How to handle the mushrooms: cooking, storing. How fast processing of quick frozen?


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Zelenoye mushrooms with a buttery brown hat, familiar to all. This is the boletus, of which there are in Russia 14 species. They grow families in forest edges, flooded with sunshine, prefer a cozy place under a pine tree, they can be found along roads and near industrial facilities, and they appear three to seven times a year, after a warm rain. Hurry to the forest to collect them. Three days later after a rain the mushrooms will begin to age and deteriorate.

Mushroom boletus: how to collect them?

Usually, the mushrooms appear in their original places of growth. Every mushroom hunter knows them well. If you are a beginner and first went to the forest for mushrooms, note the tubercles under the leaves, there live the oiler. Carefully removing the foliage, you will find a large mushroom family. Collect them – is a pleasure, the basket is quickly filling.

Remember: the mushrooms should be cut with a knife. If they tear out, can injure the mycelium, and next year oil will not be there. It is best to gather young, small in size strong mushrooms.

How to handle boletus

On the cap a lot of oil clinging leaves, pine needles and other debris. Safely clean the mushrooms in the forest, the house will be less hassle on how to process the boletus.

Do Not collect mushrooms from the slopes and close to big cities. The mushrooms, like other mushrooms, can absorb salts of various metals, including heavy, from the soil and air accumulate radioactive substances. So collect them only in the woods, away from roads and businesses.

How to handle mushrooms boletus?

Boletus got its name due to slippery mucosa of the cap, the surface of which protects the mushroom from drying out. However, due to the end of surface of these mushrooms are difficult to clean. the


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How to handle mushrooms boletus

How to handle the mushrooms? Different mushrooms are treated differently. So you have collected the mushrooms, coming home, sort and start the initial processing, which consists in cleaning, washing, sorting and cutting.

To thoroughly clean mushrooms, place them in a bucket or in a bowl of water for a few minutes and put on top of oppression, then they won't come out. Dry grass, leaves, branches on the surface of the caps are melted and will easily separate. Then proceed to cleaning. You need to cut the legs with the remnants of a mushroom, with a knife scrape off all the dirt from the mushroom cap to release from the film that can be easily removed, cut, if there are rotten places.

Start washing the butter. The fact is that, no matter how you selected mushrooms, collecting them in the woods, will definitely be tough. To the worms popped up, and the larvae sank to the bottom, place the mushrooms in salted water for three hours. After this again rinse well under running water.

How to handle the mushrooms? After cleaning and rinsing need to be sorted by size: small mushrooms leave whole, for medium oil remove the cap from the legs and cut into large pieces.

How to handle boletus

To pieces don't break apart, you need to scald them two minutes in the water. Boletus, you can not cook until tender and raw from frying or pickling. After initial processing they are dried, pickled, fried, stewed, boiled, salted.

Process of oil drying

How to handle boletus drying? This method is not very common, but it is applied. Despite the fact that the mushrooms after drying become brittle and thin, all the nutrients in them are preserved. For processing choose young, just collected. Mushroom without damage, wash, peel and remove the skin.

How to handle mushrooms boletus

Dry them in the air, in the sun. To accelerate the process of dried mushrooms in the oven at a temperature of 50–70 degrees. Boletus strung on thread and hung on the roof, the attic or laid out on trays to the table, in the sieve. Importantly, the drying was protected from dirt, dust and wind. With unstable weather combine drying – in the sun and in the oven. Dried boletus can over the stove or oven metal frame in bulk or on wooden shavings. Two days later, the mushrooms will become brittle and fragile, so the drying process is completed.

In the dried mushrooms are stored resinous material, protein, fatty acids, which promote recovery from various diseases. Dried boletus improve digestion and clean the blood vessels.

No time to clean the mushrooms? How to do it quickly?

How to handle mushrooms boletus quickly? This question is particularly relevant in the mushroom season, when mushrooms, and the time to clean them a little. How to do it quickly?

  • Pre-dry the mushrooms, leaving them in the sun for thirty minutes or in the shade in the draft for a couple of hours. After that, the skins can be easily removed. Rinse the mushrooms, put them in a colander.
  • This method is quick clean oil is dipping them in boiling water for two seconds, whereby the skin is removed quickly.

Useful tips for quick cleaning of oil

  1. Peel the stems of the mushrooms from contamination, hats, inspect, remove skin, cut into pieces if they are large.
  2. Namachivaya mushrooms before cleaning, the film will swell and be difficult to separate.
  3. Collecting mushrooms in the forest, free it from skin. If the process of cleansing oil will take less time, and the longer you will be out in the fresh air.
  4. The Oily coating of dark color is deposited on the hands, therefore, going to the forest for mushrooms, bring gloves.

Marinated mushrooms – one of the ways of billets

Mushrooms are good in any form: boiled, dried, fried. But especially tasty pickled mushrooms.

How to collect, clean and marinate the mushrooms

Before the sacrament of marinating, selection of spices to properly prepare the mushrooms, using the above methods of their preliminary treatment. Clean and wash the mushrooms. Then place them in a pot of water, salt and add to taste citric acid to prevent Browning of mushrooms. Once the water comes to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Drain the water and wash the mushrooms.

Next you have to choose how to handle the boletus mushrooms for recipes. Here is one of the most easy to prepare: in a pan with one liter of water add salt (50 grams), 80 grams of sugar, 100 milliliters of six percent vinegar, a few peas of black and fragrant pepper, cloves, Bay leaf. The cooked marinade simmer three minutes, add two pounds of vegan butter and cook until tender, twenty minutes.

As soon As the mushrooms will sink to the bottom of the pan, and the marinade will become transparent, place them in a warm clean dry jars. Fill to the top with marinade. In each jar add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Once the marinade has cooled, covered with parchment paper and tied with twine banks put in the refrigerator.

If you are a long time will keep you marinated the mushrooms, and guessing quickly to eat them, that is fine quick recipe. Pre-processing 5 kg of lightly scalded butter spread in a dry, heated banks, after putting on the bottom of the tank on a dry sprig of dill and slice of lemon peel.

The Marinade is prepared separately: 2 tbsp salt, 3 sugar, 5 peas of black and fragrant pepper, Bay leaf, chopped garlic - 2 cloves. Pour a liter of water, after boiling, cook for 5 minutes. Fill jars with hot mushrooms, just cooked marinade. In each jar pour 1 tbsp of vinegar. Ordinary banks, close caps. When they are cool, refrigerate, after a few days the mushrooms are ready to eat.

Fried mushrooms: a method of processing

How to handle the mushrooms? Just fry them, pre-obariv ten minutes. Then lay out the mushrooms on the pan with vegetable oil and fry until evaporate the liquid.

How to handle boletus

For taste and smell, add the mushrooms, onion, carrot and fry for 10 minutes. Season the mushrooms with sour cream, pepper, salt. Mix well and your dish is ready.

Oil Storage

Fresh mushrooms are considered a perishable product. But if you learned how to handle the mushrooms correctly, you can save them for use in winter. How to store mushrooms?

  • Cooked mushrooms are ready to eat. Cool them, put in bags, freeze them, so they will be stored throughout the winter.
  • Can be Frozen and fried in vegetable oil mushrooms.
  • Pickled in jars, closed with parchment paper or plain lid, placed in refrigerator, the mushrooms can be stored for several months.
  • Dried mushrooms should be stored strung on a thread or in a tightly closed container in a dry place. When dampness dry mushrooms in the oven, otherwise they will get moldy and wasted.

How to assemble, clean and marinate the mushrooms you have learned, so feel free to go in mushroom season in the forest and collect as many mushrooms. Boil, extinguish, salt, marinate, dry boletus, and your table is always a variety of dishes from them. Bon appetit and stay healthy!


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