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Many of us ate such a delicious meal. A cruller is a fried thin strips, made from unleavened dough. For the characteristic crunch it got its name, as when eating or breaking produces a particular sound. Spread of this dish across the world from Greece, where it was eaten by the monks, as it is perfectly suited for a vegetarian menu. That we remember or learn how to prepare firewood - a dish both European and Asian cuisine.

Prepare firewood to tea

Spoil yourself today the taste, familiar from childhood. A treat will be tender, but crisp. By the way, keep in mind that this sticks (crispy, tasty, delicious) is not a vegetable product, unlike some other recipes.

To prepare the dough we will need: five eggs, one Cup sugar sand, the same – cream, butter-50 grams, one teaspoon of baking soda and salt, one tablespoon of vodka, the required amount of flour, vegetable oil, powdered sugar for sprinkling over the finished product. Now offer you step-by-step recipe of how to prepare firewood.

  1. Beat with a blender or whisk eggs, then add to them the sand is sugar and beat to cook faggots
  2. Add in the mixture the sour cream and again whisk.
  3. Take the butter, melt it and put it into the dough.
  4. Pour the salt and soda.
  5. Pour the vodka.
  6. Mixed into a dough of flour, pre-sifted.
  7. Now knead the dough, soft and divide into several parts. Be from every part of the roll seam. The pieces, which don't work, close the Cup. They have nothing to dry.

The continuation of the step-by-step recipe for cooking firewood

We Continue to tell our recipe:


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  1. Each of the layers is cut into several rectangles and each of them make the cut. The result – something that resembles a loop for the button, only bigger. Extend one end through the slit and everything – our firewood ready for roasting. You can make other figures.crispy sticks
  2. Pour into a container for frying vegetable oil and heat well. The pot depending on the amount of oil. Or a lot of oil and the process will end quickly, or capacity is small, a little oil and fry will be long. Our brushwood fry until Golden color on both sides.
  3. From the indicated volume of ingredients is obtained a sufficiently large number of dishes called brushwood crispy.
  4. Be Sure to sprinkle the finished treat with powdered sugar.

Recipe of wood village

To begin with a few tips on how to prepare firewood.

  1. The dough is elastic, do not overuse water when kneading.
  2. And to the brushwood was crispy, it is desirable to add a bit of vodka, rum or brandy.
  3. Slice the Dough no thicker than two centimeters.
  4. Sand sugar it is important not to overdo it, and the dish will be dark when frying.the brushwood with milk
  5. Fry it in animal fat ghee or refined oil. Do not use margarine or butter due to the fact that they are very foam.
  6. The Finished dish instead of powdered sugar you can add honey.

We need the following ingredients: three eggs, 150 grams of flour, vegetable oil, one tablespoon of distilled spirits, and powdered sugar.

The Process of preparation of village firewood

And now, having logged the necessary ingredients and heeding the advice, will bring home the brushwood. Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Two eggs separate the yolks, then mix them with a tablespoon of alcohol and one egg.
  2. Gradually Add flour, mix thoroughly, and the result of such efforts should get a good elastic dough.
  3. 30 minutes leave it aside, then roll out a thin layer, cut into strips and make different shapes.twigs photo
  4. In a deep fryer or deep saucepan heats vegetable oil in small portions and spread it in the form of a test.
  5. Then, until Golden brown fry.
  6. Put the dish on a napkin, and on it lay the wood. Thus will absorb all that excess fat. Sprinkle the finished dish with powdered sugar.

Prepare the brushwood with milk

The Diversity of our recipes for this crunchy dish. Going to fry milk. Ingredients for five to seven portions: one and a half tablespoons of milk, two eggs, two cups flour, one hundred grams of sand sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, teaspoon of vodka, vegetable oil, dough – one and a half tablespoons, for frying-100 ml. home faggotsAnd now, the recipe of how to prepare firewood. Process photos will help you to deal with it.

Step-by-Step recipe

Alcohol is, of course, you can not add, but as you already know, it will give the finished product great and distinctive crunch. So, how to prepare firewood.

  1. Whisk eggs, pour in the same capacity vegetable oil and milk, add salt and sugar sand, after which the whole mass, beat until bubbles and smooth consistency.
  2. It's time to pour the flour and knead soft,tender dough. After the cooking process is complete, you can immediately continue working.
  3. Sprinkle the Table with flour and roll out a thin layer of it on half of the dough and cut it into strips with a width of three to four centimeters.
  4. Length of these bands turns out great, so we did not need, so the reservoir and cut across into two or three parts. Here in these small strips in the middle, make a small longitudinal incision.
  5. Make fancy figures, threading one end into the slot.delicious ready faggots
  6. After all we use one half of the dough, roll out another, and all produce a similar action.
  7. Heat in a deep casserole vegetable oil that we pour, not wishing to be enough to free frying of our firewood. Overheating oil not because of the possibility of its ignition.
  8. Drop it in our products, try to do that carefully and sensibly. Let them fried.
  9. Just a few seconds to fry one side, then turn over to the other and cook until Golden brown.
  10. Take out with a skimmer and send it on a dish with a paper towel or towel-to soak up excess oil.
  11. Firewood on milk ready. Wait a bit for it to cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar and served to the table. Bon appetit!

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