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What is sherbet? Eastern is a soft drink consisting of fruit juice and spices. And "Sherbet" is a restaurant which is very popular among Muscovites. The menu of this institution is represented not only East, but also traditional Japanese cuisine. The interior is quite cozy. The prices are quite reasonable. The article describes more information about the menu of the restaurant "Sherbet," and what is your opinion of the visitors regarding the food and service of this institution.

sorbet restaurant


"Sherbert" is a restaurant located at Myasnitskaya street, close to Turgenevskaya. This place is the most popular. The reviews about it there are both positive and negative. But as "Sherbet" is a chain of restaurants, is called the address of each of them. Such institutions in Moscow. They are located at the following addresses:

  1. Petrovka Street, house 15.
  2. Myasnitskaya Street, house 17.
  3. Sretenka Street, the house 32.
  4. Ul. Yartsevskaya, 19.

One of the reasons of the popularity of these restaurants is the work schedule. Each of the schools there is already more than five years. But attendance over the years, despite numerous negative reviews, not falling. After all, "Sherbet" is a restaurant which operates around the clock. Five or six o'clock in the morning in the center of Moscow close to all the nightlife. And then the youth is sent to cafes and restaurants without interruption. And even those in the city center not so much.

restaurant menu sherbet

Menu of the restaurant "Sherbet"

In Moscow, it is not easy to find a restaurant with such affordable prices which can be seen in the menu of "Sorbet". In the range dominated by Oriental cuisine. Azerbaijani dish "Mamara", which includes tomatoes, walnuts and grated crackers, is here 250 rubles. Same price for hot appetizers eggplant. The menu has assorted meat and cheese. The cost of the first 500 rubles. Cold appetizer, consisting of Chechil, Suluguni, Caucasian and other homemade cheeses, will cost in the restaurant "Sherbet" 350 rubles. In this place you can enjoy and assortment of Camembert, Provolone, DorBlu. The cost of such meals will certainly more - 700 rubles.


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"Sherbert" - a restaurant whose menu presents a large selection of desserts. Among them: strawberries and cream, Napoleon, chocolate fondue, tiramisu, fruit platter, baklava, Arabian sweets. The average cost of desserts - 300 rubles.

sherbet restaurant reviews

Bar chart

The Sherbet restaurant in Moscow is famous as a place with reasonable prices on alcoholic beverages. In addition, there is quite a wide choice of wines and champagne. Prices and availability in restaurants Sherbet differ somewhat, but not too much. Let's call the cost of liquor establishments located near metro stations Turgenevskaya, Myasnitskaya street.

A Bottle of "Asti Martini" this restaurant is one and a half thousand rubles. For the same price the school offers to book guests and "Prosecco Brut". The wine in the "Sherbet" served as draught and in bottles. The cost of one glass of Italian "Ambra Bianco, Fabiano" - 150 rubles. Bottle of "Pinot Grigio" - 3300 rubles.

The menu also has a great selection of hookahs. The average price is 1000 rubles. It is because of them many guests visit regularly this place. Though soon because of the ban on vaping and Smoking hookahs in public places "Sherbet" may lose some of its customers.

sherbet restaurant in Moscow


The Situation in the Sherbet restaurant is quite cozy. The interior is made in Oriental style, which is explained by the concept of the restaurant. It is decorated in the same style: tapestry pillows, small lamps, furniture. However, despite the low prices, nice interior, diverse menu and non-stop work schedule, not all restaurant reviews "Sherbet" is positive. For the most part, guests are dissatisfied with the work of the staff.

Sherbet restaurant: reviews

According to the regular restaurant on Petrovka, the level of service here each year is falling. Visitors of "Sherbet", located on the street Myasnitskaya, say the same tendenciu. The staff are poorly trained and do not pay proper attention to the guests of the restaurant. Reviews about the dishes mostly positive, but only those that enter the main menu. A business lunch, according to the opinion of visitors leaves much to be desired. However, it is found among the many laudatory reviews. And they relate, as a rule, homemade, relaxing environment that prevails in each of the restaurants network "Sorbet".

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