How to prepare potato pudding in the slow cooker in the oven?


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Do you Know how to prepare potato pudding in a slow cooker? No? Then we'll tell you about it right now.

General information

Potato pudding in multivarka is prepared pretty quickly. But before we tell you about how to make this dish at home, you should tell me what it actually represents.

potato pudding in slow cooker

Potato pudding (or so-called “large”) – this is a very simple and incredible rich traditional Belarusian dish. To cook it easy, especially if you have a kitchen helper such as a slow cooker.

It Should be noted that the dish is almost always complemented by any of the ingredients. For example, meat, fish, mushrooms or even vegetables.

Grandma's potato bacon (pork)

There are an incredible number of ways of cooking this dish. Today we tell about the most simple and popular ones.

So, we need the following:

  • Medium potatoes-1 kg;
  • Sour cream is not very thick – 2 large tablespoons;
  • Fat pork meat with a layer-about 250 g;
  • Chopped black pepper and salt – apply to taste;
  • Flour sifted of light – big spoon;
  • Fresh chicken egg-2 PCs;
  • Bulbs not bitter onions-2 large heads.

Preparing ingredients

Potato pudding in the slow cooker turned out to be rich and flavorful, it is necessary to strictly comply with the prescription rules. For starters, you want to process ingredients. Lard with meat layer should be chopped into small pieces and then place in a saucepan and partially fry. Further, the product should be added and chopped onion bulbs. Cook these ingredients is required for 10-13 minutes, until fragrant greaves.


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grandma's potato casserole

As for potatoes, they should be cleaned and grated.

The Process of forming and baking

Before you put the Foundation of the potatoes in the bowl of a kitchen device, one container mix the grated vegetables, beaten eggs, sautéed onions with bacon, sifted flour, crushed black pepper and salt. In the end, you should receive a rather viscous mass.

After cooking the basics the bowl of the device should be lubricated (grease or oil) and then spread the potato mixture. From above it is recommended to cover with a thick layer of store-bought sour cream. Potato pudding in a slow cooker should be prepared in the baking mode for the past hour. After this time the dish good grab and a little browned.

How to present to the table?

Making a potato pudding in a slow cooker, you must to wait until it is partially cooled. Further, the dish should be laid out on a flat plate, cut into pieces and present to guests. In addition to this lunch, it is advisable to make some sauce and fresh herbs.

Grandma's potato casserole

Unfortunately, not all Housewives have such a device as multivarka. In this case, we recommend to make this for lunch using the oven. For this we need the following:

  • Potatoes medium – 1.4 kg;
  • Sour cream is not very thick – 2 large tablespoons;
  • Low-fat mayonnaise-1 tablespoon large
  • Soda diner – 1 sheptock;
  • Fresh mushrooms any – about 250 g;
  • Chopped black pepper and salt – apply to taste;
  • Flour sifted of light – large spoon;
  • Fresh chicken egg-2 PCs;
  • Oil refined – 45 ml;
  • Bulbs bitter onions-2 large heads.potato pudding with mushrooms

Training products

Potato pudding with mushrooms will be the same, flavorful and hearty, as with lard. Moreover, this dish is practically the same as was presented above. First, you need to handle all products.

So, the fresh mushrooms should be chopped along with onions onions and then fry them in a pan with vegetable oil. While both ingredients should be the most rosy. As for potatoes, it is required to clean and RUB on a large grater.

Batch framework

Grandma's potato casserole baked in the oven for 60 minutes. But before exposing this dish to heat treatment, it is necessary to form correctly. To do this in a bowl you want to mix grated potatoes, low-fat mayonnaise, fried mushrooms with onions, a pinch of a tablespoon of soda, flour, whipped fresh eggs, pepper and salt. As a result, you should obtain a homogeneous viscous mass.

Form and bake the dish

After the Foundation is ready, you need to take a large earthenware pot and grease it with oil. Then in a bowl you want to put the entire potato-mushroom mass. Tamped it with a large spoon, the dish should be covered with a store-bought sour cream. Closing the pot lid, place in a heated Cabinet. Like this potato pudding should be baked for 60 minutes.potato Babka with bacon

Dinner is Served to a delicious dish of potatoes and mushrooms

After potato pudding with mushrooms is ready, it must be cut and spread on plates. Further, the lunch must submit to the tablealong with a slice of bread and fresh greens. Additionally it is possible to throw in any sauce.

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