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Italian Canti winery is known worldwide for its unique and subtle style, intertwined with the traditions of wine country. A wide range of wine beverages allows the brand to decorate its products to any festive table. Exquisite taste of the wine Canti and eye-catching package allow anyone to feel like a real Italian.

Today we embark on a journey across the expanses of Italian vineyards. Not only take a closer look at the brand, but also to learn customer reviews about wine Canti.

Vineyards Canti

Wine producer the vineyards are located in various regions of Italy. Because of this, each variety of grapes has its own unique taste. And it allows us to produce Italian wine drinks in the extensive range.

canti wine

In the production of wine Canti use the berries only selected grapes. The President of the company Eleonora personally supervises and monitors each phase of the wine of the future: from the beginning of maturity and to an embodiment of the beverage in the Italian bouquet of the wine. Perhaps this explains the popularity of wines from these vineyards. After all, products are exported to 49 countries, and each year the sales only grow, expanding the geographical spread of the bottles of "Canti".

Introduction to Italian champagne

On the Russian market of sparkling wine Canti has a range of about 13 different types: white, pink and even red champagne. Price for 1 bottle and ranges from 560 to 1400 rubles (in holiday packaging). Due to the wide range of products and price range, each, even the most discerning buyer will find your "piece of Italy".


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Take a Closer look at the most popular champagne of the Italian brand - Canti Asti. For its production are Muscat grapes grown in the province of Asti in the Piedmont region. This is one of the most important wine districts of Italy.

sparkling wine canti

The bouquet of sparkling wine reveals notes of tea rose, Jasmine and scored himself in the sun of grapes. Drink Asti goes well with seafood, red berries and pomegranate, with sweet pastries, and ice cream. His drink should be chilled, when the bottle temperature +10...+12 degrees.

Italian white wine Canti

Italian White wine has about 7 varieties that you can find on the shelves of Russian supermarkets. Price is for 1 bottle of 0.75 liters is from 370 to 1000 rubles.

Of all the drinks the wine Canti Chardonnay Veneto ("Canti Chardonnay Veneto") is a special interest. The title becomes clear that the variety of the drink - the Chardonnay grapes. Its exciting bouquet reveals fruity notes of mango, pineapple, peach, intertwined with honey and floral notes. Velvety and soft finish leaves a sweet flavor with refreshing hints of candied fruits.

canti wine white

A Bottle of white wine is served chilled to a temperature of +8...+10 degrees.

Customer Reviews

The Wine Canti feedback is only positive. This is due to the quality raw materials, compliance of technology standards and native Italian traditions of winemaking.

Customers who have tried "Asti" to the taste, of the opinion that this is sort of the benchmark for sparkling wines. Because of its unique, refined taste and aroma give the impression of champagne. Also noted was the packaging and bottle design as a stylish embodiment of a fragrant bouquet of Italian wine. The disadvantages were related pricing - the high cost of champagne. But even those who complained about its price, not the price, though high, but justified.

Another sparkling wine called Canti, Cuvee Dolce ("Dolce Canti Cuvier") is also an excellent champagne that deserves attention and praise.

White wine Chardonnay was also awarded high score. According to buyers, this is a worthy wine of the white variety, which only had a chance to try to many gourmets. Bonus parts: the cost of a bottle of white grape drink much more affordable the other wines of this brand.

Red wine is always the most frequently purchased among the rest. But because of the reviews about this drink is the Italian brand a great many. Consider the opinion of Canti Merlot (the"Merlot Canti"), semi-sweet table wine.

canti reviews

The Inscription of the brand on the glass and bottle design create relevance and representativeness of liquor. "Canti Merlot" has a deep ruby color with a purple hue, draining like oil on glass. It's soft with a pleasant aroma of cherry and black currant. Goes well with meat dishes, but not desserts. Also has a reasonable price, about 500 rubles per bottle.

The Last of the wine beverage

Today we met young, but very ambitious Italian winery. If you want to make a good impression by choosing a wine, Canti is the best fit for this purpose. For any holiday or dinner with family or friends, you can find exactly what will decorate the festive evening.

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