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Surprisingly, the jam out of pine cones is a very popular dessert among the inhabitants of our country. After all, such a sweet product made from nature's gifts, you can not only enjoy, sipping freshly brewed hot tea, but also to treat a variety of respiratory diseases.

jam out of pine cones

It Is particularly noteworthy that the jam out of pine cones it is best to cook at the end of may or very early June. In this period the fruits of coniferous trees are still green, young and pogrubienie. Also, experts recommend to collect pine cones to prepare this dessert away from roads and Railways, as well as outside of industrial enterprises and cities.

Jam out of pine cones: cooking recipe

The ingredients:

  • Sand sugar – 1 full litre of the Bank;

  • The young pine cones and green – 1 kg;

  • Ordinary drinking water (purified) – 1 l

Processing cones: Young green pine cones should try clearing them from leaves and other debris, put in a colander and rinse well in cool water. After that, they need to be put in a big container where you want to add plain drinking water and sugar.

jam out of pine cones recipeHeat treatment: The jam out of pine cones should be placed on the cooker only after all the ingredients are well mixed. Containers with syrup and fruits of the coniferous tree is required to bring to the boil, then boil for another 5 minutes. Next sweet dish you must remove from heat and cool. After that, the jam out of pine cones again to boil, and then cool - and so repeat 3 times. It should be noted that during cooling the dessert, it is recommended to cover with a clean double layer of cheesecloth or kitchen paper.

The Final stage in the preparation: After the young cones boil the syrup three times, they must be hot to lay in sterilized jars. Then the dishes need to roll, to turn upside down and cover with a towel. In this position, the unusual sweetness of natural gifts would be cool one day. After this time, the jam jars should be put in a dark cool place, where they is recommended to maintain until winter.

Jam out of pine cones: the use of unusual sweetness

jam out of pine cones useAs mentioned above, in this dessert you can feast on cold winter evenings, but also to keep your body healthy and vigorous condition. Jam from pine cones helps in the treatment and prevention of the following diseases:

  • Flu, SARS and colds (the body recover quickly due to of vitamin C that is in this dessert);

  • Bronchitis, severe cough, and pneumonia (acts as a good expectorant);

  • The perfect prevention of scurvy (again, due to the high content of vitamin C);

  • Any inflammation of mouth and throat;

  • Stomatitis (acts as a good germicide).

To maintain the health and improve the immune system this jam is recommended to use number 5 big spoons a day.

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