Restaurant "the Mooring" on Rublevke: address, menu, reviews


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The restaurant "the Mooring" on Rublevke is a place that is valued by all lovers of delicious food and lovely warm atmosphere. It is outside the Russian capital, on Rublevo-Uspensky highway, amidst the scenic natural landscape on the shore of the river. The proximity to water provides a constant coolness even in summer time, which is very pleasing visitors institution.

General information and brief description

The restaurant "the Mooring" on Rublevke was opened in the spring of 2004 and since then remains one of the most popular suburban restaurants. A huge part of its territory designated under the outdoor veranda and summer terrace, which are located near the water. Because of this, the institution receives the greatest flow of visitors in the warm season, mainly from April to September.

A Distinctive feature of the "Dock" is that it has its own beach where guests and residents can relax. It is equipped with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas. Often due to this particular restaurant makes an excellent venue for banquets in honor of the celebrations, it often hosts visiting wedding ceremony.Prichal restaurant on the ruble


In addition to the summer grounds, inside the school is divided into three cozy and nicely decorated hall, which can accommodate about 250 people.

The Interior of "the Pier" is reminiscent of a home environment. Here all done in grey tones with hints of dark wood. The halls are very a lot of decoration: there is a massive bookcase, lamps, and paintings in expensive frames. On-site restaurant on the ruble, "Berth" can be found everywhere plants that live in pots - with their greens they give a fresh appearance to the whole picture of the interior.


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In summer the terraces are all arranged so that in the hot season visitors were the most comfortable and easy. With each of them offering stunning water views of the Moscow river. The top of each air veranda covered with white fabric, guests here can relax on a beige wicker armchairs and sofas, colorful cushions.


The Kitchen of the establishment is headed by a chef with years of culinary practice. His name is Sergey Nosov, he is a native of the city of Sergiev-Posad.

His professional skills he first got to school No. 188, and then honed them while working in the famous school of Nizhny Novgorod - "Robinson". After a few years he will continue his activity on the post chef of the capital restaurant Poison. Then his career added to the list of posts of sous-chef and chef in "Les trange" and Invino.

At the present time Sergey is part of the team of Federation of professional chefs of Russia, which is a very high achievement. With his skill he shares with budding masters of culinary art, conducting various seminars and lectures in their own school.


The Menu of the restaurant on the ruble, "Berth" offers delicious dishes of Russian, Italian and Oriental cuisines. It presents a wide range of salads (with a duck "In Chinese," warm veal tongue, Greek homemade cheese, eggplant in an Asian style, sweet tomatoes with red onions, homemade egg "in the bag", seaweed "Kaiso") and light meals, including cold (smoked salmon with cream horseradish, "Carpaccio" of beef with white truffle oil, green caviar of eggplant), and hot (boiled crawfish, baked Camembert with garlic baguette khachapuri: Mingrelian, zucchini fritters with rustic sour cream, shrimp with Wasabi sauce).

The first offers a wide selection of soups (vegetable okroshka on kvass/kefir, "Miso" with shrimp, "Spicy" seafood, "Gazpacho" with crab, "Minestrone" home-style, fish soup with sturgeon and salmon). As for the main courses, their choice is also wide (Udon with beef and vegetables, beef in the sauce "Black pepper", rice noodles in Singapore style with shrimps and chicken, the tentacles of squid with vegetables), some cooked on the grill and coals (barbecue, sausages of beef and chicken, rib eye, kebab).Prichal restaurant Paris menu

In the restaurant "Prichal" on the ruble, have their own smokehouse where professional chefs prepare a number of savory dishes that can win the heart of any gourmet, among which are mainly fishing works of culinary art (sea bass, clarity catfish, salmon, sturgeon).

A Separate place in the menu is a dish for those with a sweet tooth (chocolate flan, blueberry cheesecake, homemade tiramisu, creamy "Panna cotta" with strawberries, berry soup), the restaurant also offers specialty jam and sorbet and honey with a village apiary. One of the signature desserts are crepes with a wide selection of sweet toppings.

The school serves, which belong to the authorship of the chef, such as "Part" of veal with potatoes, veal tenderloin with oyster mushrooms, roast shoulder of lamb with Porto sauce, beef rib "black Angus" with beetroot, cutlets of pike with spinach).Prichal restaurant on the ruble phone


Bar list of the restaurant "Prichal" on the ruble presented by a wide range of alcoholic drinks, many of which relate to a number of expensive andof noble varieties. Among them are the elite of cognac of whiskey, wine and champagne. By the way, the last two in a separate map. In addition, it serves vodka, beer, gin, tequila, and various appetizers.

Restaurant Guests can also enjoy alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, including several varieties of water, juice, signature drinks, various hot drinks. In the proposed range includes several varieties of tea and coffee, which are imported from different countries of the world.

Local bartenders will surprise the visitors with skillfully prepared cocktails, which are based on alcohol ("cosmopolitan", "Caipiroska", "Rossini", "Kir", "Daiquiri", "Bellini", "Margarita", "Mojito").Prichal restaurant on the ruble


The casino provides a lot of conditions for young visitors, thanks to which, the restaurant is often referred to the category of those that are perfect for family holidays. First of all, there is a separate menu, which contains only the most striking and tasty dishes that will excite even the most demanding little gourmet. Children it can accommodate at convenient special chairs.

Often at the Wharf conducted in different show-programs designed for children's audience, they also participate animators. Caring parents can send their children to a special room where there are toys, a TV for viewing entertainment, sofas, and accessories for drawing.Prichal restaurant on the ruble photo

Outdoor activities

The photo of the restaurant "the Mooring" on Rublevke it is seen that the location is just perfect for an active holiday: there is a beach and several playgrounds for sports games. And in the summer they are very popular.

As for the winter period, from December-January to February on the surface of the water of the Moskva river is filled an artificial ice rink where guests can skate. Surrounds it a great winter landscape, and the local bar you can always enjoy hot drinks and delicious pancakes.Prichal restaurant on the ruble, address


Guests often leave their text and photoactive in social networks and websites. They can be used safely to judge the overall atmosphere that prevails on its territory, and on the quality of service, which is available here.

In the restaurant "Prichal" on the ruble, visitors will find that the place is very nice and polite staff. Here visitors are served by attentive and efficient waiters who can always help to choose the dish according to individual taste preferences of the client. Chef according to the guests, also excellent - they are all professionals, working under the guidance of a true master of culinary art that has the ability to channel skills in the right direction. Most of the guests believes that this is the main reason of excellent quality served in the school meals.

Many visitors say the high ratings of the interior, which is decorated in a classical style, without frills. Visitors positively comment on the background music that plays in the restaurant, creating a relaxed atmosphere conducive to good rest.Prichal restaurant on the ruble reviews


Pricing policy, which operates in the institution, is classified as high. Here are some of the dishes presented on the menu, with an indication of their value for one portion:

  • Smoked salmon with creamy horseradish - 1490 RUB.
  • Satsivi with chicken - 650 rubles.
  • The tentacles of squid with vegetables - 750 RUB.
  • "Gazpacho" with crab - 870 RUB.
  • Farm chicken with vegetable caviar - 1200 RUB.
  • Veal tenderloin with shiitake - 1190 RUB.
  • Potatoes homemade with mushrooms 650 RUB.
  • Berry soup - 680 RUB.

The Average bill here is about 2500-3000 rubles per person.description of the restaurant dock on the ruble

The address of the facility and operation mode

The Door of the establishment open to visitors daily from 12 PM till midnight.

The address of the restaurant "the Mooring" on Rublevke: Ilyinskoye, Ilyinskiy tower, building 1.

Before the visit to the institution in advance need to book a table. This can be done on the official website by filling the online form, or calling the restaurant "Prichal" (Rublevka) - the phone is set on it, in the "Contacts"section.

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