Low-fat cottage cheese: benefits and harms of useful properties


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We All remember how in childhood our grandmothers and mothers talked about how this is a useful and tasty product. Indeed, the use of cheese can not be underestimated. It contains much-needed vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids. All these indicators put the cheese on one of the leading places in terms of usefulness for the human body, among other dairy products.

What is the secret of the popularity of low-fat products?

low fat cottage cheese benefits and harms

In the modern age many people with great attention to their health, especially weight. Observing the numerous diets, they choose products with reduced caloric content. This fact is pushing manufacturers of dairy and dairy products to produce foods with low energy value.

Do Not spared this trend and our "old friend” – cheese. The idea is to make a delicious and healthy product for losing weight attractive people, embodied in the creation of nonfat cottage cheese. This product differs from the classical analogue of the lower calorie content. This is achieved by reducing the fat content in the raw material-milk. Thus, a low-fat cottage cheese, benefits and harms of which were constant disputes as dietitians and consumers.

Features of technology of production of cheese

As mentioned earlier, the fruits are produced on the basis of cow's milk subjected to pasteurization. The feedstock normalized whole or skimmed, with the addition of buttermilk. In order to obtain milk curd, raw foods added a special starter culture consisting of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria. Additionally can be entered rennet, pepsin, or solution of calcium chloride. Obtained in the course of the technological process, the clot is separated from whey. This is a ready to use product. It is packaged in a packaging for sale to the consumer or as raw material for confectionery production. It is important to note that the production of cheese, which will not be cooked immediately before eating, applies only pasteurized milk, devoid of any microorganisms.


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What parameters should correspond to good cheese?

A classic way to prepare cheese. The benefits and harms of fermented milk product is directly dependent on the feedstock, but also from the correctness of the technological process in compliance with all monitored parameters. the benefits and harms of cottage cheese low fat soft gentleHigh Quality product should meet the following requirements:

  • Protein - 15-20%.
  • Smell and taste-clean and dairy, extraneous shades are not permitted.
  • Color - white, slightly yellowish, the presence of creamy colors allowed. This figure should be uniform throughout the mass.
  • The Consistency of the product depends on its fat content. For cheese with high fat content is considered normal gentle and homogeneous mass, slightly smudged structure. Low-fat cottage cheese, benefits and harms which are not in doubt, should be the consistency of crumbly, slightly heterogeneous, with a small separation of serum.
  • Indicators of microbiological studies for bacteria of group of intestinal sticks (coliforms) in 0,00001 g and pathogenic microorganisms (including Salmonella) in 25 g of product are not allowed.

If you are addressing this low-fat cottage cheese - the benefits and harms correspond to standards. This means that no negative effects from its use in food will not. The exception may be people with individual intolerance to the foods and presence of certain chronic diseases.

Types of cheese

low fat cottage cheese benefit or harm

If you put all the types of cheese classification of fat content, we can distinguish the following products:

  • Bold, 18%.
  • Bold, 9%.
  • Low-fat or fat-free, 0,1-1,8%.
  • Peasant, 5%.
  • Table, 2%.
  • Diet, 4-11%.
  • Diet with fruit-berry filling, 4-11%.
  • Low-fat, with fruit filling, 4%.

Among the variety of these foods you can pick up acceptable taste and quality characteristics of the cheese. People who are inclined to count calories and carefully compose your daily diet, choose the option with the smaller power value. The benefits and harms of soft delicate curd of skimmed raise some doubts. Is a dietary product its more nutritious "colleague"? Do not lose the original product together with the extracted milk fat its beneficial properties? Does not acquire deleterious qualities?

Classic cheese and its useful properties

Let's see what the composition of different fatty and low fat cottage cheese. The benefits and harms of each product due to their composition.

cottage cheese low fat cottage cheese benefits and harms

Classic Cheese of a fat content not less than 9% contains the following substances which are, of course, have a benefit to the human body:

  • Calcium. This mineral performs in the human body lots of functions: affect the contraction of muscles, conducting nerve impulses, strengthens the bones, helps blood clotting and more. Feature of calcium in dairy products is that it is complexed with lactic acid to form lactate. This substance is available to the human body and is absorbed pretty well. To maximize the absorption of calcium contributes to fat-soluble vitamin D, which is also found in dairy products with a natural level of fat.
  • Protein. This is the main building material. On the basis of amino acids from which proteins are built, all tissues and organs of the human body. Feature of the protein curd – is its digestibility.
  • Therefore, suggest cheese to eat children, patients with metabolic disorders and the elderly. Only in dairy products contains a special protein casein, which normalizes the metabolism of fats in the human body.
  • Vitamins. Cottage cheese is rich in various vitamins: D, E, A, B2, B1, B12, B6, PP. These nutrients contribute to proper the human body, regulating the activity of organs and systems. Vitamins E and A are natural antioxidants and prevent aging and the formation of serious diseases such as cancer.
  • Minerals. In addition to the calcium in the cottage cheese contains potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium. They all play a huge role in the functioning of human body. Such a balanced composition puts all the points over “and” in question: "Quark – the benefits and harms?" Useful properties of this fermented milk product will surely dominate over its possible negative impact.
  • Unique substances - kephalin and phospholipids of lecithin contained in milk fat. They are remarkable because they are the building blocks of all cell membranes and are involved in neuronal regulation of vital processes.
  • Among other amino acids in the cheese there is a methionine. This special substance has a hepatoprotective effect and protects liver cells from fatty degeneration. Also cottage cheese is useful in some endocrine disorders associated with obesity, gout, dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

The Balanced natural composition of this product makes even the skeptics to stop arguing about whether useful cheese. Cheese, benefit and harm which is incommensurable among themselves, is a valuable product for people weakened by disease, as it promotes early recovery and normalization of all of the important functions of the body.

Can cheese cause harm to the body?

Nutritionists still advise some caution to consume curd in the following cases:

  • With atherosclerosis.
  • Hypersensitive to protein in milk.
  • In severe renal disease.
  • If overweight.

This group should limit the use.

Don't forget the expiry date!

Cheese made according to the classic recipe that can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days at temperatures below +8C. After that, the product begin to proliferate the bacteria, and there are processes of putrefaction of proteins. If you eat expired cheese, you can get serious poisoning. Be sure to pay attention to the shelf life of the product! If the manufacturer specifies a shelf life of more than 2-3 days, it means that the cheese has been added preservatives. The only thing that can extend the life of the product – this is vacuum packing. It cheese can be stored for 30 days. Important condition-the integrity of the packaging shall not be violated. After opening, vacuum product it should be consumed within 2 days.

cottage cheese benefits and harms of fermented milk product

What are the characteristics of fat-free cottage cheese?

Now let's deal in what is a low fat cottage cheese. Benefit or harm lies in this mysterious product? In fact, this cheese differs from that described above its nutritional and energy value. In low-calorie cottage cheese the fat content is minimized. This ...

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