mixture and leave in the fridge under a cover all night.
  3. In the Morning a pot of product you need to put on the stove and heating the mass on a medium heat, not forgetting to stir constantly to avoid burning.
  4. After 3 minutes, add the liqueur and warm up the composition some time after boiling.

Once the hot mixture can be poured on banks and tightly ukumori, attributed in a cool place.


To the taste of the product was as close to the original version, it is necessary to strictly observe the composition and quantitative ratio of ingredients. So, mustard, vinegar and starch are found in almost every recipe. Better, of course, have these products ready to use. But some of them if necessary, you can prepare yourself. For this you just need:

Mustard powder, water (boiling water), vinegar and a little salt, sugar and vegetable oil.

mustard pickles

The Preparation of this product takes place in several stages:

  1. In a clean dry container is necessary to fill a tablespoon of mustard powder.
  2. Add the same quantity of boiling water and stir until a thick homogeneous mass.
  3. Pour the same again of hot water and continue stirring. A phased introduction of liquid allows to achieve maximum uniformity and complete absence of lumps.
  4. After this you should leave the mixture to stand for about 15 minutes, during this time she was able to volatilize the essential oil.
  5. Then you add other components, focusing on your own taste.

Prepared mustard is possible to store long time in the refrigerator and use at the right time for appointment.

Popular sandwiches

Burger & ndash; is a special kind of sandwich. It was created in the early twentieth century in the United States of America, and then with the help of the famous company Burger King has become the most popular product in the world. Part of this Burger definitely comes with a unique sauce that serves as a connecting link between the other components. The secret of its manufacture is known only to specialists. For a long time, many cooks tried to make the same sauce for burgers, in “McDonalds”. So, for example, aromatic addition to the “big Mac” was a mystery. Andnow any cook can prepare it using the most simple ingrediente:

  • Majones;
  • Gorcyca;
  • Sahar;
  • Curcuma;
  • Luc.

sauce for burgers in McDonalds

The result is a soft mass of yellowish color, which turns an ordinary bun with meatballs in taste. As a simpler option, you can use a mixture of just three ingredients: mayonnaise, ketchup, and onions. But it is better to give preference to the original.

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