Prepare a delicious soup with noodles and chicken


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Noodle Soup and chicken extremely easy to make. He debuts most of the young Housewives. Try it and you cook a delicious and nutritious broth in which float a delicious chicken and pasta with potatoes. Then you have other culinary achievements in the noodle household work or add to the soup, some other ingredients, for example mushrooms or beans.noodle Soup and chicken

How to cook soup with chicken and pasta? First make the broth then throw browned vegetables, and at the end add the noodles. Just? Of course! But those who still do not know what roasting is, and how to make the broth, explain everything in more detail. For this soup you can use any chicken parts. The most budget option would be a special “soup set”, and traditional – whole carcass. But, in principle, you can take a pound of drumsticks, wings or thighs. The carcass prior to consumption, gut and cut into smaller pieces.

Soup with chicken and noodlesNoodle Soup and chicken - is primarily broth. It is the basis of everything. Meat wash, put in a large pot and fill with water. There also send Bay leaf, peeled carrots, root parsley and a large onion. Note: the vegetables don't cut and throw whole. Some hostesses prefer not even to clean the bulb from the husk, believing that it will give the broth a nice amber color. Put the pan on the stove. When the water is boiling, we diminish fire and skim off the foam – so-called “noise”. If not removed, the broth will come out cloudy. A little salt and pepper water and cook for about 50 minutes on a slow fire.


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Not sitting all this time idly. Peel 3-4 potatoes, three another carrot, finely whipped onion. When the broth is ready – it is easy to check: the chicken should be soft, the meat separates easily from the bones. Take a second pan, put it in the colander. Pour in a broth. Boiled root vegetables throw away – they already gave the Navara its full flavor and taste. Remove bones also. Share fillet into pieces and return to pot. But the soup – is the main ingredient of a dish called “noodle Soup and chicken”. And therefore again put the saucepan on the fire.How to cook soup with chicken

Potatoes cut into wedges or cubes. Throw in the broth. Once the liquid boils, cook potatoes for another quarter of an hour. This is enough time to make fries. Put on the fire pan, pour a little vegetable oil. When it is thoroughly hot, lay finely chopped onions. Constantly stir to evenly pozarica. Wait for the moment when the onion becomes glassy, semitransparent and add to the pan grated carrots. Actively stir with a wooden spatula. Add zazharku in the soup with chicken and vermicelli.

Cook five more minutes. Try their dish: maybe we need it needs more salt or pepper, throw a pinch of seasoning? Now it's time for pasta. Do not overdo it with them – to three quarts of broth, enough for two handfuls. How to cook on the soup with noodles and chicken depends on the cooking time of pasta, which is indicated on their packaging. As a student version can recommend a dry Vietnamese noodles - it did no cooking required. Turn off the heat under the pan, add the chopped parsley or dill, cover and let it brew.

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